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AS I travelled into London today – which was bustling with the Chinese New Year

celebrations – listening to the NEWS that Tony Blair... intends to work on climate change,

among "many other things" - after leaving office this summer – GOD forbid that he would

become an advisor to Hillary Clinton if she were to become the first female president – I was

reminded of the CRISIS in SCIENCE which Lee Smolin has referred to – in his yet to be

published bookthe trouble with physics - & most exemplified by his statement that –

to continue the progress of science, we have to again confront deep questions about

space and time ... quantum theory and cosmology - we again need the kinds of people

who can invent new solutions to long-standing foundational problems.


It also struck me as somewhat ironic – in the context of the CRISIS in POLITICS - that one of Britain’s largest yet least visible communities was enjoying a rare moment in the limelight of the CITY - that has returned to the GREED of Gordon Gekko – seemingly uninterested in any need for an involvement in the politics of the UK – when China talks of its undoubted progress in many areas of concern - whilst daily perpetrating aggression against the monks of Tibet unless they renounce the Dalai Lama – and it is becoming more unlikely that it will meet its target to improve its energy efficiency by 2010 whilst continuing to boost its defensive military arsenal funded by its balance of trade surplus with the USA. 

YES - the status quo is that ALL nations are at present soverign states - but as Martin has so succinctly stated elsewhere -  we are not American, European, Russian or Chinese - but ALL exactly the same - and as such I would venture to suggest that we are neither Atheist, Buddist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim either - because of our global CRISIS in RELIGION - but citizens of the earth FIRST and FORMOST.    

As Ken Wilber has, so succinctly stated, in the context of ALL the INDIVIDUALS of ALL the 
PEOPLES of ALL the NATIONS of humanity: "It is true that anything I can see is not the real Seer,  because everything I see IS the Seer. As I go within to find my real self, I find only the world, because the real self within is actually the real world without. The subject and the object, the inside and the outside are and always have been one. There is no primary boundary. The world is my body, and what I am looking out of is what I am looking at. The real self resides neither within nor without because subject and object are actually not-two." 


I have spoken elsewhere of the Dalai Lama’s awakening to the power of science (knowledge) and his humility in establishing a long term commitment - to bringing the influence of eastern RELIGION to bear on the rational thinking processes of the west - and its reliance on the theory of SCIENCE and his willingness to transcend the influences of POLITICS in order to encourage others to invent new solutions for the entirety of the problems with which HOMO SAPIENS is today faced.

At this TIME in the process of cosmic evolution - HOMO SAPIENS desperately needs a NEW collective - of new kinds of people - who can invent new solutions to long-standing foundational problems as has today been exemplified - by the explosion of interest in SAMME’s Presidential Candidates zPod - and lest we forget don't lets kill the messenger - whoever that might be !


 YET again - this Chinese New Year

Hail to Kuan Yin

Hail to SAMME

Hail to Michael Skye & Vision Force

Hail to ALL @zaadz who truly understand the REAL need for NEW beginnings

First posted by Michael Grove on February 19, 2007 at 12:00


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Samme : Prince of Rainbows<3

22 minutes later

Samme said

Happy Lunar New Year, Gung Hay Fat Choy, Gong Xi Fa Chai, Happy Tet (Vietnamese New Year, Happy Losar (Tibetan New Year) to you and to all. I love the picture Michael. Thank you and deep bows to you of respect.

Michael : catalyst-producer

3 months later

Michael said

The paramount need for an INTEGRAL approach to address … the crises of politics, science & religion - is well exemplified by ALL that has been written here - blog & comments alike - particularly when one considers the global issues of concern that Colin Mason has so lucidly brought to our attention in his - A SHORT HISTORY OF THE FUTURE surviving the 2030 SPIKE

Herein lies THE seeds of an answer to the question …

” WILL our children be their slaves ?? ”

Michael : catalyst-producer

4 months later

Michael said

AND 99 years later - after Hong Kong was restored to Chinese rule in 1997 artists feared that their activities might be censored in line with mainland Chinese cultural policy, and a new level of social and political concern became evident in the work of younger choreographers such as Helen Lai, Danny Yung (co-founder of Zuni
Icosehedron), and Jacky Yu (founder of E-Side Dance Company).

Rosalind Newman, who taught at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts from 1989, founded her own company in 1999, Dance HK/NY. In 2000 the region hosted a European Union festival of modern dance.

Michael : catalyst-producer

9 months later

Michael said

Our members of parliament (MPs) now are largely professional politicians, which is the root of the problem. They go into politics to make, if not money, then certainly a decent living. Because they are no longer considered to be implicitly honourable they have to enter details of their earnings and spendings in all sorts of registers, where they can be policed like convicts on parole. Desperate to raise cash for campaigning or for their parties, they seem to have abdicated a sense of what is proper or right, and instead suck in the money from whichever reservoir happens to offer it.

