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Early on, the relationship was SIMPLE - the SUN gave light and heat, and we

gave thanks. As our awareness of the world became greater, we began to

cherish the SUN for the ways it affected us - for rays of sunshine that give

LIFE to OUR PLANET and our spirits; for the dawns and twilights that calm

and mystify; for summer harvests, and finally, for the awesome reality of

the SUN's POWER. Expressions of reverence and joy grew more elaborate as

time went on. The ARTS evolved, and time and again many of the greatest

poets, painters, writers, and musicians have lifted their eyes upward for



NATURE has given her own glorious

tribute to the SUN in the form of flowers.

Gracefully stretching and unfolding in

brilliant hues, ever turning their delicate

blossoms towards the greatest source of

light- flowers seek the SUN and flourish in

its rays. Perhaps NATURE's best paean to

the SUN is the flower that so closely

resembles it - THE SUNFLOWER.

The sunflower stands as a monument to

the vital connection between the SUN and EARTHrising majestically from the

brown earth, towering over fields at heights of six feet or more, thick-stemmed

and brilliant gold. Is it any wonder that we delight in a meadow of sunflowers,

or a radiant bouquet? Like sunflowers, we seek the SUN, delight in its warmth,

and welcome its LIGHT in OUR HEARTS.

So read the Introduction SUNFLOWERS


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Comment by Michael Grove on February 11, 2016 at 12:44

"Patterning seeds in spirals of Fibonacci numbers allows for the maximum number of seeds

on a seed head, packed uniformly, with no crowding at the center and no 'bald patches' at the

edges. In other words, the sunflower has found optimal space utilization for its seed head.

The Fibonacci sequence works so well for the sunflower because of one key characteristic -

growth. On a sunflower seed head, the individual seeds grow and the center of the seed head

continues to add new seeds, pushing those at the periphery outwards. Following the Fibonacci

sequence ensures growth on the same terms indefinitely. That is to say, as a seed head grows,

seeds will always be packed uniformly, and with maximum compactness."

(Courtesy of the Biomimicry Guild)

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