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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

 IS about making the RIGHT connections.

  ALL art-work is initiated as an IDEA in the MIND of the artist during

  a fleeting moment of inspiration - which is then stored as a set of

  connections in the memory banks of the brain of the artist - as the

  catalyst to a thought process which is always striving to be additive

  to the best of what IS - which then subsequently controls those parts

  of the mind & body which create the art-work - whether it be song,

  music, dancemovement, animation, filmingvideo, drawing, painting,

  glass-blowing, sculpturewriting, poetry, comic-stripsphotography,

  kintsukuroi or ...

 THE stories which bring all of these diverse

 creative activities together as an integral whole.

My own Dyslexic Head was crafted out of bronze and ceramic and has been

utilised as my on-line avatar for the entirety of my existence throughout


The artwork thus enabled - as a "reflection" of the appropriate combination of connections in the brain of the artist - which constitute the IDEA in the MIND - is then conveyed through the "conduit" of collective consciousness to the "viewer" of the art - whose own brain stores its specific set of connections - flagged with approval & excellence - IF - the positive and qualitative enhancement and evolutionary benefit of the ONE collective consciousness results.

THE ACT of FOCUSSING our CONSCIOUSNESS is an act of creation.
Consciousness Creates - Gregg Braden


My hand is entirely the instrument of a more distant sphere wrote Paul Klee

and Giacomo Puccini wrote ... The music of this opera was dictated to me by

GOD, I was merely instrumental in putting it on paper and communicating

it to the public.

How an Artist is Like a Tree: Paul Klee on Creativity

Ultimate INTEGRAL ART is created by the artist  who - is fully cognisant of

the TAO of nature & the Great Spirit of LIFE - & is driven by the Vision of

Godheadfor the entertainment of those who would experience the art - at

whatever level of enlightenment they had attained - such that the potential

existed for the perceiver to perceive what had been perceived by the artist -

as ONE.


In short INTEGRAL ART is that which has been created by an artist - as I AM what I AM as an extension of the KOSMOS which IS & ain't no ISer - who has primarily taken action in assuming responsibility for the ART  of enlightened communication - has fully understood the need to transform information into knowledge, knowledge into ideas & ideas - through imagination - into the wealth of art - & has finally committed to freely associate with others - in order that the artwork may be communicated throughout time, space & culture.

"We need a new art form that evokes our passion about becoming a new humanity that opens our collective eyes to see the invisible becoming visible. The image of a Planetary Birth experience offers us a shared vision of who we are becoming as a very young universal humanity. Birth 2012 could be our epiphany - our greatest transformational experience."

Barabara Marx Hubbard - Birth 2012 and Beyond

As Christopher Galtenberg has said elsewhere  -

This is our mission as artists. Take quests.

Quest into new worlds. Show others that they exist.

The very best example of a piece of INTEGRAL ART
would be the 3D model of The Theory of Everything -

which Ken Wilber has so vividly described as " a bowl of spaghetti " or the puke
which results from "swallowing a box of children's multi-coloured crayons".

but before we can contemplate such a 3D model we have to ask the question -

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Michael : catalyst-producer

4 days later
Michael said

SAMME has said elsewhere

Everybody is an artist.
Free the artist within.
Free the writer within.
Free the poet within.
Free the musician within.
Free the martial artist within.
Free the creativity inside you.
Free the sculptor within.
Free the photographer within.

We are all these. Play!

6 days later
Michael said


It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us 6.5 billion on earth today to seek that understanding

and in so doing switch into the ALL INCLUSIVE global mind-set of the NEW collective.

A NEW collective of artists - in fact - cogniscent of the purpose of  INTEGRAL ART & committed -

from however small beginnings - to the process of acting as the catalyst - to enable the evolution

of HOMO SAPIENS to the next stage of the consciousness of ONE.

Eileen : DivinelyFem

12 days later
Eileen said

Amen Michael!

Yes! We are “on the same page”, as they say. Your blog is one of the highlights of my Zaadz experience, Michael.

