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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

 IS, as also the concept of GOD,

 very much a symbol of  UNITY.

  THE equitable unity of man and woman
at the core of THE most

  important community in LIFE, which IS FAMILY. But NOT the unity of man

  in control of woman as is so often the case with ALL of those religions of

  the world and their political cohorts which have evolved exclusively in

  accordance with the patriarchal mind-set.


A mind-set that IS genetically rooted in the animalistic survival of

confrontation and conflict and one that unfortunately, as our species as

a whole has evolved it’s collective consciousness, remains locked into

the tribal male dominatedists” “isms” & “itys” of basic ...

"DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO" fundamentalist thinking.


" The truth is that Europe has never had so dire a crisis since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957. SAUVE QUI PEUT is the watchwordPresident Sarkozy has entered a familiarly Gaullist phase, ignoring EU competition policy and pushing through a €6 billion support for the French car industry; other manufacturers, notably in eastern Europe, have protested to no avail.

Ballet Coppelia - Sauve qui peut

Mr Sarkozy's assertion that he is not a protectionist is purely rhetorical. When a German minister says that "now is not the time" to let workers from the EU's former eastern bloc countries have full immigration rights in Germany, he is saying the same thing. Gordon Brown may not be able to ensure British jobs for British workers, but the Germans are determined to keep their jobs for German ones.

This bending of the rules
[of the OLD ORDER MODEL] – or rather this wholesale disregard of them – is the surest sign of a currency, and quite possibly an EMPIRE, in terminal decline. "

Simon Heffer

A mind-set that has brought us to the brink of the abyss.

A chasm of mis-understanding of the peoples of this planet, spiritual and

non-spiritual alike, who as ever are subject to the backward thinking

varigries and leadership skills of our new masters of the globe.

There was a TIME during the early manifestation of our species that

respect for the feminine of our species was beyond reproach.

THIS time around, however, our new masters of the globe have

engineered” an explosion of debt in the west at the expense of the

hard labours and savings of the peoples of the East, and established

a global infrastructure of banking, commerce and trade which has

served the “immorality“ of their self-sophisticated arrogance and greed;

whilst running out of oil far sooner than we think, burning what’s left

such that our planet is being warmed to a catastrophic level and

BEING in complete denial of the fact that the species survival on earth

could BE subject to any number of "black swan" events.

TIME to take a rain check on that MODEL and collectively decide upon

the constitution of a global model of "equitable thinking" communities,

of the people, for the people and by the people.

So what does all this mean for our new masters of the globe?

According to Helen Fisher, speaking at the WEF Forum 2008 in Davos ...

Combine the long-term thinking of women with the short-term focus of men.

And bear in mind that different thinking also results in very different behaviour.

Men think more in terms of status and rank. Women prefer flat hierarchies.

Men can have tunnel vision, women may fail to get to the point.

Women find it difficult to counter aggression. When men push back, it earns them the respect of other men.

When women apologise, they are not really sorry. For men it's a serious affair, a perceived weakening of their status.

Ms Fisher's list goes on and on, but her message is clear.

Managers, says Ms Fisher, have to realise that men and women act differently, and that they complement each other.

Having only men or women on your team would be like hopping on one foot instead of walking.

As the status of women is on the rise again, says Ms Fisher, we

"move forward to a lifestyle we had a million years ago".


What is the Purpose of Life? Andrew Cohen

ROLL ON the "sanctity of marriage", twixt the masculine and feminine of our species, in EVERY aspect of LIFE such that the very survival of ALL LIFE on EARTH, and probably throughout the multiverse of
parallel universes, becomes a symbol of "complementary" UNITY and the "Power of Collaborative Innovation".

The Divine Matrix serves as the mirror

in our world of the relationships that

we create in our beliefs -

The Divine Matrix - 20 Keys of Conscious Creation

Key 17 - Gregg Braden


WE are the dance as well as the dancers


dance the dream of grace


First posted by Michael Grove on March 3, 2009 at 12:30
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Michael : catalyst-producer

8 days later

Michael said

Let’s NOT ”forget” Hillary Clinton, now charged with cleaning up another
mostly male mess, in the shape of the Bush administration’s foreign policy

said Emma Soames in her recent article, COMMENTS and ALL

Want a job done well? Ask an older woman.

Albert : Warrior

8 days later

Albert said

Well, Michael,


I am not AS enthusiastic about the potential of family. Light and shadow, strong connectrivity, nurturing and growing is given as much as blind spots, hidden games and dangerous cul-de-sacs. As not
only Bert Hellinger knows. Who is working with family constellations.


Living together in all kins of patchwork patterns creates new horizontal diversity . Remains to be seen what forms will gain evolutionary momentum next years.


The statements of Helen Fisher seem to be a bit flat for me. What is really moving is the increasing horizontal AND vertical complexity in man-women-dynamics.


