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 What matters IS what ONE does with any thing 

 and what any thing does to ONE Ian Gardner

The relatives of those killed  in the World Trade Centre 'attack'

reading the names of the dead, along with the people who had

been involved in the rebuilding of the trade centre site, as part of

the ceremony for the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist

attacks - just 9 DAYS ago - reminded me of THE LIST of names

of the dead of the fictitious country of Mobutu BEING read aloud,

at the end of Sydney Pollack's riveting thriller The Interpreter -

which was about a translator who overhears a potentially

explosive secret about a planned assassination attempt, in the

UN building itself.

In the context of the consequences of consequences of the VERY

COMPLEX SYSTEM of the Middle East, at the heart of which lies 

the UN[RE]solved conflict in SYRIA, which the UN will seemingly

never be able to [RE]SOLVE, as long as President Putin is concerned;

IS IT NOT TIME to consider having ALL of Y[OUR] representatives at

the UN, stand up in session and read ALL of the names of every

one of the WARS which have taken place since it was first stated by

the League of Nations, as a pre-cursor to the establishment of a


would be representative OF, FOR and BY ALL the PEOPLES of Y[OUR]

pale blue dot, with the 'front benches ' of the UN Assembly

reflecting the YIN & YANG values and principles of CREATION

in a real commitment to END the ENTRENCHED MINDSET of

CONFLICT & DESTRUCTION. Perhaps in the vain of President

Eisenhower's warning about The Demise of the [RE]PUBLIC, as

a direct consequence of the military industrial complex - both

the USA and CHINA could get their heads together on THIS ONE,

as standing members of the UN Security Council, ably guided,

in the language that divides two nations, by that curious case 


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Comment by Michael Grove on September 20, 2015 at 15:38

"The truth needs no translation" which in Ku is Angota ho ne njumata, provides just one of 
the many.. "layers of languages"    which proposes that "vengeance is a lazy form of grief "

IN The Interpreter movie, Nicole Kidman's character IS an interpreter for the United Nations, 
who speaks Ku. At one point she says to the secret serviceman, who is assigned to watch over her...

"We're Kepela which means: Standing on opposite sides of the river."  

Ku is of course, a constructed language which was invented for the movie. I suppose if you got hold of a comparative dictionary of Bantu languages, however, you might be able to determine what the root was that they used. Bearing in mind the UBUNTU, as a real word, means that ...


Comment by Michael Grove on April 27, 2022 at 22:46

[TIME] meTHINKS for an entirely NEW perspective of Bucky's FOUR BALLS • 4D • and each of the four two dimensional surfaces of his multidimensional reference to a tetrahedron.

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