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[IT] was his experience of the mountains ...

that first inspiredDouglas Edison Harding to conceive of, and write his epic 

The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth - A New Diagram of Man in the Universe - 

and subsequently to design his multiple perspective YOUniverse Explorer


Mirror Experiment

My modern day reproduction of Douglas Harding's original typed manuscript - has provided hours of inspiration & confirmation of my own - long felt ALL inclusive - perspective of HOMO SAPIENS' place & responsibilities within the cosmos.

His concept of 1st Person, Singular, Present Tense - in the context of his own very deep understanding of ALL things integrally AQUAL "mirrored" - & continually confirm my own.

NOT unexpectedly - I today received the following email

From: on behalf of Richard Lang
Sent: Thu 11/01/2007 21:46
Subject: Douglas Harding 1909-2007

In the early hours of this morning,

Thursday 11 January, Douglas Harding passed away.
What a great man!
What a wonderful gift he gave the world.

If you have memories of Douglas Harding, or reflections on his work, or would like to share the ways in which he/his work has affected your life, you can share these at

Richard Lang (Co-ordinator)
The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB
UK Charity no 1059551
Tel: ++44 (0)20 8806 3710

Free Course on Seeing:
Free Newsletter:
Bulletin board:
Films :
English forum:
French forum:
Russian forum:



I shall forever be reminded of him by the
Bertoia Diamond Chair  that he used to sit in
and his own ABSOLUTELY superb -
Theory of Everything - 3D Model -

which he patented as the "Youniverse"

LEST we forget IN MEMORIUM ...

AS has been & will no doubt continue to be - it is Richard Lang who will continue to carry "the torch" for Douglas Harding ...
in no dissimilar manner than Don Beck has carried "the torch" for Clare Graves as the evolution of Integral Spiral Dymanics (SDI) has continued apace.

Bravo ! & Hail to Douglas Edison Harding


The Zen Mind - An Introduction



... and finally a recent BIG thankyou to Chris Parish for his

Personal Reminiscence
 article in the ...

searching for utopia edition of WIE magazine - in which

he has described Douglas -

as a Western ZEN master in a lineage of ONE







ZEN is TAO and NOT ZEN without TAO

is BUDDHA and NOT ZEN without BUDDHA

& BUDDHA are independent & of ZEN

is dependent on TAO & BUDDHA as ONE


Let us ALL make sure that we partake of our own "experience of the mountainsbefore ALL the mountain tops are blown away.


BUT for Douglas, the exploration of the wonder and mystery of our true nature was a single-pointed life’s passion, and with his passing we’ve lost a truly unique enlightened man.

                                                                                            – Chris Parish




as joybringer has said -

Walk with ME 




First posted by Michael Grove @zaadz on January 12, 2007 at 18:00


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Michael : catalyst-producer
6 days later

Michael said

Douglas Harding - funeral

A message to friends of Douglas Harding: There will be a service at St. Martin's Church, Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk, at 10:00 AM on Friday January 26 to celebrate the life of Douglas Harding, followed by light refreshments afterwards at Levington village hall.

Richard Lang has said to please let him know if you intend to be there.

Following this there will be a gathering for Seeing friends at Shollond Hill.

(Please be independent in making your travel and evening
meal/accommodation arrangements.)

Best wishes,

Richard Lang (Co-ordinator)

The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

Michael : catalyst-producer
16 days later

Michael said

Hail to the SOULS of HUMANS manifested on earth - but now departed - RIP

Cogniscent that their SPIRIT - as part of the ever evolving WHOLE of great spirit - the collective unconscious AWAKENING to itself as collective conscious - remains WITHIN all 6.5 billion of us on Earth - as the driving force of the evolution of the


Michael : catalyst-producer
18 days later

Michael said

Dear Friend,

A few announcements.
Workshop in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, February 10, with Richard
Lang. Contact or register on our website -

Workshop in Santa Barbara, California, February 13, Tuesday evening,
with Richard Lang. Contact
All 3 DVDs of Douglas Harding are now available on our website.
A short film on the world flowing through you -
Lots of emails of tribute to Douglas Harding on the bulletin board.
After the funeral on Friday I'll put more up there:
A short interview with Judy Bruce on how she met Douglas Harding, on
our website, called First Seeing:
Warm regards,

Richard Lang (Co-ordinator)
The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

Michael : catalyst-producer
19 days later

Michael said

Dear Friend,

I've been asked to let people know that Douglas Harding's wish was for no flowers at the funeral, but donations instead, for 'Ipswich Hospice at Home' - who were of great help to Douglas and Catherine in the last few weeks of Douglas' life. Donations to support them,
payable to 'Ipswich Hospice at Home', can be sent to c/o Derek Smith, East of England Co-operative Funeral Service, 213 High St, Walton, Felixstowe IP11 9BQ, UK.

If anyone needs any more information about this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Warm regards,

Richard Lang (Co-ordinator)
The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

Michael : catalyst-producer
2 months later

Michael said

Dear Friend,

A few announcements:


There will be a day workshop with Richard Lang in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Saturday May 26. For more information visit:


You may be interested to know that we have just re-published Religions of the World by Douglas Harding. In this short book (first published in 1966) Douglas Harding guides us to the heart of the world's chief religions. The religions described are Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This journey, at the same time as being an adventure into other cultures and world-views, is also an opportunity to look within ourselves. In the final two chapters Harding discusses 'Religion and Science', and his own religious position.

