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  NO RESPECT for your environment - NO RESPECT for YOURSELF



ON this 90th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele , in memory of
those 666 thousand who gave their lives & suffered accordingly
- and
a change of Prime Minister in the UK places a different perspective on
OUR long-lasting "special relationship" - I WAS inspired to post this zBlog -
as a result of on-going discussions with Martha about the "difference"
between INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE - and in some way to provide
the basis of an answer to a truly beautiful email which I received from


at least 1081081081234 times NOW!

The force of
TAO, Great Spirit & Godhead within US -
IS the force of anger as BEING becomes aware of IT SELF.


It’s not as if we can just stop anger, it’s usually way too powerful and

arises quickly, in a flash, out of nowhere. There’s no point in repressing

or denying it as it’ll just make itself known in another way and will gain

strength. There are occasional times when anger can be used consciously,

without the accompanying emotional turmoil. As Sri Swami Satchidananda

says: “Keep your emotions in your pocket and use them when appropriate.”

But such times are rare. More often it is a reaction of the ego-mind

demanding immediate release.



Highlander Staff Member Elandria Williams at the Take Back Americ

When WE as individuals TRULY UNDERSTAND the relevance of the MIND - we succumb, in humility, to allowing that force of GOD - to BE GOD within us -
and the anger is THEN manifested as the "healthy anger" of understanding.

For those individuals that have, as yet,   NOT TRULY UNDERSTOOD the relevance of the MIND - they continue to manifest their lives as IF the force of anger within them - were their "own force" - which OFTEN materialises as the "toxic anger" of      mis-understanding.

Healthy Anger IS that which IS demonstrated peacefully in Hong Kong - on an annual basis to commemorate the horrors of the Tiananmen Square massacre - in the face of China's retoric about global democratic free trade - viz the Toxic Anger of the G6 G7 G8 "riots" "forced" on the demonstrators in response to an awareness of the continual mis-information & lies BEING fed to the peoples of the WEST in the
interest of global democratic free trade.


Both examples adequately demonstrate the different cultural MIND set perspectives of the same ISSUE.. & highlight perfectly the NEED to consider THIS ! - in the context of - have we ALL yet got enough to EAT?

... or the sustainable environment of water soil and trees necessary to produce the food in the first instance.

When one further considers that ALL humanity - the 6.7 billion individuals of the species HOMO SAPIENS - IS divided AS SUCH - whilst ignoring the BABELFISH divisions and CRISES of religion, politics & science -

THE ONLY SOLUTION to this dilemma IS to collectively assume the ACTION of

responsibility & thereby establish a mechanism by which WE ALL as individuals



IT IS THAT mechanism - which WE @zaadz "FEEL in OUR HEARTS & MINDS" - IS BEING 'constructed' moment by moment on a global basis  

Clann An Drumma Aug. '04

Which reminds me of experiences of "highlanders" past & present.

IN support of THE Highlanders
75th Anniversary Celebrations
August 31-September 2, 2007 -

ALL hail to Elandria Williams and her powerful words -

THE people best served to fix our problems are  ...the people who are dealing with the problems.

Let the PEOPLE decide ...

LET conscious capitalism RULE - on the basis of INTEGRAL STAKE-HOLDER values
as WE "shift" from an information-based economy to ONE - THAT IS - VALUES-BASED.

" For too long, people who have desired to make the world a better place have accepted leadership from those who have directed them towards anger and acts of aggression. This path has resulted in much damage to human life in the past and much impotence and depression today. FLOW proposes instead that those who desire to make the world a better place engage in lives of constructive action and meaningful work so that we can achieve those goals that have so long eluded us. If everyone who desires to make the world a better place takes positive action, instead of continuing on a path of impotent rage and frustration, we can quickly create sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all."

                                                                                                                    Michael Strong

I am angry at my reading and writing disability.






MINDFULNESS invites us to make friends with the whole of ourselves just as we are,

which includes witnessing and knowing anger. It grounds us in basic sanity so we can be

aware of our feelings and not get swept away by them. There is a half way place between

expressing anger and repressing it, a place where we can rest in awareness and

mindfulness. That way we make friends with any arising feelings and have a

breath’s pause before the urgent need to express them also arises.

Let US ALL join hands in ONE LOVE & through

OUR ACTIONS - encourage others to DO SO.





First posted by Michael Grove @zaadz on July 12, 2007 at 7:00


about 18 hours later

John said


Righteous lines, Michael.

All union, from disunion, toward reunion.

Anger moving through pain past fear toward action, and change, in the heart, through the head, and out into the world.



Michael : catalyst-producer

1 day later

Michael said

Fred Kofman said on Page 32 of Conscious Business, - Being human is being response-able - I AM sure that Bunker Hunt was response-able - SO therein lies the dilemma of an ACTIONABLE responsibility.


1 day later

cHAngeL said

Thanks Michael..

