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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

 come from - on our journey to - "WHERE we are going" ...
 The BIG IDEA The success of initiating, implementing and irrigating the,
 ALL-inclusive NON-exclusive, BIG IDEA SOLUTION, has many parents, but
 needs just ONE seed to bring it to the fruition of blossoming into its ONENESS.

AS we proceed "down THE rabbit hole" ...

THE mystery of tomorrow ...

a 'reflexion' of the history of yesterday ...

AS a result of the ACTIONS we take moment by moment ...

IN interpretation of the higher purpose ...

OF the power of the GIFT ...

WHICH has been granted to us ...

AND therein lies ...

My motivation for using reflexion/s as a non-word IS that IT should stimulate the thinking process such that thoughts of - "reflections of REFLEX actions" - should be recollected. The reflex actions that we are ALL so ready to indulge in as a result of the various & diverse perspectives of our ego and it's propensity to engender - selfish sophistication, arrogance & greed -
rather than selfless caring & compassionate LOVE for ALL.

In taking the appropriate ACTION let US REFLECT on our REFLEXes

provides us ALL with a POSTBOX for collective IDEAS

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Michael : catalyst-producer

7 days later
Michael said

In taking the appropriate ACTION let US continue to REFLECT on our REFLEXes

ROD : Be Still

7 days later
ROD said


What are the vortices on the right, the red and blue ones? What do they depict? Reminds me of Walter Russell's work. The images do not zoom in well. I can't study them. What's the source, Sir?

Michael : catalyst-producer

10 days later
Michael said

IN view of the fact that my 2D drawing of a 3D representation of my own construct - is only THAT, I would appologise for not making clear that the source is the point of sigularity at the centre of the globe. The red spiral vortex of the top cone is representative of our expanding universe away from the central point of sigularity, to the surface of the whole spherical system where it reverses direction back towards the point of sigularity tracking the blue spiral through the zero point and out the other side, so to speak, in a continuous mobius-like process.

ALL the other dimensions being represented by the same paired process whilst the WHOLE slowly rotates. Your reference to Walter Russel's work
is well understood particularly in the context of an email which Peter
recently sent me following on from my
comment here.

My response was that … The culture of IBM - yesterday, today & no doubt tomorrow - has, is & will undoubtedly be what it is - as a result of Walter Russell's influence, commensurate with the relationship which he established with Thomas Watson - & Melissa & her zBlog postings would absolutely testify to that fact - but a relationship no less powerful than that cemented between Watson
and Eliot Noyse following his revolutionary design for the Model A

The culture which encompasses the majority of the component parts of the total solution - however - is itself only a component part of the whole. Noyse understood that concept and how necessary it was to create “standards” - and the role that design played in the process of qualitative enhancement
of the product, e.g. his Selectric 1 typewriter with its innovative
golf ball typing head
- and the need for corporate identity.

In exactly the same way as IBM's original concept of Computer Integrated Manufacture (CIM) was more to do with an interconnection of 'pools' of automation - rather than a fully integrated total solution - so also was it's IBM PC standard established on a design that did not take into consideration ALL the perspectives of the human computer interface.

You have encouraged me to LOOK no FURTHER by way of your statement - That's basically everything you need - to which I would advise that I have looked a lot lot further - since my first exposure to the Twilight Club and more recently the UofS&P - & have long since understood that my own purpose in LIFE on THIS
planet is to act as 'catalyst-producer' of the vehicle which will
provide the “ONE penny ride” to complete understanding - based on ALL perspectives - not just a multi dollar precis of the major component parts.



NO DOUBT in synchronicity with my penning this response I have just received Andrew Cohen's quote of the week entitled - Living on the EDGE - in which he succinctly describes the intersubjective domain of culture.

Michael : catalyst-producer

16 days later
Michael said

Movement arises from …

Stillness and Stillness leads to Movement.
Now if I can only learn to oscillate fast enough to enjoy both moment to moment.
That's the trick of LIGHT.



Now how to stay with it?


Sharon : Prime Fractionatar

about 1 month later
Sharon said

I've been known to dance like that….If the vibes are a-movin' in me, then I'm a-mov+in!

Many a friend have wondered if they want to be seen walking with me. AH, it is their loss!

All to Love, Sharon
Thanks for the music, I've never heard that group before. I like.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

Take it slow, take it easy, shed some LIGHT !

j : awaken2love

over 2 years later
j said

Leave Your Wise and Insightful Comment

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Comment by Michael Grove on August 6, 2012 at 7:23


take IT slow ... take IT easy ... shed some LIGHT ...

Feist - My Moon My Man

Comment by Michael Grove on August 9, 2012 at 8:22

The CHANGEL Project

I was sat down listening to the children …

discussing whether angels were male or female
 … angels are genderless and therefore androgynous… but as living spirit, capable of BEING good or evil, depending on their propensity to accept the concept of responsibility of action in ALL humility. 

and recollecting their BIG IDEA to create …

a social networking web-site for the children …

which they had called… registered as an inter-network domain and a NEW WORD in Oxford University Press OED in 2005

Comment by Michael Grove on May 8, 2021 at 11:28

In 1994, physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a radical technology that would allow faster than light travel: the warp drive, a hypothetical way to skirt around the universe’s ultimate speed limit by bending the fabric of reality. It was an intriguing idea – even NASA has been researching it at the Eagleworks laboratory – but Alcubierre’s proposal contained problems that seemed insurmountable. Now, a recent paper by US-based physicists Alexey Bobrick and Gianni Martire has resolved many of those issues and generated a lot of buzz.

But while Bobrick and Martire have managed to substantially demystify warp technology, their work actually suggests that faster-than-light travel will remain out of reach for beings like us, at least for the time being. There is, however, a silver lining: warp technology may have radical applications beyond space travel.

                                                                    COSMOS JOURNAL

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