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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

the restrictions imposed by the necessity to establish 

a global model of sustainable

communities, built on LOVE - IS of paramount importanceTHE COLLECTIVE MIND-SET of our species MUST acknowledge that we should...

ACT as the animals we are, that limitless resources are a fool's dream

that we can never achieve and that when the cost of an ACTIVITY

outweighs the benefit, we should STOP - 

IN ORDER that LIFE on earth should survive.


 IT WAS In the 1960s, when the past record of geomagnetic reversals was

 noticed by observing the magnetic stripe "anomalies" on the ocean floor.

 This results in broadly evident "stripes" from which the past magnetic field

 polarity can be inferred by looking at the data gathered from simply towing

 a magnetometer on the sea surface or from an aircraft. The stripes on one

 side of the mid-ocean ridge were the mirror image of those on the other

 side. The seafloor must have originated on the Earth's great fiery welts,

 like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Rise.   

First published by Michael Grove zaadz@gaia 1st November 2008

Never forgetting that AN OCEAN that can NOW

provide an [O]pen-[M]inded • Freespace 4D &

• [BE]come [O]UR • [N]ETWORK • [E]VOLUTION

could [BE]come our VERY ANSWER to SURVIVAL

because in the decades since Fred Vine and his supervisor, Dr Drummond Matthews • found the crucial evidence that the Earths surface is not fixed and immutable, but is created more or less continuously at ridges in the middle of the ocean • scientists have come to realise that Earth's atmosphere, magnetic field, stable climate and biodiversity are ALL LINKED to PLATE TECTONICS

"[IT] makes our PLANET WORK the THE WAY it WORKS
                                             ....said Lithgow-Betelloni

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Smile4me : Champion of Voiceless

about 22 hours later
Smile4me said

It is with a great insight you speak of the way we will look back and say so wise are those who consider love. Thank you for sharing such a
beautiful way of being in the world of sustainability

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Comment by Michael Grove on February 20, 2016 at 16:59

Pangaea ruled the earth for a hundred million years until it eventually started cracking apart, as a result of a tectonic fault between two plates, which we now call the mid-Atlantic rift; and the seas flowed in to eventually form the Atlantic Ocean.

The Azores Triple Junction (ATJ) is a geologic triple junction where the boundaries of three tectonic plates intersect: the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. This triple junction is located along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) amidst the Azores islands, nearly due west of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is classed as a R-R-R triple junction of the T type (for its shape), as it is an intersection of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge running north–south and the Terceira Rift which runs east-southeast.

Comment by Michael Grove on March 27, 2021 at 9:09

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