Both examples adequately demonstrate the different cultural MIND set perspectives of the same ISSUE.. & highlight perfectly the NEED to
consider THIS ! - in the context of - have we ALL yet got enough to EAT?

Children died all over the world today, because they didn't have enough to
EAT… it's sad how complicated the simplicity can be…isn't it?



Michael : catalyst-producer

3 days later

Michael said



Michael : catalyst-producer

2 months later

Michael said

States of Fear: Science or Politics? - Question and Answer

Whether HOMO SAPIENS realises it or not the species is faced with a …
CRISIS in politics, a CRISIS in religion and a CRISIS in science …
embodied so succinctly, in fact, by Pirsig’s journey to address his own personal crisis, which he wrote about in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

There have been more copies of Pirsig’s classic printed than the Koran, albeit not as many as the Bible. The essence of the difference between them, however, being that both the Bible & the Koran and all others of the same genre lay down a code of interpretation of life which
prescribes to other third party viewpoints & perspectives; whereas
ZEN&AofMM describes the first person perspective of the experience
of Pirsig’s own journey to find the truth.

A truth which acknowledges that …
nature is in control of man & NOT man in control of nature.



Michael : catalyst-producer

2 months later

Michael said

Help the People of Burma – Post this Meme on Your Blog!

Note: This is a new kind of online protest that uses blogs to spread a petition globally. To participate, just add your blog by following the
instructions in this blog post.

This not an issue of partisan politics, this is an issue of basic human rights and democracy. Please help to prevent a human tragedy in Burma by adding
your blog and asking others to do the same.

By passing this meme on through the blogosphere hopefully we can generate more awareness and avert a serious tragedy. As concerned world-citizens this
something we bloggers can do to help.

How to participate:

1. Copy this entire post to your blog, including this special number: 1081081081234

2. After a few days, you can search Google for the number 1081081081234 to find all blogs that are participating in this protest and petition. Note: Google indexes blogs at different rates, so it could take longer
for your blog to show up in the results.

3. If you know how to add tags to your blog posts, add the Technorati tag 1081081081234 to your post as well. This will make your post findable sooner in


There is no press freedom in Burma and the government has started turning off the Internet and other means of communication, so it is difficult to
get news out. Individuals on the ground have been sending their
day-by-day reports to the BBC, and they are heartbreaking. I
encourage you to read these accounts to see for yourself what is really
going on in Burma. Please include this link in your own blog post.

The situation in Burma is increasingly dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of unarmed peaceful protesters, including monks and nuns, are risking
their lives to march for democracy against an unpopular but well-armed
military dictatorship that will stop at nothing to continue its
repressive rule. While the generals in power and their families are
literally dripping in gold and diamonds, the people of Burma are
impoverished, deprived of basic human rights, cut off from the rest of
the world, and increasingly under threat of violence.

This week the people of Burma have risen up collectively in the largest public demonstrations against the ruling Junta in decades. It's an amazing
show of bravery, decency, and democracy in action. But although these
protests are peaceful, the military rulers are starting to crack down
with violence. Already there have been at least several reported
deaths, and hundreds of critical injuries from soldiers beating unarmed
civilians to the point of death.

The actual fatalities and injuries are probably far worse, but the only news we have is coming from individuals who are sneaking reports past the authorities.
Unfortunately it looks like a large-scale blood-bath may ensue – and
the victims will be mostly women, children, the elderly and unarmed
monks and nuns.

Contrary to what the Burmese, Chinese and Russian governments have stated, this is not merely a local internal political issue, it is an issue of global importance and it affects the
global community. As concerned citizens, we cannot allow any government
anywhere in the world to use its military to attack and kill peacefully
demonstrating, unarmed citizens.

In this modern day and age violence against unarmed civilians is unacceptable and if it is allowed to happen, without serious consequences for the perpetrators, it
creates a precedent for it to happen again somewhere else. If we want a
more peaceful world, it is up to each of us to make a personal stand on
these fundamental issues whenever they arise.

Please join me in calling on the Burmese government to negotiate peacefully with its citizens, and on China to intervene to prevent further violence. And
please help to raise awareness of the developing situation in Burma so
that hopefully we can avert a large-scale human disaster there.

September 27, 2007 in Current Affairs, Democracy 2.0, Government, Society | Permalink




Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

No better exemplar of … THE ONLY SOLUTION to this dilemma IS to collectively assume the ACTION of responsibility & thereby establish a mechanism by which WE ALL as individuals TRULY UNDERSTAND has been demonstrated by the Croation team in the 49ers Event at the Beijing Olympics … by way of their “loan boat” to the Danish team, who then went on to cross the finishing line and have to ”tread water” awaiting confirmation of their Gold Medal as the rest of the world, through the miracle of television, were already aware that they had done so.


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

I would like the world’s governments to wake up to the oppression and repression in Burma, before Aung San Suu Kyi is no longer living. In the credit crunch, every news story has gone out of the window.

