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The irreversible trends of sickness & insanity ...

 and the NEED for CHANGE  


 "IT IS the DESTINY of not only Islam and the West but ALL other

  civilizations to [BE] forced to confront, at this particular moment

  of history, the powerful forces of Globalization."

                                           Seyyed Hossein Nasr - THE HEART of ISLAM


“In reality, each civilisation, whether in East or west, has decayed and deviated its own way and must pose the question to itself about what went wrong, rather than exclaiming with hubris and self-righteousness about what went wrong somewhere else because the people in that “somewhere else” have not followed its way of thinking and acting.

We must desist from identifying ourselves with pure goodness and the other with pure evil.

Even Christ said only GOD is good in the absolute sense. Each civilisation must become ever move aware of its own shortcomings and evil elements as well as its virtues and what is good in it. Muslims must ask themselves what went wrong within their own societies, but the West must also pose the same question about itself – and this task of self-examination is even more urgent for the West, for at this particular juncture of human history it possesses much greater power than other civilisations and has greater global influence.”







What we need is science applied to Government.


So far all we have had is opinions from politicians that know nothing

about ecology, safety, engineering, increasing the agricultural yield etc.


They are totally incapable.


What the feminist movement, in particular, and the entirety of our species, in general, still have to understand is that the complications and consequences of interaction with the day to day task of survival, of every individual-family unit within the nation of families and the ...; is entirely down to the fair share of resources, that we all, as a custodian-components of nature, are entitled to; as a result of an evolving collective-conscious awareness of our species inherent responsibility to care for earth and care for people.


from the seeds of small acorns, 
large oaks grow ...


"We are calling for justice, freedom and equality, and real democracy and a new constitution, no discrimination between men and women, no discrimination between Muslims and Christians, to change the system... and to have a real democracy."  - Nawal El Saadawi

" The practice of mindfulness and concentration always brings insight
It can help both 
Buddhists and scientists. Insights transmitted by realized
practitioners like the Buddhas and bodhisattvas can be a source of inspiration and support for both Buddhist practitioners and scientists, and scientific tests can help Buddhist practitioners understand better and have more confidence
in the insight they receive from their ancestral teachers.
It is our belief that in this 21st Century, Buddhism and science can go
hand in hand to promote more insight for us all and bring more liberation, reducing discrimination, separation, fear, anger, and despair in the world."


Never before in the field of human conduct has
SO MUCH been filched from so many by so few.

Homo Economicus needs to be laid to rest for good.


Homo Empathaticus needs to rise from the ashes of the Great Implosion.



From Gillian Tett to Mervyn King the voices of WISDOM and REASON now challenge the vast majority of the national and international finance industry to stand up and be counted by those who provide the means by which their casino gambling is funded.



let the people decide








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Comment by Michael Grove on February 14, 2011 at 18:54

Spiral Dynamics and the Israel/Palestine Conflict (Don Beck)

Spiral Dynamics and the Israel/Palestine Conflict (Don Beck) from Integral Life on Vimeo.

HERE we are almost two years later with the USA and Israel voting AGAINST any kind of seat at the

United Nations for the Palestinians - let alone one which would allow them any kind of say in the

future of a NEW Palestine - and to cop it all the laissez-faire attitude of the Palestinians UN Envoy,

Tony Blair, BEING altogether disruptive of any kind of long lasting peace agreement between


IS there any wonder that Peter Osborne has recently stated -

It’s easy to see what the former Labour prime minister gets out of his

role as Middle East envoy, but harder to see what he gives back

Comment by Michael Grove on February 15, 2011 at 12:56

Evolutionary Becoming: A New Orientation

The notion of evolutionary becoming, or evolutionary emergence, is a very new and unique orientation for the self. It's hard to even conceive of how different this orientation is from the ways we have traditionally and culturally been conditioned to relate to the human experience. With the exception of very rare individuals, throughout history our orientation has generally been toward creating security, towards carving out a safe place in which to experience comfort and pleasure. Even revolutionaries who challenge the status quo in order to gain more rights and freedoms usually do so only until those rights and freedoms are achieved, after which they tend to settle in to a new status quo. Of course, there have always been rare individuals and inspired geniuses who, animated by the pulsation of the evolutionary impulse, are ever-reaching for that which is new, who have felt compelled to make significant progress and create new pathways in their particular fields. But what I'm speaking about here is not a particular kind of genius or talent—it's a certain attitude and aspiration in relationship to the whole process of being alive.


This shift in values that creates the conditions for perpetual emergence is a fundamental shift in orientation that is just beginning to dawn on us as we awaken to the fact that we are part of a process that is going somewhere. And it's not merely a personal shift; it is a very deep cultural change in the human psyche as a whole. 

~ Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on March 1, 2011 at 17:31
Comment by Michael Grove on March 2, 2011 at 9:14

Dr Robin Wood is interviewed by Iain McNay of Conscious TV in London about his book ...

'The Great Shift', and the work of Renaissance2 Foundation.

This profound interview explores the shifts occurring at personal, organizational and social levels,

that are resulting in the emergence of a more sustainable, thriving world in the 21st century.

Comment by Michael Grove on March 18, 2011 at 16:10

I would absolutely concur with Jon Freeman's statement that ...


"I have a profound desire for the whole world to begin seeing itself differently. I want us to end the habit of seeing ourselves through material eyes against the background of a material world so that we know ourselves afresh as beings of creative, world-forming information. This is way beyond the fluffy new-age notion of “we are all energy”. For me, this is where Integral Consciousness truly lies, in recognising how the interior and the exterior realities connect, both individually and collectively. All four quadrants are aspects of the universal “mind” – choices about our perspective, and which parts of the information we are engaging with."


"Knowing that, we have more chance of aligning ourselves with the world & with each other."


"It is the beginning of a new level of empowerment and responsibility for our existence."


God’s Ecology: A science of the Spiritual Habitat

Comment by Michael Grove on June 10, 2012 at 10:45
Comment by Michael Grove on January 26, 2013 at 16:06

I thought we were friends

Under renewed pressure to broker peace in the Middle East, President Obama is putting a strain on relations with Israel by promoting key figures opposed to the use of force, David Blair reports

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