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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

IS 2 B a collective ...

THEN each and every one

of the individuals which

constitute the collective MUST

rendezvous with their destiny

which IS 2 BECOME ...

a master of ZEN


LOUDER than words

one whose ACTIONS are

manifestly appropriate in

multi-dimensional  SUPPORT of the ONE

one whose ACTIONS have


of the ONE


Great Shift Gathering


" AS a CRITICAL MASS of humans evolving toward their new capacities
arise, humanity will undergo an unprecedented shifting in our entire
way of BEING on this planet.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

" IT'S
a tough message. BUT IT'S THE TRUTH and somebody has to utter it.
I guess IT'S OUR JOB, because WE ARE the ones who have shown up."

Richard Heinberg

" TO have faith in such a process
requires a faith in the good sense and
sincerity of ordinary people
a faith that just about everybody professes."

Hendrik Herzberg

THE ART of ZEN IS THE ART of ACTION - Integral Art through the
Power of Visual Thinking and an understanding of the fact that
Perception is the Medium and The IDEA that IT IS POSSIBLE.

after all  THE ACTION of BEING cool which personifies ...

THE ART of a master of ZEN 



First posted by Michael Grove on September 22, 2010 at 10:30

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j : awaken2love

about 6 hours later
j said

indeed…beautifully done Michael…

martha : wildlygentle

about 8 hours later
martha said

Either Zen is much larger than my current understanding of the meaning of it, or what you are saying is only partly true.

Those who can tell only one story are crazy. Usually (as noted by the makers of the video linked to the previous sentence) it's this story, told with the intent to exercise control through fear. But it could even be this story, if someone thinks they know what is best for someone else.

I know it's not your intent, Michael, to tell anyone what they SHOULD do spiritually, I'm just complaining that I don't understand your post. I refuse to do Zen meditation. I want no one to hit me with a stick (watch the video - not literally a stick, ok?) when my mind wanders. I'm a lazy asshole. I want to awaken naturally. Let me dream! Let me convince everyone of how cool I am! I'm here on earth to live. Everything happens slowly. We oxen move slowly. That is the nature of oxen. That is holy, I suppose.

martha : wildlygentle

about 9 hours later
martha said

Dear Michael, with apologies for any part of my tone in the above, if ANY of it sounds as if to offend, no offense is meant! Please take a look here, so that ideas might be clarified!

Michael : catalyst-producer

2 days later
Michael said

ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE or OFFENCE taken, even the spelling of words and the national identity of the one speaking them can lead to MIS-understanding and MIS-interpretation.

My own understanding of ZEN IS, as I have stated elsewhere, absolutely at odds with the various interpretations that have been perpetuated throughout the world and more recently throughout the United States of America.

THE very best meditation, and ONLY meditation of import from my perspective, IS the SLEEP of those that truly understand THIS.

SLEEP that follows a day of awakened enlightenment to the fact that my purpose here on our planet IS to communicate with family, friends, work colleagues and others with the view to taking appropriate and positive ACTION which results in the building of sustainable relationships of meaningful purpose.

I have said in my profile, THAT to which I vehemently adhere and shall do so till I leave this mortal coil, rather than some fatuous myspace/facebook/twitter entry

that I am here to passionately participate - as a result of a compelling personal responsibility, without hesitation or inhibition - in the evolution of conscious thought - as a man / woman thinketh, so IS he / she - to positively influence the driving force of creation itself

and following that SLEEP of meditation, allow contemplation, deliberation, reflection, non-action, action to influence every moment of my waking day.

Perhaps that IS why the vast majority of people who really know me say that Michael's not always right BUT he's invariably not wrong, when they refer to one that they regard as absolutely & forever on the edge of madness.

 Meenakshi : ~

4 days later
Meenakshi said

Thanks for linking this blog at Gaia Networking, Michael. Here's to those with the vision to see the actions - silent and apparent -that speak louder when we look and
listen and beyond the words.

Michael : catalyst-producer

16 days later
Michael said

WARNING this is a potent social adhesive, which applied in the wrong manner can tear humanity apart; glue is not an opiate.”

Here's to those with the vision to see the actions - silent and apparent -that speak louder when we look and listen and beyond the words - INDEED

A CALL to ACTION, in fact, and the ONLY solution to our own conscious evolution

as was BEING discussed at the Great Shift Gathering this past October.

Michael : catalyst-producer

17 days later
Michael said

Where BETTER PLACE to start to respond to A CALL to ACTION than …

Climate Action: What will it take to avert disastrous Climate Change ?

Artemisilke : Authentic

about 1 month later
Artemisilke said

I'M IN!@

Thank you Michael.. ONEderful posts and insight!!

May you be well, happy, content and fulfilled,
may you be free of suffering,
may you be healed and whole.

May you look at your heart and find that what you are: pure love
may you bring peace to the earth beginning here and now
and have compassion with your neighbor and yourself
and live in tolerance and acceptance of one another.

May you be yourself and only yourself, 'cause you are unique
knowing, at the same time,
that you and me…somehow… we are ONE.

Love and peaceful wishes to you and your loved ones,



Lucid : Nagarjuna's Accountant

about 1 month later
Lucid said

*cough* You know, I think Paul Reps heard that old Japanese chap right the first time ; )

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