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. Seems we are doing our best to explain the unexplainable: Artistic Author(it)y

Incidentally, I looked up “explain” in my handy “Word Origins” book. “Explain” is to “flatten out and make plain”. What that feels like to me is trying to
reduce multiple feeds of 'live', sensory and spherical information into
a two-dimensional, dead, gray pancake. Not very tasty ;-)

~C4Chaos : (hyper)linker

12 days later
~C4Chaos said

but what if the art or artist was channeled? click here for more context :)


Michael : catalyst-producer

15 days later
Michael said

Artistic Author(it)y - INDEED

The ONLY channeling here - is which ONE the movie is broadcast on ! - but even Luis Antonio Gasparetto's perspective must be acknowledged - if we are to Transcend & INCLUDE

Michael : catalyst-producer

2 months later
Michael said

THANKS to THE hyperlinker for this ART of THE MISSING PEACE

Nanny1 : Grandmother of Love

10 months later
Nanny1 said

Thank you Michael for sharing your wisdom and friendship.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

R E J O I C E indeed & ALL hail to Shiro Kamibeppu (Japan) and his integral sculptures.

Artemisilke : Authentic

over 2 years later
Artemisilke said

Hi Michael,
what a beautiful blog!

As a singer, I interpret music from other composers. .. when I release into the ” I AM what I AM as an extension of the KOSMOS” it is then, when the music flows in the most beautiful way and when the character of the piece can come out… and hopefully being able to
display, what the composer wanted.

You are right, there is something way beyond our human existence interpreting art… and
therefore.. I took it my responsibility to have a deep integral
cleaning inside myself, in order to give my best and let the music flow
through me… that's also why the spiritual work.

Which Opera is Puccini referring to in your citation? I sing a lot Puccini.. Tosca
& La Boheme are two of my most favorite operas (In terms of the
vocal parts).



Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later
Michael said

Which Opera INDEEDbut why not ALL of his operas ?

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Comment by Michael Grove on June 10, 2012 at 10:42
Comment by Michael Grove on June 10, 2012 at 10:50
  • A "Big Picture" View: Integral Theory is often referred to as a "theory of everything", in that it allows us to see the patters that connect all the various dimensions of our lives, offering the most comprehensive and fully integrated view of reality that we have ever seen. Which is important now more than ever—as our planet gets smaller, our problems get bigger and demand a new level of thinking and problem solving... or else we risk making things even worse.
  • A Greater Capacity for Perspective: One of the core insights that comes alive with integral consciousness is just how fundamental perspective is to our universe. It is literally the stuff dreams are made out of—not to mention thoughts, relationships, behaviors, interactions, and everything else that has ever existed. Folks at an integral stage of development are able to better understand, navigate, and participate with all different kinds of perspective, allowing us to truly see ourselves, each other, and our world with more wisdom, openness, and inquisitiveness than ever before.
  • True But Partial: Due to the power of perspective, the integral stage is the very first to honor and include the values from all other stages that come before it. This is something altogether new—if there is one thing these previous stages all had in common, it’s the belief that their stage represents the "correct" way of behaving and seeing the world, and all the others are completely false. We can see this playing itself out every day in our various culture wars as the religious fundamentalists, the rational materialists, and the pluralistic postmodernists all continue to insist that their values are the only "true" values, and everyone else’s values are either delusional or straight-up demonic. Integral awareness offers us the cognitive and communicative tools we need to begin relieving the extraordinary tension and even violent antagonism that exists between these often conflicting sets of values, allowing us to see wholeness where we may once have only seen brokenness.
  • It’s Evolution, Baby! Evolution is not done with us yet. On the contrary, it is still very much alive in humanity's tireless quest for greater meaning, greater purpose, and greater sophistication. It is this evolutionary impulse that keeps us moving forward, allowing modern science to emerge from magic and superstition, modern medicine from leeching and bloodletting, chemistry from alchemy, psychology from phrenology, astronomy from astrology, democracy from theocracy, and the list goes on. Every field of human inquiry continues to move through wave upon wave of increasing accuracy, fidelity, and applicability. Integral is the next wave, and is already dramatically enhancing each of these fields—art, medicine, psychology, spirituality, sustainability, leadership, while also showing how they all fit together in a seamless totality of knowledge and understanding.
  • The Rebirth of Spirit: One of the greatest contributions integral consciousness is making to the world is the reclamation of the spiritual. As we just mentioned, we have allowed almost every other field of human inquiry to mature out of the magic and mythic backwaters. But why not spirituality? To this day, spirituality seems to belong mostly to the zealots, the fanatics, and the charlatans, and is largely dismissed by the modern rational world (to the detriment of us all). But spirituality is not theproduct of superstition, magic, and mythology—it just simply has not been allowed to evolve beyond superstitious, magical, and mythological interpretations. And it is these interpretations—not spirituality itself—that make easy targets for writers like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris.

