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  AS the WORLD sees ME     AS I see the WORLD

A "ZEN poem"

does NOT attract

attention to IT SELF



IT REVEALS the world as "[BE]coming" without assuming and THE crucial point IS the existence of BEING behind IT


"Being and Becoming"



ALL seventeen hundred koans of Zen

are simple pointers to our...

"Original and Featureless Face"

 Daito Kokushi


You cannot describe it or draw it,

You cannot praise it enough or perceive

it. No place can be found in which to put

the Original Face; It will not disappear even when the universe is destroyed.




In the end we will find, I believe, the inherent joy in existence itself, a joy that stems from the great perfection of THIS and EVERY MOMENT, a wondrous whole in itself, a part of the whole of the next, a sliding series of wholes and parts that cascade to infinity and back, never lacking and never wanting because of [BE]ing always fulfilled in the brilliance that is NOW. THE INTEGRAL VISION, having served its purpose, is finally outshined by the radiance of a SPIRIT that is much too obvious to see and much too close to reach, and the integral search finally succeeds by letting go of the search itself, there to dissolve in a radical Freedom and consumate Fullness that was always already the case, so that one abandons a THEORY of EVERYTHING in order TO BE EVERYTHING, one with the ALL in this endless awareness that holds the KOSMOS in its hand. And then the true Mystery yields itself, the FACE of SPIRIT secretly smiles, the SUN rises in your very own heart and the EARTH becomes your very own bodyGALAXIES rush through your veins while the STARS light up the neurons of your night, and never again will you search for a mere theory of that which is ACTUALLY your own ORIGINAL FACE.

Ken Wilber
 - A Theory of Everything
What is your legacy to leave this world ?

What has been your primary purpose in life and how
has it made a difference in the future of our planet ? 

                                                      Ted Murray
WHO IS Michael Grove ?

Michael is an exceptional technician leading the world in thought processes and use of technology in business. He is a visionary exemplar who should be listened to and given the resources to develop his ideas that can change the world we live in and make it a better place for us all. "
Wayne Barsanti - Xerox Europe

IT WAS during the early 1980’s that Michael established his reputation as a guru
of Interactive Multimedia Communications, as a consultant to Acorn Computers and the BBC Computer Literacy Project, whilst still employed in the U.K. by the Civil Aviation Authority as an operational Air Traffic Controller.

He was deeply involved in the BBC Domesday Project and absolutely instrumental in Apples move into this area of activity. His involvement with the original St. Louis Zoo Project and the development of the concept of a Multimedia Resource Centre in the Art and Design faculty of Wolverhampton Polytechnic, led to the establishment of an educational resource centre at the Zoo, which became a significant pre-cursor to Nicolas Negreponte’s One Laptop Per Child initiative.

He has continued, in this vain, to sow the seeds of wealth creation, from both perspectives of the mobius-strip-like journey of life, with greater emphasis on the dissemination of the wisdom of knowledge which results from the wealth of understanding.

Extremely dyslexic, Michael has developed innovative ways of thinking which help him to adapt to social conventions of thought and action, as well as to provide both brilliant alternatives and brilliant assists to them. His significant intellectual insight is that people think in pictures as effectively as they think in words.


I am a student of consciousness.

I am a dyslexic who has travelled the “world of the lexics ” - in order to prove to myself that there are indeed  methodologies of communication beyond “words”, that HOMO SAPIENS has to adopt - as part of the global skill-set which IS needed to assist nature in the qualitative advancement of the evolution of LIFE on earth.


"I am what I look like. These six little words are big enough to cover the whole reason for our plight. They say it all. Or, to elaborate somewhat: I am here, for myself, what I look like over there, to you - as if our distance made no difference! On this morass you and I try to build our lives. No wonder they are cracking up. To render them safe and sound we must rebuild them on the bedrock of I am what I see I am here; what you see is just one of my regional appearances. I alone, at centre, am in a position to say what those myriad appearances are appearances of, and how different they all are from the one Reality that's given rise to them, from what I am looking out of. On this I am the sole and final authority."


                                                                 Douglas E. Harding


"See what at this very moment your own face looks like - the Face you had

before you, or indeed your parents, were born - there is NO THING hidden.

If you look within and recognize your own ‘Original Face', all secrets are in you."




