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"TIME - as Professor Brian Cox has suggested in the Wonders of Life - for the scientific community to explain the spirituality which forms the basis of each and everyone of our belief systems…"
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THE MARRIAGE of the SUN and the MOON

    There is a small part of society, unfortunately small, that has

    discovered within [IT]self the need for growth, the need to

    [BE]come more aware that there are certain nagging questions

    that need to be answered in order to live well now.

    We need to increase in all these values in order to make life in

    this world suitable to us. We have to try to find answers to war

    and corruption. We realise that as we are now, even though we

    may never be in war with ourselves, we are in a war and conflict

    with our neighbours and our families and within the biological

    structure of our own bodies.

    Something has to be done to arbitrate these things. …


Posted by Michael Grove on September 22, 2017 at 6:30


      UNIVERSES have been created when the FEMININE PRINCIPLE was
     unleashed but they have been created only when this was ignited and
     balanced with the MASCULINE PRINCIPLE.

     For centuries on our planet, the feminine principle has been thwarted,
     making it difficult for either men or women to EXERT their FULL HUMAN
     POTENTIAL. Cultures, societies, individuals, sexes and institutions have
     ALL participated in suppressing the feminine principle. As a result, 
     creation has been stifled and destruction looms at every turn.

     The aggression from the masculine principle has thrown ALL…

Posted by Michael Grove on September 10, 2017 at 8:30




   Gregory Shephard’s “Through art all things are possible

   concept of providing Freespace 4D as an interactive online

   community of like-minded fourth dimensional thinkers,

   seeking to demonstrate the multi-dimensional POWER of nOw

   • past, present and future as ONE • mirrors as a reflexion,

   the mind of 3D movies and words, which I have been blessed

   with since birth, under the Gemini star-sign, as what other’s

   have described …


Posted by Michael Grove on September 5, 2017 at 8:00


  Have you experienced any of the 

  following cosmic connections?


  These are the 5 types of cosmic connections 

  you will encounter on your journey:

   1. Those meant to awaken us.

   Sometimes people or things come into our lives that are meant to create

   a point of stopping for us. They will not allow us to move forward

   without realising that change is needed. Nothing ever goes according

   to our plans but everything goes according to the Universe’s plan.

   2. Those who remind us.

   Sometimes in life, we come across people who are supposed to remind…


Posted by Michael Grove on September 4, 2017 at 7:25


  of reading the AWESOME first chapter of Matthew Fox's THE A.W.E Project •

  [RE]inventing Education • [RE]inventing the Human • and the realisation of

  its particular significance, as a reflexion of my own left-handed, dyslexic,

  journey of life, has been a palpable revelation. [IT] IS doubly so in the

  context of it's publication date, coinciding with the beginnings of my own

  revelation's @*zaadz and it's reference to the Dalai Lama and Rabbi

  Abraham Heschel's undoubted understanding of the understanding that:

 "Learning is not for life; Learning is life."

  As Matthew Fox himself says "This means that when we cease to learn we

  cease to live. To […


Posted by Michael Grove on September 1, 2017 at 10:30


THE SPiRALogic of LIFE within the biosphere of  SPACESHIP EARTH

 IS • THE understanding of the difference between DESTINY & FATE

 "The lessons of silence are peerless & are unmatched by anything else under Heaven"

 This English translation and in turn, the Chinese interpretation of the symbolic…


Posted by Michael Grove on August 29, 2017 at 6:00 — 1 Comment

Why I believe the whole world ...

... IS BRAINWASHED and what I'm doing to fix [IT]

                                                                              Kasim Khan


I don’t often write and I’m literally writing this as I’m thinking to myself so please be patient with me…

Most people I know have a loving family, good friends, an education , a job and yet if I was being totally honest with myself I would say most of them are unfulfilled with a feeling of emptiness. Of course I cannot speak for everyone but certainly the majority of people I know or have known have felt like this at least at some stage in their life. And I am sure if you look at yourself and even around you at the people in your life you would agree with me.

But why? You have shelter, food, security, family . . . this immediately puts you in probably the top 10% bracket of ‘wealthy people’ in the world. We are indeed lucky.

Well as I sit here and question why you feel so unfulfilled I think I have the answer ; You’ve spent all your life being brainwashed and conditioned into being a certain way, and somewhere deep down…


Posted by Michael Grove on August 18, 2017 at 15:00

The Conservatives keep outlining policies that ...

make one wonder what ministers

think conservatism actually IS. 

The blithe announcement that someone can re-write his or her

birth certificate if he (or she) now considers himself (or herself)

of a different gender defied conservatism’s explicit regard for


The bandwagon-jumping announcement…


Posted by Michael Grove on July 30, 2017 at 12:00


  THAT My J[our]ney of LIFE
 has in[DEED] been THE STORY of TWO LIVES,

  which is nOw very much entering a third stage as I increasingly conclude

  that THE MESSAGE of Buddha, Jesus as Jesus and Mohamed • which I have

  previously referred to as THE MESSAGE of ZEN • IS in[FACT] a message 

  which requires the interpolation and subsequent…


Posted by Michael Grove on July 11, 2017 at 7:00 — 1 Comment

plus ça change ...

  ... plus c'est la même chose.

 I first read Bernard Nossiter's epic book, shortly after it had been published

 in 1978, and I suppose the seed of my own concept of A NEW MODEL for, 

 by and of ALL the PEOPLES of Spaceship Earth • which established an


 was sown by the reading of the final chapter entitled A Model of Sorts,

 which opened with the following paragraph ...

 "THE genuinely pathological features of British life - racism, violence,

  corruption, financial scandal - frequently burst on an unsuspecting 

  public with little warning and less examination…


Posted by Michael Grove on July 9, 2017 at 7:30


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