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   When one considers the innate


human desire to make sense of the world - to which each and every one of us has been born - and the multitude of parallel worlds of which that world is constituted – it soon becomes clear, for many of us, that the need to balance the science and technology of the day with our spiritual connection to everything – is best served by the genre of fantasy novels.


It was Albert Einstein who said –

IMAGINATION alone can give us a vision of the future


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who abandoned a literal interpretation of creation

in the Book of Genesis in favour of a metaphorical interpretation –


and Diana Wynne Jones, as yet another "Welsh" artisan, who established the genre

of fantasy novels for both children and adults – and in so doing sowed the seed for

a masterpiece of  Integral Art by way of her magical tale of adventure and imagination

entitled - “Howl’s Moving Castle” and its subsequent release as an animated film by

Hayao Mitazaki for The Studio Ghibli Collection.


I can only imagine that the trials and tribulations of her early life, being evacuated to Wales - when only just five years old, as a result of the onset of the second World War – and subsequently being left to her own devices with her two sisters - had some influence on her story-telling, as well as the lectures of C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkein which she attended, before graduating in English from St Anne’s College in Oxford.



Nothing happens unless first a dream




All hail to Diane Wynne Jones -







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