I am working with ALL of those who would to establish an internetwork

of networks of Thinking Environments to service the mutually beneficial

needs & aspirations of … Global Social Responsibility.




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Michael : catalyst-producer

7 months later

Michael said

My avatar is a bronze and ceramic bust created by a dyslexic artist friend - & represents for me the everlasting light which eminates from within as a result of allowing GOD to be GOD from inside of ONE SELF.

As my zaadz profile explains - I was raised in the Church of England - but my left handed, gemini & dyslexic disposition - ambidextrocity happens as a result of left-handers living in a right-handed world - allowed me to question what I was been encouraged to think, believe & know as TRUTH.

The vast majority of priests & politicians - and their latter day cohorts the scientists & academics - have conspired to manipulate the juxtoposition of the past and the future to blind the populace to the REALITY of the HERE & NOW - and in so doing prevent each and everyone of us from having the essence of ZEN experience which Eckhart Tolle refers to as - walking along the razor's edge of NOW.

It is THE art of ZEN indeed - purely as a mechanism of understanding - that has made me a better believer in Jesus as Jesus, NOT Jesus as Christ and as such realise that he was indeed only one of a whole line of prophets expounding the word of god - and yet very concise in his reference to the Kingdom.

I also acknowledge that - a new life IS, in this age, stirring within all the peoples of the earth - which of course is the Kingdom of GOD - but in view of the fact that - Racism originates not in the skin but in the human mind. Remedies to racial prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance must accordingly address first and foremost those mental illusions that have for so many thousands of years given rise to false concepts of superiority and inferiority among 
human populations. 


At the root of all forms of discrimination and intolerance is the erroneous idea that humankind is somehow composed of separate and distinct races, peoples or castes, and that those sub-groups innately possess varying intellectual, moral, and/or physical capacities, which in turn justify different forms of treatment.

The reality is that there is only the one human race. We are a single people, inhabiting the planet Earth, one human family bound together in a common destiny •  a single entity created from one same substance, obligated to              be even as one soul” • and that I have always believed that HOMO SAPIENS as part of the ONE entity comprises - individuals, families of individuals, a nation of families & a ...

… my own SOUL on Earth destiny is to act as catalyst in the process of establishing a mechanism to allow ALL 6.5 billion on Earth to avail themselves of the opportunity to make the switch - such that when the switch has been affected by the majority of SOULs on Earth
- an organic change in the structure of present-day society, a change such as the world has not yet experienced - would be produced.

Michael : catalyst-producer

7 months later

Michael said

AND YET …. sometimes I would just prefer to be ….

Theone : Helper

about 1 year later

Theone said

LOL… That is the first step…. to being….


Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

The man who planted trees was, of course, a manifestation of being
as a result of his ACTION of assuming responsibility for the planting
of the “seeds”.


jenni : hello

over 2 years later

jenni said

well synchronicity I guess. i have been reading and link to link. I think it might have started at maze’s blog but here I am. As a coincidence I am presently reading Douglas Harding’s book, Look For Yourself. I think I
just recently read that very passage. I find his book amazing.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

jenni : hello

over 2 years later

jenni said

I some how missed this before but found it just now from your message about synchronicity.
I read the blog on Douglas Harding.
I am still reading his book. almost finished. I like having it with me.
I have to read that other one about heaven and earth.

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Comment by Michael Grove on January 5, 2012 at 15:22

You have to be a warrior, you have to be an exemplar, even though you know that you're not perfect. So you have to deal with the reality of your human frailty, with the inherent contradictions in your character, and still be bold and brave enough to be willing to take responsibility for all of this.

If you do, then the power of spirit will enter into your heart, your body, and your mind and you will begin to express That, in spite of all your imperfection. And then you, as a human being, don't have to be perfect, because Spirit already is.

—Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on February 8, 2012 at 15:27


I am a student of consciousness.

I AM a dyslexic who has travelled the “world of the lexics” - in order to prove to myself that there are indeed methodologies of communication beyond “words”, that HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS has to adopt - as part of the global skill-set which IS needed to assist nature in the qualitative advancement of the evolution of LIFE throughout our multi-verse of parallel universes .

Comment by Michael Grove on November 22, 2021 at 19:04

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