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Nancy Kline's own in memoriam - Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales -


where she absolutely defines the concept of "lead by example from the top" by saying ...

It is unusual, if not oxymoronic, for global icons to help people think for themselves.
When it does occur, something simple and profound happens inside us. And something real and grounding, something surprisingly un-iconish, happens in them as well. It is important to notice this when it takes place and to appreciate it. A year now after her death, I want to pay Diana, Princess of Wales, that tribute.

I believe that her '
particular magic' was that she was able, without having ever been trained, to create in an instant a Thinking Environment for people.

Onmany occassions I watched her give unfailingly the highest-calibre attention to people. I watched her look into their eyes, bend one knee slightly, rest her arms easily in front of her, relax and listen as if they were the only person in the world at that moment. Often she had literally only a moment, but in a split second, because of the quality of her attention, she disarmed feelings of nervousness and assumptions
of inferiority and allowed people to remember that they matter.

I recall the way she entered a room filled with people. Her only thought seemed to be to make a real connection with each of them as soon as possible.She immediately moved close, not waiting for people to be brought to her. She was interested in them. She wanted to know what they thought and how they felt. She could transform a crowd of nerves into laughter and ease just with the way she asked and listened. Her focus was on them, not on herself.

She virtually leapt from the car that waytoo. Almost, it seemed, before the wheels had stopped, she was reaching with her hand and her eyes and her interest to the person greeting her, creating for them a moment, in the midst of royal protocol, to be themselves. I watched people become more and more articulate in the light of her real and respectful, unhurried attention. This, I believe, is what people miss.


People called it her love, as indeed it was; but in practical terms that love was her natural ability to create for each person an environment in which they could, even if for only a moment, think and speak for themselves. This is perhaps the most dignifying thing one person can do for another. It can be done without designer clothes, without a model's face and figure, without, as she proved, a royal title.

In memoriam I thank the Princess for this. She modelled this calibre of attention, individual to individual, as the world watched. For the world that quality of attention was startling. For her it was just the way life was.

I would like to think that one day it can become that for us ALL

and in the context of the tearfully fond memories I have for my struggle

to master the Dutch language during our family's TIME living in Sittard NL ...





THE degree of absence of thinking  IS ...

THE arbiter of ultimate spiritual awareness 


In the context of Ervin Laszlo's proposal that - "There is something new on the horizon -- a new kind of thinking. One that could solve the problem -- the entire complex conglomeration of challenges that makes our world unsustainable, intolerant, and prone to violence. This is not thinking out of the blue: It is thinking that has been around for thousands of years. What is new is that it's rediscovered -- of all things, at the cutting edge of the sciences. IT IS "Akasha think."


We must NOW evolve Nancy Kline's 'concept' to be inclusive of ...

" leading by example from the bottom up "
as well -

and in so doing establish an internetwork of networks of Thinking Environments -

to service THE mutually beneficial needs & aspirations of …

Global Social Responsibility.


TIME in fact - as Professor Brian Cox has suggested in

the Wonders of Life - for the scientific community to

explain the spirituality which forms the basis of each

and everyone of our belief systems.






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Resurrected1 : Ariela -Quantum Leaper

about 17 hours later

Resurrected1 said

Yes, I absolutely adore my Cancerian sister Princess Diana…I will really miss her and this world has lost an amazing person.
She had so much to show everyone…how she cradled and held and loved the so-called untouchables…how she put herself in danger walking across the
mine field with the people who have already lost limbs…

May we Learn from the Lessons and hear our Messengers!
Thank You for this post…wonderful!
Peace to you!

4 days later

cHAngeL said

Diana would have made a brilliant nurse…was such a loving mother…and a true friend to so many. An exemplary patron of Global Social
Responsibility…Love in action…

- she literally glowed, when “one on one”

…her spirit lives on…

Thank you for sharing this, Michael…

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

An exemplary patron of Global Social Responsibility

as well as LOVE in ACTION

but apparently feeling like an elephant when she danced with John Travolta


IT doesn't mean it's TIME for each and every one of US to STOP THINKING !

First published by Michael Grove @zaadz on 21st September 2007

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Comment by Michael Grove on January 19, 2013 at 10:37

NO THING happens in LIVING NATURE that is not in relation to

THE WHOLE as the BALANCED ECO-SYSTEM which Homo Sapiens

must now restore to ensure the survival of LIFE on EARTH.