You can order this book on our website,


Richard Lang is also giving a workshop in:- Iceland, July 28/29; workshops in Australia in August (details to be confirmed), and a workshop in Skyros, Greece, September 1-8.

The English Summer Gathering is July 19-22 in Salisbury.

Contact details for all the above on our website under 'workshops'.


And finally, a quotation from Douglas Harding, from The Science of the First Person:

And surely it is only to be expected that, so long as I fabricate here this central obstruction, this nut of a head, this solid and opaque ball or blob, to serve as the nucleus of my universe, then I am not only hard and hard-faced, but also dense and small-minded,
my vision is blocked, my understanding blurred and darkened, my world-picture distorted. With such a spanner thrown in my works, it's a wonder they work at all. And, conversely, when I dissolve this imaginary lump by seeing What's really here, then it is only to be expected that the universe ranged round this simple Clarity ( or better, within it ) should itself be illuminated and restored to its native order. To be wrongheaded ( and to be headed here is to be wrong ) about the central fact of my world is to be wrong about the rest. Expecting otherwise ( as if one could be sane outside and mad inside ) is like expecting a watch to go without its mainspring, a tree to flourish without its root, a lamp to shine without wick or oil. How odd that the one spot in the universe which I had systematically overlooked turns out to be the Spot that matters, the more-than-holy Ground which is, precisely, the Solution of all problems and the Fountain-head of all creation!

Douglas Harding

Warm regards,

The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

Michael : catalyst-producer
3 months later

Michael said

Dear Friend,

I have been asked by Judy Bruce, the organizer of the Headless Way Summer
Gathering in England in July to pass on a message. If you are thinking about
attending this gathering, could you please let her know your intention asap.
(The venue have asked to know a general idea about numbers by May 8.) For more
information about the Gathering, including Judy's address, please go to the
workshop page on the website -

Since I'm contacting you, I'll take the opportunity to remind you that I'm
giving a headless workshop in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA towards the end of
May. Again, details are on the website. There are also other workshops coming
up in Iceland, Australia and Greece.

This newsletter is an occasional thing. If you would like a regular reminder of
Seeing Who You Really Are, then you could sign up for the Reflections Course on
Seeing. It's free, and goes out every 3 days. Just go to the website and click
on the Reflections button.

Headlessness - we are celebrating awareness of our common identity, the
boundless Single Eye that each of us is looking out of and living from. If you
have any reflections about this that you would like to share with others,
please let me have them. I may be able to include them in one of the

My own reflection just now - Who you really are is available, full strength,
whatever is happening. I am empty now for whatever is arising in this spacious

And as I attend, two-ways, to the space and what fills it, I find that what
comes into the space is new. And I take the view that it is exactly what I need
because of where it comes from - from this amazing Source that is nearer to me
than myself.

Warm regards,
Richard Lang (Co-ordinator)
The Shollond Trust
87B Cazenove Road
London N16 6BB

4 months later

cHAngeL said

You are such a loving soul, Michael…

about 1 year later

cHAngeL said

Thanks, friend…always a comfort. I am going to post this for a friend.

debyemm : Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper
about 1 year later

debyemm said


Thank you for letting me know about Douglas Harding. As I resonate well with the Tao and Zen, and appreciate Buddha, I am happy to let you know, that your effort to reach out to me, has resulted in my ordering this day 3 books from his organization - one you mention Religions of the World and 2 I choose on instinct - Open to the Source and The Little Book of Life and Death”, with which to acquaint myself with his writing and his thoughts.

Thank you for thinking of me; or more correctly, for being attracted to my mountaintop photo.


Michael : catalyst-producer
about 1 year later

Michael said

… Douglas Harding's understanding of the 1st Person, Singular, Present Tense
was for me the confirmation of ALL that Ken Wilber had spoken about and written of the difference between translatative and transformative spirituality.

My own guiding component of that particular Wilber text says that:

Those who are allowed to see are simultaneously saddled with the obligation to communicate that vision in no uncertain terms. That is the bargain. You were allowed to see the truth under the agreement that you would communicate it to others (that is the ultimate meaning of the bodhisattva vow). And therefore, if you have seen, you simply must speak out. Speak out with compassion, or speak out with angry wisdom, or speak out with skillful means, but speak out YOU MUST.

… and that IS WHAT, I believe, Barack Obama IS ALL ABOUT.

j : awaken2love
over 2 years later

j said

What you are about, Michael… is a loyal, lovely friend. Thank you for always being there for me, my angel. xo j


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Comment by Michael Grove on February 23, 2012 at 9:40

“I am what I look like. These six little words are big enough to cover the whole reason for our plight. They say it all. Or, to elaborate somewhat: I am here, for myself, what I look like over there, to you - as if our distance made no difference!

On this morass you and I try to build our lives. No wonder they are cracking up. To render them safe and sound we must rebuild them on the bedrock of I am what I see I am here; what you see is just one of my regional appearances. I alone, at centre, am in a position to say what those myriad appearances are appearances of, and how different they all are from the one Reality that's given rise to them, from what I am looking out of. On this I am the sole and final authority.”


Douglas E. Harding

YOU and the world are ONE - the world inside you 

IS the world outside you - YOU are in the WORLD -

and the WORLD is in YOU ...

Comment by Michael Grove on July 13, 2013 at 8:25

Thanks to mimi - this Nicholas Roerich "virtual museum" 

group of paintings of the Himalayas was brought to our attention.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 12, 2013 at 7:58

The best and the most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen nor even touchedbut just felt in the heart.

                                                              - Helen Keller

Comment by Michael Grove on April 15, 2019 at 9:55

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