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   Previously published by Michael Grove @zaadz 21st October 2006


My soul-mate and I have raised two daughters aged 33 and 31 years and a son of 29 years and they  in  turn - with  their  own  partners - are  raising  our  first  six  grandchildren. Individually they're all completely different - apart from the distinctive "GROVE-nose" - the dominant-gene physical nose - and the propensity to be nosey - so to speak - to  the  point of always wanting to know and understand .


The best thing my children have said of me - is that " he always moved heaven & earth to get back home to the family as soon as possible - when travelling the world espousing his 'art of the possible' message "


I travelled into London, last night, to hear the message of another traveller.


He had just arrived from Zurich and made the point that he had found the journey from Zurich to London akin to that from London to Calcutta - and he should know because he has spent a lot of his life in India in search of the answers to his own questions - Who am I & Why am I here.


I am of course talking about Andrew Cohen.

Despite all that is being presently discussed in open forum including the LETS GET REAL zPod - I found his introductory overview to Evolutionary Enlightenment compelling & akin to Tony Blair's earlier master class in how to deliver a party conference speech - in Manchester.



I also found Andrew Cohen's reference to the fact that this particular phase of evolutionary consciousness had been going on for about a hundred years or so - absolutely thought provoking - from the point of view of the likes of Aurobindo, Einstein, Dawkins, Hawking, Graves, Pirsig, OSHO, Beck, Harding, Wilber etc.

pushing the edge during those last 100 years ..
very much befitting of - The Leonardo Link


I have been - a subscriber to the WIE Magazine for some time having previously purchased copies from our local Borders - sympathetic to the evolving format of the publication and welcoming of its broadly diverse perspectives. I have also listened for many hours to Andrew Cohen's " The New Enlightenment " - but his talk last night was for me absolute confirmation that my own long standing commitment to selfless and compassionate support for pushing the edge in the face of apparent intransigence from all around me - has not been a waste of my time - and has provided renewed motivational energy to my ONE and only SELF.

Hail to Brian & his team @zaadz - for  providing  the  mechanism  by  which

ALL us zaadzsters  can - walk the razor edge of NOW - and in so doing -

change the world ONE hyperlink at a time - ZAADZ is INDEED @ the "cutting edge" ...

THE MESSAGE, however, IS that ...

penny on’s underpinning raison d’etre
of …

1. establishing a “brand” committed to raising money – a penny at a time –

through every consumer transaction on earth,


2. giving the children the responsibility and support to administer & manage such a

project and BE the ones who decide where/how, the money raised should be spent,

has the potential to establish penny on as THE lego building block template which

could glue together all activities involved in the eradication of poverty, so often

talked about by the ‘communities’ of politics, religion & science, in line with the

UN Millennium Goals.

All union, from disunion, toward reunion -  

ANGER moving through pain past FEAR . . .

towards ACTION, and CHANGE, in the heart,

through the head, and out into the world.

                                                             John Eaton

THE • time • IS NOW •



Previously published by Michael Grove @zaadz 21st October 2006


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Michael : catalyst-producer

41 minutes later
Michael said

At the end of Andrew Cohen's talk - I turned to a female member of the audience and said - just imagine if Hitler achieved all that he did harnessing the negative aspects of this evolutionary consciousness - think what ONE could
achieve through the application of the positive aspects of this
evolutionary consciousness !

Whitewave : Into the Shadow...

about 12 hours later
Whitewave said

just imagine if Hitler achieved all that he did harnessing the negative aspects of this evolutionary consciousness

I believe thats what the Tower of Babel story in the Bible is really about. God confusing the languages effectively ruptured the whole
thing - putting off that nightmare for several thousand years. It's
part of my chosen Faith Myth, so I'm acting as if it's true. It works
better that way.


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 23 hours later
Michael said

There is obviously - a need to pass through the ” fire of truth ” and set the ” world on fire ” to provide the mechanism for others to ” pass ”

8 days later
yosyama said

and for the messenger i'd say 'escape, escape, until you are with friends
until you manage to be a messenger without facing danger, because
it is given to day, it is happening to me.

Michael : catalyst-producer

6 months later
Michael said

Evil is the power of knowledge without humility

about 1 year later
cHAngeL said

Yeah being the messenger can be tough. I have done it a few times. Not always a poplular position, especially when you are a woman. And yes
yosyama escape until you are with friends…gotta do what you gotta do.
And I agree Michael, evil is the power of knowledge without humility.
When knowingness is ego driven, it can be very dangerous indeed….very.

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Comment by Michael Grove on December 13, 2011 at 15:07

All those who have supported the EU in its adventures and urged further integration on us are now worried about Britain being “left behind”.

Behind what? A rickety cart drawn by a pantomime horse.

The eurocracy and its allies in the Foreign Office and the economically challenged part of the commentariat still haven’t woken up to the idea that the eurozone is an area of slow growth and gross inefficiency.

We are telling the Greeks that Brussels must effectively run their economy ...

and yet we can’t even agree on a common European standard for plugs.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 13, 2011 at 15:50

From the First Cause Itself

The awakening of the spiritual impulse in the human heart and mind IS the universe becoming conscious of itself through its own emerging creative process. When you, an awakening human being, experience that urge, the intensity of your creative inspiration is coming from the First Cause itself. The interior of the cosmos is awakening to itself within you, and responding to its own highest aspiration, which is to become more conscious.

—from Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on January 27, 2013 at 12:09

WHAT IF Nassim Taleb's "Black Swans" were engineered by a group of men -

living together in society today - as a result of information asymmetry ?

" When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society - they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it "

                                                                                                                Frederik Bostiak


Comment by Michael Grove on October 22, 2016 at 7:46

THE virtual and augmented simulation of THE simulation of life which the passengers of Spaceship Earth awaken to, on a day by day basis, also includes from my own personal Art of the Possible perspective, the views of Andrew Cohen, to and of which I have made several references in cyberspace, in the context of “DONT KILL THE MESSENGER” because IT IS in “deed” the case that IF you KILL THE MESSENGER you then also KILL THE MESSAGE • and my message from the other nation across the pond of the "two nations divided by one language" as spoken of in friendship by Winston Churchill, IS that the REAL problem with the vast majority of the evolution of consciousness message material, generated by the USA, is accompanied by that Try now for free strap-line, when in REALITY one has to invariably commit to paying upfront for the message, in juxtaposition to the offering of Gautam Buddha's message to Mahakashyapa, in the form of a lotus flower • because as OSHO once said ... "THE KEY to all teachings, not only for a Buddha but for ALL MASTERS • Jesus, Mahavira, Lao Tzu • cannot be given through verbal communication. THE KEY cannot be delivered through the mind; nothing can be said about it. The more you say the more difficult it [BE]comes to deliver, because you and the buddha live in different dimensions • NOT ONLY different but diametrically opposite • that whatever a buddha says WILL [BE] MISUNDERSTOOD". 

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