    Because spirituality has not been given an opportunity to shift from belief to direct experience and truly thrive in the rational and postmodern world, we have been a bit too eager to eliminate the dogma, the myths, and the "us vs. them" ethnocentricity, and as a result have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Luckily, integral spirituality saves the baby. Not only does an integral approach to spirituality offer a way to evolve each of the major spiritual traditions (e.g. Integral Christianity, Integral Buddhism, Integral Judaism, Integral Sufism, etc.), but it also allows for the most inspiring and fruitful interfaith dialogues we have ever seen, as we continue to explore how the experiences of awakening, enlightenment, and atonement have been interpreted from person to person, culture to culture, all across the ages—and then reinterpreting these experiences to not just survive today’s 21st-century world, but to deeply enrich it as well. These are without a doubt the most intelligent and insightful discussions of spirituality you will find anywhere on the planet.

    Most importantly, integral spirituality helps to distill the wisdom, transmission, and transformative potential contained within these ancient traditions, bringing more freedom, consciousness, and compassion to your life than you ever thought possible.

It is truly an extraordinary time to be alive. We are witnessing the emergence of something historic: the rise of integral consciousness. This is our very best shot to create a more peaceful and sustainable world, to awaken from the violent slumber of humanity’s adolescence, and to align ourselves with the future of evolution in this backward corner of the Milky Way. We know that we are only barely scratching the surface in terms of the contributions integral consciousness has to make to the world—but as the integral movement continues to gain momentum around the world, we can’t help but to feel a little more optimistic than we did even just a few years ago.

Ken Wilber

Comment by Michael Grove on May 11, 2013 at 8:11

Acting to Ease Others’ Suffering

I can also act in ways that I believe are compassionate to the people

right in front of me, and you might think, “Isn’t that compassion for

others?” But really, it’s compassion for myself in another form. 

It’s another self-compassion method.

Imagine the pain you feel when you see someone else suffering —

the suffering you feel is real suffering, just as the other person is

suffering. Yet, most people don’t actually ease that suffering in 


So, how do you ease that suffering in yourself

when you see someone else suffering?

You reach out, empathize, make a connection, and look for a way

to reduce the other person’s suffering, and your own. If the other

person opens up, that’s great. If not, that’s OK, because you’ve 

reached out and let them know that you too suffer when you see

them suffer. That’s a powerful thing.

And so your ease your own suffering, and it’s a selfish sort of

compassion. But that’s the only kind there is.

Comment by Michael Grove on September 17, 2013 at 6:10

Epiphany - We were asked to create a unique Natural stone fireplace for a bedroom on a mountaintop... this is what we did.

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.“ ~ Robert Bresson

ART is your particular telling of reality. When we talked about 
letting go of preconceived ideas and drawing what you actually
see, Bernhard compared it to a night out with one of his friends. 
While Bernhard might just recount that night by saying, “We went 
out and had some food and went home”, his friend might have 
noticed a lot of interesting details that Bernhard didn’t, and tell a story with those details in a way that’s hopefully both interesting, sometimes "moving" and occasionally hilarious.
Comment by Michael Grove on April 2, 2014 at 10:02

“Historical map showing the settlement

of Qing Feng Ling (bottom right corner),

which later became known as Chenjiagou.”

Located in the centre of Henan河南 province in Central China, Chenjiagou

陈家沟 is not an obvious tourist destination. It is an unremarkable rural

village like many others in China. Yet it draws thousands of visitors

throughout the year, as this village is acknowledged to be the

birthplace of Taijiquan. Often referred to simply as the “Taiji Village”,

Chenjiagou is surrounded by the four large cities of Xinxiang新乡 on

the east, Zhengzhou郑州 on the south, Luoyang洛阳 on the west

and Jiaozuo焦作 on the north. It is acknowledged as one of the most

significant martial arts locations in China, alongside the Shaolin Temple

少林寺 and the Wudang mountains武当山.

Taijiquan, one of the major branches of Chinese Martial Arts, have

been “practiced here for generations and continues to this day.”

Excerpt From:  “
The Essence of Taijiquan 太極之粹.epub.”
by David Gaffney & Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim.


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