The MINDFULNESS Mind Map provides a matrix of 49 "tunnels" - designed for and by the masses - allowing access to a place conducive to Coexistence, Cooperation and Collaboration - such that the collective all-inclusive first person singular present tense, third person objective - point of view - will then lead to the establishment of a new model & method of wealth creation, mutually beneficial to ALL.



Comment by Michael Grove on January 28, 2013 at 16:47


We appear to be headed for a higher-order reversal of those values and beliefs we

have held most dear and in our institutional ways of living”  - Dr. Clare W. Graves 1974

Comment by Michael Grove on May 29, 2013 at 15:08

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the notion that the evolutionary process is ultimately driven by a spiritual impulse is continuing to gain traction, with a growing number of progressive philosophers, scientists, and mystics exploring its implications.

To many, it is simply a compelling philosophy, uniting the revelations of science and spirituality in a way that no other theory can. But others, like Aurobindo before them, are beginning to reach beyond a theoretical discussion to wonder: What might human life and culture look like if we fully took to heart the reality of this view?

Freed from the mythic dogmatisms of premodern religion, transcending the materialistic biases of modern scientific thought, and liberated from the narcissistic self-absorptions of postmodernity, what kind of new world could human beings aligned with the trajectory of a spiritually evolving cosmos actually create?

Comment by Michael Grove on March 5, 2014 at 6:34

"So what is time well spent?
Time well spent is time spent with things that will last.
It's time spent with friends and family.
It's time spent making the world a little brighter.
It's time spent becoming the person we were meant to be.
Give yourself a chance to enjoy the moments of life you have. We have no promise of tomorrow or even tonight and if that is the case, it's important to know how you want that time spent. I vote that we spend every day making a way for the tomorrow we've been dreaming of. If that's writing a book, if that's launching a project to help people who can't help themselves, if it's spending quality time with your children, give yourself the chance to enjoy it. Consider it time well spent."
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Marthe Troly-Curtin
Comment by Michael Grove on September 12, 2020 at 17:26

Thirty-five years ago John Travolta arrived at the White House for a gala dinner hosted by President Ronald Reagan, only to receive surprising instructions from the first lady: that he should invite the guest of honor, Princess Diana, onto the dance floor at midnight for a spin to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The subsequent moment, captured in photos, was so iconic that the gown that Diana wore—an off-the-shoulder blue velvet number by London couturier Victor Edelstein—has since been dubbed “the Travolta dress.”

In the new PBS documentary special Lucy Worsley’s Royal Palace Secrets, premiering September 13, the titular royal historian takes a closer look at the iconic fashion piece—which sold for $347,000 last year—and also unravels other captivating tales of royal family members.

Last year Travolta looked back on his dance with Princes Diana, telling Yahoo Entertainment, “I didn’t know until I got there that I was supposed to dance with her. [Princess Diana] kept that a secret when she met me. She didn’t know that Nancy Reagan hadn’t told me yet that this was the plan—that I was the Prince Charming of the evening.”

He continued, “I was awestruck with her. She led the way, and I thought, Well, that’s not going to happen! I’ve got to go back to my school days of learning ballroom dancing and show that I can lead her.” Of the dress, the actor added, “I could probably sketch it in my mind because it was so specific.”

Comment by Michael Grove on November 16, 2021 at 12:38

ONLY when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will WE REALISE that ... WE CANNOT EAT MONEY • SO [IT]'s that [TIME] in[DEED] for US all to begin the process of OPENING THE DOOR !!!

Together Everyone Achieves More. A T.E.A.Mwhose value-set [NOW] comprises…. SERVICE and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PARTNERSHIPS and COLLABORATION • COMMITMENT and TRUST • EMPOWERMENT and INNOVATION • PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY • LOYALTY and RELATIONSHIPS • PROFIT and SAFETY • SUCCESS has indeed many parents & FAILURE as an option, [IS] in[DEED] an orphan.


Comment by Michael Grove on March 21, 2024 at 10:14
In the context of having lived & worked in The Nederlands I AM re[MINDED] by this latest Guardian article that...

"Hundreds of Engelandvaarders took various routes from occupied Netherlands to Britain to fight in second world war by way of traveling over land and water, braving the North Sea, trekking across the Pyrenees or fleeing north through Sweden to reach Britain and join the fight against the Nazis."
Comment by Michael Grove on March 21, 2024 at 12:29
[ALL] of which re[MIND]s ME of my own DRESDEN experience, so to speak.

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