If you really want to be immiserated in gloom, go to a library and look up an MP at random in Dod’s Parliamentary Companion, and just see the sort of person you are dealing with. They boast about careers as student politicians. They have worked as research assistants and special advisers and have been local councillors. And that’s just the Tories: Labour and Lib Dem MPs tend to be even less qualified, unless you count working for a trade union or lecturing in an ex-polytechnic as a measure of greatness.

Our coarsened nation is thus matched with coarsened politicians. The few who are not stand out like beacons, and we revere them. The rest are grasping, expensive for the state to run, achieve little, and
are rewarded chronically for failure. They have little idea how to behave, are incapable of acting decently when found out in doing wrong, and see no harm in consorting with the most shocking people. That is where professionalism has got us: politics is no longer a fit calling for a respectable young or middle-aged person.

And as we survey this swamp of oily people on the make, whatever can it portend for democracy ?

Simon Heffer | THE DAILY TELEGRAPH | Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

Having just got around to reading Jasper Becker's book called THE CHINESE, following on from his Hungry Ghost's: China's Secret Famine , one cannot come to any other conclusion than that the state of the world is so sickening and so unbelievable … but this IS, of course, how it was anticipated 2B … & the justification for an individual & collective mind-set switch.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

” Total household debt is the same in the UK as in the US. But the US has 5 times the population therefore the Briton is 5 times more personally
indebted than the American.

If the US Treasury has to go to such enormous lengths to prop up mortgage banks devastated by a debt-propelled housing crash, how much further will the
British Treaury have to go in order to bail out a banking and propery
sector reeling under five times as much debt as in the US?

This is the big unanswered question, and gives us an idea of the black hole into which the British economy is staring… ”

Peter B.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

Fantasy finance , as Jeff Randall reports today in The Daily Telegraph

cuts many of the giants of global banking down to size

BUT Capitalism, however painful, in its CONSCIOUS CAPITALIST form …

remains as the only financial mechanism by which the global community can survive.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

With Gordon Brown dreaming that China is in any position to bail out the International Monetary Fund, the 1930s beggar-thy-neighbor fears as China devalues … are hardly surprising.

The jury really is out on this one and ONLY TIME will TELL !

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

Has the recession REALLY made the world go mad ? as the result of Ponzi and other schemes being sown form the ”seed” of Gordon Geeko GREED

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

… well IF IT hasn’t gone mad, IT certainly seems possible that Britain will AGAIN have to declare bankruptcy by A.N.OTHER LABOUR GOVERNMENT consequent to the fact that

The pound isn’t only down against the euro. Against the dollar, sterling has
shed a quarter of its value since July. I say this with trepidation, but our
currency could be “cut loose” by investors – sparking a hugely damaging
And the more Brown goes on about “bail-outs” and rate cuts, the more
chance that will happen

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

China’s purge on Charter 08 activists makes ACTION even more important.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

… and the Queen’s banker faces mutiny !

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

” Two cultural systems interacted through globalisation,
locking each other into a funeral dance.

The point is that this experiment has now blown up.
Whether or not we slam straight into a global depression
depends on how we – East, West, all of us – handle this.”

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

Today’s TIMES headline

Gordon Brown pins his hopes of recovery on Barack Obama

must be seen in the context of Gordon Brown’s claim to have already
saved the world” from total economic collapse and his last ditch attempt
to bring the NEW Labour Party ”back from the dead, as a result of a successful response to his proposals to the coming G20 summit in London. ALL of which IS, quite frankly, a figment of his own politically obsessed imagination; and none other than an embodiment of Nero and his fiddle !

When Gordon Brown addresses both Houses of US Congress next week, BOTH HE, Obama and the US Congress would serve themselves well to be cogniscent of Lord Derwent’s
recent letter to THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in which he quite rightly stated
that …

” Gordon Brown repeatedly blames the United States for triggering the current banking collapse. The real blame rests with the British Government.

In America, the Glass-Steagall Act had protected deposit-taking commercial banks from the risky activity of investment banks. Congress was effectively obliged to repeal the Act in 1999 because New
York was losing its business to London, which had no such restrictions
and the ”light touch” regulation encouraged by Gordon Brown.

Had Britain enacted similar legislation to Glass-Steagall, the US Act would NOT have been repealed, the City
would have made less money but the banking collapse in both America and
Britain would have been avoided.”