[self-interested arrogance and greed rule the waves]

Burma’s not that interesting to people - there’s NO THING that we want from it - but a generation has lost its education, and the bloodshed is too much to chronicle. Also, I’ve been saying for years
that I’d like to stop saying “yes”. But I don’t seem able to and have
carried multitasking to a silly level. So I hope I’ll say no to
engagements but YES to LIFE. I could also be kinder and less quick to
make the sharp comic remark that doesn’t need to be made
. And I’d like to put my point across without resorting to tears pomposity or anger.

Maureen Lipman


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

TREAT ANGER like GOLD. Spend IT wisely or NOT@ALL


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

WITHOUT a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, NO THING will change for the better
Vaclav Havel - Former President of Czechoslovakia


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

I have oft remarked elsewhere@gaia, that IT WAS Albert Einstein who said …

“WHEN the BEEs go extinct, it won’t be long before the humans follow”

Jonathon Porritt
has said that - WITHOUT pollinators, plants cannot produce the seeds that ensure their survival - and OURS. More than 90% of the world’s 250,000 flowering plant species are pollinated by animals - birds, bats and lizards, but mostly insects. 80% of the world’s cultivated crops are pollinated by wild and semi-wild pollinators; it’s been calculated that honeybee pollination services are 60-100 times more valuable than the honey they produce, and the total value to agriculture runs into 100s of billions of dollars - the price we would have to pay IF the BEEs and other insects didn’t do it for us.”

In reference to Albert Einstein’s statement, the scientific community have NOW concluded that IT would take ONLY 4 years for it to happen !


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

ANGER is now Britain's only growth industry

the hero with a thousand faces doth approacheth


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

NEVER FORGETTING, however, that ”despite the many accomplishments of mankind, WE OWE OUR EXISTENCE to a six inch layer of top soil and the fact that it rains


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Comment by Michael Grove on December 13, 2010 at 16:11

It's embarrasing to admit that I've managed to live for 54 years and only this week learned

the difference between lies and bullshit. But this insight has been liberating, so I'd like to
share it with you guys, because maybe there's someone else out there who hasn't thought
about it like this either.

Bullshit is different than lies. Lies are things that are totally untrue.
Like if you tell me you checked the tire pressure, but you really didn't.
Of course, I could say, "That's bullshit! You never checked the tires!"
And grammatically I'd be correct. But bullshit can be a really liberating
concept when used in a somewhat different way.

Now, I'm going to pick on my Dad here, which is something I never do. I
truly owe my Dad my life in many ways, and wherever he is, he knows how
very much I love him. And in that same sense, he knows that when I
quote him as I'm now going to do, it's not lies and it's not bullshit,
but rather a chance to clear up some ancient bullshit that needs
cleaning up. At least from my point of view.

OK, I think I was about five, and we were talking about radio. Like how it works and
where the sound comes from. And Dad says to me, "There will never be
women announcers on the radio." And I asked, "Why not?" And he said,
"Because radio catches a certain range of the human voice, and because
of that women's voices sound harsh and grating on the radio. They
don't sound pleasant, and nobody enjoys listening to them."

I thought about that for a minute, and then I said, "But women sing on
the radio all the time. And they sing with women's voices, and those
sounds are on the radio, and people like it. So if a woman's singing
voice can be on the radio, then why not a woman's talking voice?"

"Talking voices are different than singing voices," he answered. "Women sound
fine singing on the radio, but their speaking voices are grating."

"But women talk to little babies all the time," I objected. "And if their
voices were so bad, wouldn't they make babies cry? But they don't.
Women's voices are good at soothing babies."

"Well soothing babies is one thing, and reading the news or announcing songs is
something else. Nobody wants to listen to a woman read the news."

Well, sorry to say, I took his word for it. I stopped critically thinking,
and I stopped asking questions, and I just filed it away under, "People
don't like to hear women's speaking voices on the radio." But what I
had just done was I had swallowed a line of bullshit.

The difference is that my Dad wasn't lying to me. He was sharing his
convictions in a true and open manner, but his convictions were simply
a collection of biases, baseless judgments and red herrings. It's just
that he had managed to convince himself of them (the regrettable
situation of believing your own bullshit), and then use them to
overwhelm my still tender bullshit detectors.

But now I've finally got my eyes open and I'm watching for bullshit everywhere!

And it's not that I haven't been aware of bullshit, it's just that I never
had a name for it before, because within my interior lexicon, I was
wasting the term on garden variety lies.

It's too bad that kids often grow up in entire family nets of bullshit and lies. It
makes it very hard not to have some fairly hefty issues.

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I endorse this!
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Comment by Michael Grove on January 23, 2014 at 17:04

Scientists are worried about the world's declining honey bee populationwhich could devastate the  crops and lead to food shortages across the globeNow, in a bid to stop the rapid decline, experts have fitted ‘backpack’ sensors to 5,000 bees in Australia to unravel why colonies there do not seem to be affected by  the ‘colony collapse disorder’ that is decimating bee populations in other countries. The research aims to improve honey bee pollination and productivity on farms as well.

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