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  THE PROJECT began in response to a Science Section article in The New York Times that

  referred to the existence of the fourth dimension. Although the article did not further

  explore or question what this dimension might [BE] about, a group of curious artists did.

  They committed to a weekly discussion called "Seminar 4D", where they would explore

  IDEAS and POSSIBILITIES of such a subject. This evolved into a larger project called

  Free Space, which focuses on the response-ability of the artist and freedom through


  In the beginning, there was AN IDEA, and THE IDEA created A THEME. As more IDEAS

  followed, more THEMES were created. So, at the very heart of THE PROJECT is the

  "Full Circle Theme Cabinet", in which IDEAS are stored as works in progress.

 realised and unrealised, are contributed and catalogued according

  to THEMES: Full Circle, Give and Take, Catch and Release, Fake and Real and

  Start and Finish. IF an IDEA does not fit inside one of these THEMES, which seems to

  be rare, a NEW THEME will be generated.

  Free Space IS an ongoing experiment in CULTURAL ALCHEMY, in which incoming IDEAS

  are examined, discussed, questioned and then re-appropriated into DIFFERENT FORMS.

  In goes THE IDEA, out comes THE PRODUCT. An example IS the need to return to

  NATURAL TIMING - creative time in contrast to Father Time. THIS IDEA IS packaged as a

  Free Space clock. There are no longer any hour or minute hands. Only the minute hand

  (in red, with green spot at centre) remains ticking • as [IT] traverses the domed

  reflective surface of the WORLD AS IS moment by moment • thus altering and

  [RE]presenting an alternative approach to TIME.

  The philosophy of THE PROJECT is true to its name. [IT] IS based in the recovery of

  freedom and expressed through metaphor. [IT] IS also study in collaboration, evolution

  and change, as artists work together creating an environment (which includes the

  physical installations and performances in the space, the objects created out of the ideas

  in its cabinets, as well as interactive installations in other venues). The Free Space 

  concept, which believes that the intellect and naive should work together and learn from

  each other, IS also rooted in EDUCATION and iS [BE]ing applied to the curriculum of a

  nearby school.



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