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

The argument for preserving Glass-Steagall (as written in 1987):

1. Conflicts of interest characterize the granting of credit – lending – and the use of credit – investing – by the same entity, which led to abuses that originally
produced the Act

2. Depository institutions possess enormous financial power, by virtue of their control of other people’s money; its extent must be limited to ensure soundness and competition in the market for funds, whether loans or investments.

3. Securities activities can be RISKY, leading to enormous losses. Such losses could threaten the integrity of deposits. In turn, the
Government insures deposits and could be required to pay large sums if
depository institutions were to collapse as the result of securities

4. Depository institutions are supposed to be managed to limit risk. Their managers thus may not be conditioned to operate prudently in more
speculative securities businesses. An example is the crash of real estate investment trusts sponsored by bank holding companies (in the 1970s and 1980s).

The argument against preserving the Act (as written in 1987):

1. Depository institutions will now operate in “deregulated” financial markets in which distinctions between loans, securities, and deposits are NOT well drawn. They are losing market shares to securities firms that are not so
strictly regulated, and to foreign financial institutions operating
without much restriction from the Act.

2. Conflicts of interest can be prevented by enforcing legislation against them, and by separating the lending and credit functions through forming distinctly separate subsidiaries of financial firms.

3. The securities activities that depository institutions are seeking are both
low-risk by their very nature, and would reduce the total risk of organizations offering them – by diversification.

4. In much of the rest of the world, depository institutions operate
simultaneously and successfully in both banking and securities markets. Lessons learned from their experience can be applied to our national financial structure and regulation.[6]

IN “the event” of ALL THIS “wisdom”, however, the Republicans, on behalf of their greedy banking supporters, enacted the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act which Bill Clinton was unable to veto and therefore forced to sign into being.

SO the die WAS cast … and ENRON, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, Madoff et al became history !

the collapse of Barings Bank enough of a warning to our new masters of the globe ???

WE the peoples of the world can ONLY assume that their self-sophistication, arrogance and greed won the day

BUT isn’t that EVER THUS ?

Will Barack Obama be able to pull HIS “G20 ARMY” together, to even endorse a Julius Ceasar-like plan of ACTION to overthrow the OLD ORDER, let alone be brave enough to cross the NEW ORDER “rubicon”.

over 2 years later

KreaShine! said

If he can’t our kidz will :)

They are the key variable in my opinion.

THEY HAVE NOT been given a chance to discuss important global issues, along with world leaders…they are the untouched resource…

THIS is a component no one even thinks to ASK!!!

“Men and women are created equal”




We have an ENTIRE ARMY of peaceful children ready to help us why wont we listen?

I AM FROM KANSAS and I HAVE RAINBOWS to help…I have taken this up a notch… WATCH IT!

KEN come here to Kansas and have the best level 3 NSA practitioner up that vibration even further so we can talk …wanna?

over 2 years later

KreaShine! said

I hear you use the energy treatment as well…Ken

He can even send it long distance now…we get this to the world and problems will be diminished so greatly..


Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

… and here we go YET AGAIN !

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

Why WE are in the mess WE ARE and how we might change 

that through a process of Wise Democracy -

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

The forthcoming Group of 20 meeting is a make-or-break event.

UNLESS it comes up with practical measures to support the less developed
, which are even more vulnerable than the developed ones, markets are going to suffer another sinking spell just as they did last month when Tim Geithner, Treasury secretary, failed to produce practical measures to recapitalise the US banking

THIS CRISIS is different from all the others since the end of the second world war. Previously, the authorities got their act together and prevented the financial
system from collapsing

THIS TIME, after the failure of Lehman Brothers last September, the system broke down and was put on artificial life support. Among other measures, both Europe and the US in effect guaranteed that no other important financial institution would be allowed to fail.

George Soros

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

GREED isn't good - IT's DANGEROUS

… just ”watch the video” and ask yourself

what the hell happened to TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ACTIONS?

and reflect on the statement that everybody should be their own leader


Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

There was little doubt at the start of this recession that, contrary to Gordon Brown’s insistence

Britain was uniquely vulnerable to an extremely painful slowdown.

Its reliance on the City for large chunks of economic growth, the worrying state of the housing market, the excessive levels of debt held
by consumers around the country were worrying enough, and that was
before you started to consider the terrifying budget deficit. But
it is only now, more than a year and a half into what many leading
economists are classifying as a depression, that such concerns have
been borne out in cold, hard statistical evidence

Edmund Conway - Daily Telegraph

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

SO I've come to conclude that ALL predictions – both good and bad – tell us absolutely NO THING about what is possible. Trends and events only relate to what is probable. Probabilities are abstractions. Possibilities are the stuff of life, visions to act upon,
doors to walk through. Pessimism and optimism are both distractions
from living life fully.

