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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion



IS what's required during the preparations@zaadz of ...


common sense independence of interdependence of the people

are INDEED often asked - & WE ask of others "WHERE were YOU

when such and such an event HAPPENED ?

OUR inter-connected recollections of those HAPPENINGS are often recorded

as stories and as the living - to which the torch has been passed - make

their way through the warp & weft of the WEB of LIFE - these stories are

piled high "as rocks" in a trail of rocks for ALL to contemplate & deliberate

- such that OUR reflexions of the potential consequences of OUR

ACTIONS might indeed be translated, on occasion, into NON-ACTION.


STORIES - as "embroidery of the warp & weft" - are our
"meshworks" of records of the inter-ACTION of HOMO SAPIENS -
as "shuttles of the weft" - with the " warp " of the natural world -
and SHOULD always be cherished as such.

EVERY "moment" IS a rock for me and I've been piling them high & leaving a trail of them all my life usually resulting in others then piling up their rocks around my initial pile - which have on several occassions grown & grown and acted as " seeds " to no doubt a multitude of other trails of rocks. 

Many have sent messages of thanks along the journey - but the tears of joy that flow when I recollect them - always remind me of the others who have been influenced but know not why they have been - and of course as we all pass through that WEB of LIFE the opportunity for us all to stack a few rocks - IS what LIFE



We have all the power we need to                     create ALL the CHANGES we choose! 

The Divine Matrix - 20 Keys of Conscious Creation

Key 6 - Gregg Braden

Martha recently stated elsewhere, in a piece entitled "reflection on reflection" -

Perhaps ideas, like rocks, can be brought into relationship in such a way
that their "centers of gravity" can help to create a "dynamic balance."

- and went on to ask - "are you sewing? I've been on a quilting 'spree' of sorts ever since spring, and the metaphor came to mind. Today I looked at your AlphaINDEX differently - did something completely different. I started off as usual, thinking, "OK, I'm starting from here, and now I'll go to that link...OK, now I'm at this link, but I want to know more about that, so I'll jump to that link...OK, now I'm at that link, but what about a little jumpt to this link? and so on and so on, but always thinking ...

"Rats! I want to STOP link jumping because where I really am is only trying to understand that one point on the original page, and I've got to get back to the original page!!!" This mindset is ultimately stressful! So, today I said to myself, "Just follow links and learn something. That's all you have to do.
You don't have to go back or "go" anywhere. Just ENJOY yourself. It's not as if you will "get lost." So, I did. Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop.... who knows where all I went. Not caring, not thinking that much, just ripping around. And then I realized something. Everywhere I went
was a place that you had already been! There's something tremendous in that, you know? I even found places that I had already been and posted comments on and then forgotten all about, and you had been there too, and there's what you said and what I said... and then the metaphor of the quilt came up, and I saw that if I follow your links, it's as if you have sewn the world for me...

To which I replied - I am indeed "sewing" - embroidering stories into an Alphabet of LIFE - and have been, no doubt, since I learnt at a very young age how to weave and then embroider the "weaving".

Linnie has recently taken to finishing (she started it ten years since) an embroidered Alphabet - destined for our latest grandchild - which I intend to photograph & use to illustrate a zBlog in commemoration of our 40th anniversary - which I shall no doubt entitle -

THE AlphaINDEX of LIFE, LOVE & Happiness @zaadz.

So in preparation for that event I am today planting THE seed - so to speak - always cogniscent of the fact that BEHIND the SIMPLE lies the COMPLEX - and that unfortunately - IT IS the propensity of HOMO SAPIENS to always focus more and more on fewer and fewer components of the complex - instead of less & less
- which IS the simplicity of the BIG PICTURE.

The vast majority of meditative practice merely practice for the REAL WORLD REAL THING and as OSHO said - "only once in the whole history of human consciousness has a thing l..."

