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It has been the most extraordinary experience of my life, being

able to be here, to be present on this site having an idea and

believing in it and bringing together the efforts and the vision

of lots of different people anything can be created - even out of

the most devastating trauma something amazing can be re-built. 

                                                                          Marcus Robinson


I have just finished watching this film and found it extremely moving.

Marcus Robinson's actions and spoken words truly demonstrate that

art in his mind & hands - be it painting, photography, film or three

dimensional stop frame animation - IS a TOOL of INSPIRATION.

This is a story of epic architecture

and engineering, but it is also a film

that gives a voice to the construction

workers, from the site managers

to those who dug the foundations

and the legendary iron workers who

assemble the steel frame of the

buildings, walking across open 

girders hundreds of feet in the air.

In Marcus' own words -

They are healing a scar in the

bedrock of the city, in its skyline, 

and in many ways what they are

doing is part of a much greater

act of rebuilding and healing.'

Marcus Robinson has been at the World Trade Center site since 2006, filming,

photographing and painting as part of an artistic project about reconstruction,

ambition and humanity.

HOPEFULLY you will ALL be able to get access to this film and

BE INSPIRED - it was Filmed, Produced and Directed by Marcus Robinson


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