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 What IF - almost everything that you have learned, experienced or been

 told about our world has been skewed, misaligned and misunderstood ?

 What IF - our ways of perceiving who we are, what the world is, and

 how we relate to it are somehow inside-out and back-to-front ? 

THIS BOOK by Jon Freeman goes beyond the many presentations

of an "everything is energy" reality. THE REAL QUESTION is 

what causes energy to form the patterns that it does, and 

what connects it all together in the ways that we experience?

The nature of consciousness, of an information-connected

universe and of our human abilities to interface with it offer

a new potency to humanity, an empowered and satisfying way

to create new possible futures. This message is timely, coming

when humanity faces the challenging complexities of 

ecologicalpoliticalfinancial and resource unsustainability

It offers a key to unlock our ways of thinking and being so

that we can find our way into the future.

For sure the more of us who become empowered and conscious in this 

way, and whose creativity is directed toward all the things that represent

(OUR) human ideals - ease, peace, justice, harmony, joy, grace, glory,

pleasure, togetherness, love - the more and faster we will move towards

the manifestation of that in the world as a whole. At the same time you

are not dependent on others to create that local reality, to have that be

the nature of your own life. The more you do that, the more obvious it will

become to others that they too have a choice.  We are all leaders if we

choose to be, leading ourselves and each other into the Promised Land -

i.e. the land that we have promised ourselves.

And that is all it is, a choice to be who we are. When we enter into that

place of being we don't need to understand God and you may already have

heard that the peace of God is beyond understanding. So our destiny is

not about knowing, it is about being, about being and becoming, joining

our visions and aspirations with each other and with the remainder of

creation. Together we can become what we have always been but not

allowed ourselves to believe; we can become the mind of God.

Jon Freeman & Juliana Freeman 

Politics and Religion are obsolete.

The time has come for Science and Spirituality.

Jawaharlal Nehru



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Comment by Michael Grove on July 28, 2013 at 6:18

"It's here at last! I am very very pleased with this" - and SO YOU

absolutely should be. Lulu delivered my copy yesterday and I AM very

very impressed - a masterpiece introduction to "so what else is


As is known by many I was born a dyslexic
 in the world of lexics,

but supported by family and life, enabled to truly understand the

mis-guided code of the lexics in order to fit. Since my early awareness 

of Jung, Graves, Carson, Harding and Pirsig at Grammar School,

I have followed my own voyage of discovery and know as da Vinci

would know that your lexic masterpiece will forever sit next to

Pirsig's originalYou must now think about your own "Lila".

Comment by Michael Grove on April 12, 2014 at 9:08

SO what else becomes possible when we also engage with that

more mysterious, magical, quantum-uncertain and unbounded

infinite view of who humans are ?

While repeating that we do not and cannot know, our experience is

that previous limitations begin to look like illusions - mindsets and

thought systems that we have constructed for ourselves without

apparent justification.

Jon Freeman

Comment by Michael Grove on February 20, 2023 at 22:06

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