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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  CONSEQUENCE of the multifarious mis-use of the power of words

  over [TIME] which has resulted • during this era of data • in the fact

  that the entirety of our species, as passengers of Spaceship Earth,

  are now staring into the abyss of potential extinction.

  [IT] IS indefatigably the alchemical influence on our speciesthat

  has provided  the catalyst for the evolutionary development of

  our SPiRALogic UNDERSTANDING of LIFE, within the biosphere of

  y[our] pale blue dot, which now urgently necessitates the adoption

  of an appropriate systems mindset, commensurate with the final

  [RE]establishment of human[KIND]'s 'connessione' with NATURE

  in accordance with Leonardo da Vinci's life-long understanding

  that ALL is in NATURE - WE are ALL a circumstance of NATURE 


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