Tom Atlee - “Crisis Fatigue and the Co-creation of Positive Possibilities”

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

WE have remained individually too greedy to distribute the surplus above our simple needs, and collectively too stupid to pile it up in any more useful form than traditional mountains of arms

- Jacob Bronowski's words remain as true of the human condition today as they were when they were first written for his 1951 book The Commonsense of Science.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

Watch out Mr. Brown, the “guvenor's about”

The [Central] Bank's view is that it is being pragmatic: its first priority ought to be to ensure the economy does not plunge into
depression; it can never hope to have inflation under control every
month of the year. The problem is that Mr Brown's remit is very
specific: inflation-fighting comes first, the broader health of the
economy second.

As the crisis has worn on, the shortcomings of this farcical situation
have become clear to anyone with eyes to see; but Mr Brown is opposed
to any overhaul of the system he was so proud to have created in 1997.

Having already lost his economic and fiscal crowns during the crisis, this
would represent a final crippling blow to his reputation.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

… and that's only a relatively small part of the REALLY BIG PICTURE which
Richard Heinberg has referred to in his February 2010 Museletter #213 entitled …

China or the USA: Which Will Be the Last Nation Standing ?

For these two nations, avoiding collapse would require solving a range of enormous problems, of which at least four are non-negotiable
: climate change; peak fossil fuels (in effect, stagnating and, soon, declining energy supplies); the inherent instability of growth-based financial systems; and the vulnerability of food systems to factors like fresh water scarcity and soil erosion (in addition to global warming and fuel scarcity).

IF they fail to address any one of these, societal collapse is inevitable
- in a few decades certainly, but perhaps in just the next few years.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

What has Gordon Brown done for Britain since his first Budget?

In short, sterling is in the toilet, our pensions have been slaughtered, cash savings yield almost nothing, the country is up to its neck in
unprecedented debt, the banking system is awash with funny money, our
gold reserves were sold off at rock-bottom prices, and Britain’s dole
queue is considerably longer than before Crash Gordon began cooking the

Apart from that, it’s not too bad.

IN THE CONTEXT of Britain's new masters of the globe and the 169 or more comments posted in response to Jeff Randall's article in the Daily Telegraph,
Marty's comment must BE very seriously taken into consideration

Yes, Brown should take the blame for ruining Britain, but the Tories should
too. They may have been shell shocked after the 1997 defeat, but they
should never have elected Hague, Duncan Smith or even Howard as leader,
none of whom were of prime ministerial calibre, and all of whom are too
right wing to appeal to most of middle England. They should also have
spoken out more strongly about Labour's wreckless house price boom,
scandalously low interest rate policy and excessive spending, which are
the main reasons why we are in this situation, but they didn't say
anything. They have only found their voice in the past couple of years.
So along with an utterly incompetent government, spineless opposition
is also a reason why Britain in this terrible situation.

AND haven't ALL politicians and both Houses of Parliament been complicit in the creation of the ultimate mess which goes by the name expenses scandal ?

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Comment by Michael Grove on July 27, 2011 at 6:35

Establishment Religion, in many ways, seems to be rooted in a perceptual misunderstanding about life's processes. For instance, it presents a worldview which often puts the human on a different level than other elements of nature.


This 'spiritual ego' has led to dramatic conflicts for generations, not only between human beings, but inadvertently between us and the environment itself.


However, as time has moved forward, Science has shown how human beings are subject to the exact same forces of nature as everything else. We have learned that we all share the same atomic substructure as trees, birds and all other forms of life. We have learned that we cannot live without nature's elements... we need clean air to breathe, food to eat, energy from the sun, etc.

When we understand this Symbiotic relationship of life, we begin to see that as far as 'relationships' are concerned, our relationship to the planet is the most profound and important. The medium by which this is expressed, is Science, for the Scientific Method has allowed us insight into these natural process, so we can better understand how we 'fit' into this life system as a whole.


This could be called a 'spiritual' awakening.


This realization, which has been proven by science, is that humans are no different from any other form of nature, while our integrity is only as good as the integrity of our environment, to which we are a part. This understanding presents an entirely different 'spiritual' worldview, for it forces the idea of interdependence and connection, at its core.


The interconnection of the whole of life is undeniable in the most basic sense, and it is this perpetual 'relationship' of total interconnectivity that is not fully realized by society overall.


Thus, our modes of conduct and perception are largely out of line with nature itself... and hence destructive.


Nature itself is our teacher, and our social institutions and philosophies should be derived from this foundational and, invariably, 'spiritual' understanding.


