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 PEOPLES of EVERY NATION • as CUSTODIANS of the entirety


 in[DEED] • [BE]come A MIRROR of NATURE's very own

 model of COVID [IT]self

 SO in the context of first starting with Escher's most

 artistic spherically mirrored [RE]presentation of SELF

 [BE]ing utilised to establish a 20 strong structure of ten

 female and ten male individuals, in no dissimilar manner

 than the children's triangular wooden pyramid model 

 of four layers, comprising TWENTY SPHERES, [IS] in[DEED]

 constructed • as well as a children's magnetic ball & stick

 game with Leonardo's duodecahedron eleva model, with

 [IT]'s 60 triangular faces at the core;  my own long 

 standing concept of establishing a NEW MODEL for the UN,

 would now comprise an equal number of female and male 

 representaties • totalling 1200 persons in all • working

 on a PLAN of ACTION to implement the concepts of

 Michael's VISION 3000 in a manner that reflects the

 ideology of Colin Mason's two AXIOMS of SURVIVAL.

Human Rights and the Principles of Humanity • what more IMPORTANT SYMBOL could our species create TODAY • than that which represents a MODEL of a NEW UNITED NATIONS !!!???

We all live in our reality tunnels. Michael Pollan suggests

that if we were to enter the brain of another human being,

we would think we were experiencing a psychedelic trip.

Reality tunnels is a term that Timothy Leary coined, and

Robert Anton Wilson expanded. The IDEA is that we each

live in a selective view of perception determined by our

setting, genetics, imprints, conditioning, and learning.


THE POWER of VISUOSPATIAL THINKING IS THE POWER which ... SETS THE WORLD on FIRE to the BEAT of NATURE's DRUM which Gregory has so succinctly proposed thus...

"There is no doubt that a new era is merging for consciousness to be liberated and the actual archetype is the taiji yin☯️yang and its little known relationship to time [4D]. That said, a partnership with Nature shifts and we become [ONE] WITH•NOT separate FROM and this amounts to a new beginning that recognizes Nature with a capital "N". This time frame restores order putting man made time in perspective as an invention not reality."

  JUST imagine how a Global System such as this could

  equitably address the issues of ethnic, religious and

  political mind[SETS] and replace them with a singular 

  solution • mind[SIGHT] which would mirror NATURE's

  own yin&yang development of the SARS/COVID VIRUS

  to keep us all in our place, as the potential gatekeeper

  of the FUTURE of LIFE on this PLANET EARTH.


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Comment by Michael Grove on July 11, 2022 at 13:03

Most ideas come from previous ideas !!! and have over TIME transmogrified into the reality of FORM follows IDEA

IN the very context of utilising several of my own perspectives of making use of Buckminster Fuller's VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM • IDEAS, namely "point, line, surface"  I have recently been trying, with the help and assistance of my son-in-law Richard Bishop • who is as equally committed as a sculptor...

... to Fuller's very own long & in depth Leonardo-like Understanding of the importance of the tetrahedron • I have been lately focussing on Richard's ideas for a "HOLE @ CENTRE" of triangular surfaces, which would in some way  better establish an understanding of the totality of my IDEA for a new model of the United Nationswhilst utilising those holes to communicate by way of the transmission of twixt all concerned of "a beam" of THE UNIVERSAL LIGHT of UNDERSTANDING.

ALL of which has manifested [IT]self since I first became aware at Grammar School, of the very importance of geodesic construction, whilst studying Physics, Maths Pure & Maths Applied, at 'A' LEVEL GCE, as well as ART and subsequently the the purchase of and construction of a model of a Wellington Bomber


Comment by Michael Grove on July 22, 2022 at 13:58

2x10 tetrahedra each with 20 representative

(10 female & 10 male) per tetrahedron, making

400 representatives in total.

Comment by Michael Grove on October 25, 2022 at 12:56

In the area of conscious thinking, understanding the four-element structure would permit society to better appreciate and utilise the the POWER of the HUMAN MIND. WITH SUCH AN UNDERSTANDING, individuals could knowingly enter into and expansion of their awareness and evolution by consciously choosing to think about issues in an efficiently productive mode rather than in the haphazard manner currently employed by most people.


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