Eugen Herrigel was of course one of the first westerners ever to travel to Japan to discover the path of ZEN and like Pirsig he ‘discovered' the ZEN-like switch that each and every one of us can & must make for ourselves - by mastering the moment by moment ACTION in humility of 1st person present tense here & now - which IS LOVE - and as Merton said - ZEN insight is not our awareness but BEING's awareness of itself in us - living LIFE as LIFE lives IT SELF.

OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny

The art of meditation IS the art of ZEN and no better example can I offer of those practiced in ZEN - than the Chinese at the base of the Trans-America building entrenched in the ACTION of Tai Chi.

The relationship established between mother & child at the moment of conception, during the sometimes interminable pregnancy and at the point of birth IS -

THE manifestation of LOVE ‘personified'.

No better experience of LOVE over a sustained nine-month period can that proportion of HOMO SAPIENS enjoy and the ‘other half' GIVE and DO - in ABSOLUTELY TOTAL support of the WHOLE process.

The child is the result of that yin & yang process & all three at the moment of birth are AS & OF LOVE as IT IS and sure ain't no ISer.

HOMO SAPIENS is truly blessed with the capability of "KNOWING" THIS ... and yet we allow our thoughts, anxieties and fears to interfere with the wondrous potential of our moment by moment ACTIONS. Wondrous potential actions which have taken at least 15 billion years to evolve.

Unfortunately .... just BEING aware of ALL THIS is difficult enough in the first instance before the introduction of any aspect of life, suffering, survival, politics, religion & science - BEING aware of awareness requires a whole NEW ORDER of "SWITCHING the MIND" to the ultimate state of mindfulness.

It is the PRACTICE of ZEN attained BY the individual, OF the individual for the ONE & ONLY WHOLE - without any outside influence whatsoever - which results from what I refer to as the ZEN-like switch. The first on record to have ‘thrown' that switch was Mahakashyapa and that is why Buddha gave him the lotus flower rather than any one of the other 1000 or so monks gathered around him on that fateful day.

THE answer is indeed blowin' in the wind.

Just imagine how better things would be if we could establish the ‘FORD production line' to manufacture the mechanism by which ALL 6.5 billion of us on earth today could experience the ZEN-like switch - and then let the PEOPLE decide to ALL join hands together rejoicing in the process of ONE LOVE


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martha : wildlygentle

2 days later
martha said

Hi Michael,

When I saw the embroidery, I thought I understood. I got this big flash of inspiration. But now I’m confused again. But that’s OK. This is a beautiful piece. It’s like art. You don’t have to understand it
consciously, linearly, to appreciate it. But it would help. To
understand more.

Michael : catalyst-producer

2 days later
Michael said

Many perspectives of ”rock” OFTEN lead to greater understanding of - ”the art of the fiddle

martha : wildlygentle

3 days later
martha said

If art is about making the right connections, then confusion (my present state) is about jumbled connections. And is therefore artless.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

“ART IS NOT the expression of the appearance of reality as we see it, nor of the LIFE which WE live, but of TRUE REALITY and TRUE LIFE. ”
Piet Mondrian, Circle (1937)

… and what a superb visual illustration of abstract expressionism - DOES the jumbled connections of confusion make.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said




Samme : Prince of Rainbows<3

about 1 year later
Samme said

: )

~Kes : be cause

over 2 years later
~Kes said

to being bodhi!

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Comment by Michael Grove on December 6, 2012 at 4:44
the best goal is no goal

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Post written by Leo Babauta.

The idea of having concrete, achievable goals seem to be deeply ingrained in our culture. I know I lived with goals for many years, and in fact a big part of my writings here on Zen Habits are about how to set and achieve goals.
These days, however, I live without goals, for the most part. It’s absolutely liberating, and contrary to what you might have been taught, it absolutely doesn’t mean you stop achieving things.
Comment by Michael Grove on December 14, 2013 at 22:27

Connecting everything - connessione 

Meaning connection, for Leonardo connessione was ‘recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena’. Today we recognise this concept as systems thinking or what some businesses call interdependence. Much of Leonardo’s output is based on his ability to form new patterns through connections and combinations of different elements.

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