The faster this spiritual awakening spreads, the more sane, peaceful and productive society will become.


Zeitgeist Movement

Comment by Michael Grove on July 27, 2011 at 6:44
Spirit In Action Is Freedom & Creativity


Unmanifest Spirit is freedom. Manifest Spirit is creativity. And when we realize that the process of life is Spirit in action, then ideally we would aspire for our lives to become an unceasing manifestation of its multidimensional nature. We would expect our actions to embody its most significant qualities.


That means we would be expressing freedom and creativity in and through the way that we live the gift of life. And this would occur both as the spontaneous expression of a liberated heart and mind and as the practice of evolutionarily enlightened living.


~ Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on July 27, 2011 at 6:44
Spiritual Maturity


Spiritual maturity is not a matter of how long you have lived or even how much life experience you

have. The important question is ... 

how much does any of us actually learn from our life experience?

Those people who are more spiritually developed are people who have been deeply paying attention, who are sensitive and awake enough to truly learn, and grow, and significantly evolve as a result of the life experience that they have.

~ Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on February 13, 2012 at 10:03
Comment by Michael Grove on June 16, 2012 at 9:57

Here we are another four months down the line, so to speak, faced with listening to the views of  Gordon Brown -  the man who claimed "to have ended the cycle of boom and bust for the UK" - Didn't he also save the world as well from ALL of its financial woes? - who is now, at the penultimate moment of the Euro Crisis, expounding the fact that IF the G20 doesn't get its act together to help keep the Euro alive we shall all be faced with potential bailouts for France and Italy as well.

Surely its the founding members of the Euro project - Germany, France and Italy - who should now be realising that the wheels are falling off the charabanc because they chose not to fit tyres to the wheels in the first place.

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 22:23

‎"EVOLUTIONARY is a play on the word "REVOLUTIONARY", and I mean it to convey something of the revolutionary nature of evolution as an idea. Evolutionaries are revolutionaries, with all the personal and philosophical commitment that word implies.

They are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, though all certainly value those insights.

They are committed activists and advocates - often passionate ones - for the importance of evolution at a cultural level."

Carter Phipps - EVOLUTIONARIES -
Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Idea.



Comment by Michael Grove on January 20, 2014 at 12:43

AS we approach yet another gathering of the World Economic Forum in Davos this week - 

THE FACT IS, digging into any of the crises we face will reveal the complicity of the very

corporations that the World Economic Forum represents. A study conducted for the UN, for

example, estimated the combined environmental externalities of the world’s 3,000 biggest

companies to be $2.2 trillion in 2008, “a figure bigger than the national economies of all but

seven countries in the world that year.”

Great thinkers such as David Korten
, Charles Eisenstein, and many others, are suggesting

that what humanity needs now is a “New Story”, or narrative, to navigate us through the

transformation that is currently required of humanity. Eisenstein, for example, suggests in his

book The Ascent of Humanity that we are currently facing a convergence of crisis, where we are

being called upon to move beyond the “Old Story, which he suggests has led to our current

Age of Separation” and all the problems resulting from it. The “New Story” he says we are

entering into will hopefully bring about an “Age of Reunion”, when we begin to realise the

interconnected nature of all things and that ...

we are fundamentally unseparate from each other, from all beings, and from the universe”.

Troy Wiley - Story Beyond Conflict - Part 1 of 4 - Conflict and the Hero's Journey


Comment by Michael Grove on November 28, 2014 at 11:53

YOU ARE a powerful creator. You are experiencing your focus in this physical reality. Know, however, and understand that the divine energy that animates your physical body is powerful beyond measure. You have not been taught or informed how to use this power in a manner that is life sustaining.

You are here at this time, on a personal mission to be a part of transforming the dense, misqualified energy and vibrations that continue to empower the chaos and atrocities. Pushing against, resisting or even ignoring these events is not the action of an awakened, empowered multidimensional being.  

Seeding the Quantum Field by Peggy Black and the ‘team’


Comment by Michael Grove on March 19, 2020 at 15:33

... and WHAT BETTER CRISIS could MEWE have predicted than the

    ONE which NATURE [IT]self [IS] utilising to [RE]balance NATURE

    in the face of the human-species created CLIMATE CALAMITY.

    ONE has to ask: Whatever happened to the...

    Six Fundamental Concepts of Systems Thinking !!!???


Comment by Michael Grove on November 21, 2022 at 9:52

[IN] the very context of the ever increasing understanding of how all of this series of crisis's continues unabated, your proposal Gregory speaks, nay shouts volumes, with regard to and respect for [THE] very SOLUTION which YOU have detailed in these last few days.

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