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This collage is dedicated to the idea of building
community building love
- an idea that Martha was involved in and what follows below - excluding the original logo, which disappeared into the bowels of a zaadz server - comprises the content of her posting.
It's my logo!

I've had this image in my mind for so long, of a logo that I could use for all our
community service-community building projects. Last night, I finally created it!

What do you think?

Would you improve it in any way? Lots of you know something about art, which
I really don't. Do you have suggestions re color or size or font or anything?

I would really appreciate your feedback!
Posted on Jan 18th, 2007 by martha



A 15-year-old girl who faced 100 lashes in the Maldives after she was raped by her

step-father has had the sentence overturned following an international campaign.


The child, who cannot be named, was handed the draconian flogging sentence for

“fornication” in February, triggering a petition by the global campaign network Avaaz

and anger from opposition and women’s rights groups in the country. Two million

people worldwide signed the petition calling for the sentence to be commuted.


Last week, the Maldivian High Court overturned the sentence, which was hailed as

a victory by Avaaz. But the organisation said that the case was a one-off and called

for a moratorium on all flogging sentences in the Maldives, which is under the

Islamic government of President Mohammed Waheed Hassan.






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I endorse this!
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maze : ordinary

about 3 hours later

maze said

I like it a lot. The only thing I thought about was whether or not more than one house should be depicted within the heart. Which of course
would be a little cramped To me, the heart is a symbol of universal
love, but I don't get the sense of community with only one house. Maybe
I'm being too literal.

peace, maze

martha : wildlygentle

about 5 hours later

martha said

I agree! I played around with more than one house–but they would have to be different houses to look right… One thing I could do is switch out
the graphic in the middle once in awhile. I also think children
playing together would work, or people holding hands…

Thanks for your thoughts!

Michael : catalyst-producer

9 months later

Michael said

ALL HAIL to Martha for instigating her “on-line” Women's Forum.

I hope & trust that this will BE the beginning of zaadz's first EQUALITY of THINKING ENVIRONMENT. A place of transparency of words, values & actions where …


2 men / 2 women, 6 of the species ( 3 of each gender ) …

10 individuals ( 5 of each gender ) to establish the minimum “lego building block” …
Equality of Thinking Environment (EofTT)
whose guiding “quorum principle”, in the context of ALL justices collectively , IS … 6 practioners of appropriate ACTION -
sometimes 5 women & 1 man or 5 men & 1 women …
always according to the purpose of the moment.

10 to the Power of 10 EofT environments to provide the scaleability to encompass …
10 billion souls as ONE soul.

9 months later

cHAngeL said

It looks so warm, may I come in, Martha? :)

Maybe it is made of bricks? Since we all build together.

Yes, Michael…we are all one, of the same little house.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 3 years later

Michael said

Thanx for sending your kind thoughts and gracious words of support during our time @ zaadz/gaia.

I have been transferring the entirety of my cyberspace precence, comments, hyper-links and most important other stuff, initially to an
invite-only private space, whilst I get my
re-connecting-connections-act back together, so to speak.

The place I've set up is …

SO IF you send * me your email I can invite you to that space so that you may have direct access, to that space (whilst being aware that all the links don't yet work); and any new links I create to that private space, which will allow you
access from the occasional zBlog that I intend to post in Siona's space

I HOPE that makes sense …

and to quote Vaclav Havel - HOPE IS a dimension of the soul which does
not depend on our analysis of the facts or our assessment of the
situation. IT IS NOT the conviction that things will turn out all right
in the end, BUT the conviction that the struggle has a purpose,
whatever direction events take.

My very kindest regards

michael - *



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