Once again Pelle Bilings blog articulates gender liberation beyond feminism.


Will check Helen Fishers statements more in detail and come back to the theme.


Michael : catalyst-producer

9 days later

Michael said

PLEASE forgive my sometimes contentious remarks; they are made purely to ACT as stimulus to the thinking process.

I have talked here about THE sanctity of marriage BEING the “symbol” of UNITY
only in the context of the need for the feminine and masculine characteristics of
two minds ACTING as ONE.
IT IS ONLY from this stand-point that the most
appropriate “family unit” can be seen as the basis of an optimum community.

AS prerequisites to the establishment of the model on which I have based the
111 network proposal, I would ABSOLUTELY concur with ALL of Pelle Billing’s
bullet points, in the context of the need to create an internetwork of global
networks of Thinking Environments; which would IT SELF form the template of
the ”BIG IDEA”.

Albert : Warrior

9 days later

Albert said

:):)so my tenor is more about how it concretely is realized and manifested. Through trial and error, per aspera ad astra, and lots of dark play in
evolution too. In mystery and secrets as much as in reason and ratio.

Even invisible to a considerable degree to all discourses and public collaboration. Entrpreneurial impulses in the nanoseconds of non-intentional play as much as in designed processes of all kind.


Marriage in this sense can manifest in hundreds of sub forms and facettes. If not in thousands…:)



9 days later

Attainment said

Hmmmmm? I tried to follow this with an open mind. Yet, I could not relate to “how” men are and “how” women are. I don’t find that to be true. I
find us to be very similar. We want love and acceptance. To be
understood and have freedom to grow.


personally, marriage is not a good institution. I have found it be a disaster for the human soul. I can only imagine it being ‘successful’ if it is between two spiritually minded individuals. If
it is for sexual union, or union of male and female….O, disaster! (big
smile). You will become so bored and disillusioned and daily you
consider jumping off the house. Only when it is for spiritual reasons,
two people living, not as one (!)…but together seeing one another,
assisting one another’s growth. Seeing life as journey of spiritual


I am from the deep south, and I only dated one man from there. Even at a young age, I could see this ME-man-You woman syndrome…..No….! I see equality in human beings not necessarily


I am married, and I find it is useful for the children to have this safety…to have their mother and father close. But I personally am against the idea of becoming One….I live from an idea of two people
meeting, coming together for a spiritual purpose ~ in my case, the
raising of children. Giving respect, understanding, and mostly space!
to be who we are as individuals. Loving one another as two strangers on
a journey, learning of love, caring for the children….respecting one
another as individuals.


Hundreds of sub forms and facettes, if not thousands ~ if not millions (big smile!) ~ if not more than the grans of sand on all beaches!





mum's the word : Cosmic Explorer

9 days later

mum's the word said

“Andrew Cohen’s”, video on “The Purpose of Life”, to me really hit the spot!
The discussion and connection between a member of the audience and himself was very “cool”….totally awesome!

My conclusiveness to this whole matrimony thing is: that to strive to perfection is what we are her to achieve, by becoming involved with the
whole “big boom theory”, of how life began and why.

Being set free of oneself to create a oneness towards a perfection of god’s
image, all for the sake of boredom that set within his sight, was such
a need to our intricate workings of becoming a valued member of his/her
worth in the end, some day.

It was of our light formations that needed to be seen to his holdings (perhaps) to begin with, and must of
been present to his needful eye in order to see where everyone’s atoms
(braineroo) were at. (holding to and for it’s purpose of).

Something more inward was a needed procession to his light of wellness for us
all, and most needed of a carried on doings towards his divinity which
was calling all that was around his image to feel, and be preserved to
an awakened part of ones soul in harmony with……and this was when he
introduced, Mother God.

She is the emotional side of our birthright, and is what was perhaps his needed astronomical link to his
boredom. “SHE”, was the missing peace to the puzzle, and a most
introductory needed conception…the missing link of what was needed to
have his image come to life with….the marriage, in other wards.

The movement and dealings he wanted, me thinks, is for us to feel married
to the “involvement and conception” of his love on going’s for…
feel the emotional - in order to conceive the divines wonder of……the
awakened land of both male and female, aligned to a oneness….in
beautiful harmony of the ego and the emotional, set for life paradise.

He wants to put a smile on our faces from the get go of what he is, and
all for the sake of making his true love of light be our awakening
channel to…so that more on going’s of our/his light, and structural
infinity, can be aliven’d with the on going infinity for all and
forevers’ paradise.

Fore the sake of it’s rewards and for what this cosmic universe holds for us, is just a foot in the door towards
an enlightenment and most cherished of all around….the circle of
unconditional love.
Am I close:-)



Michael : catalyst-producer

9 days later

Michael said

Apart from the propensity to focus more and more on less and less, we should, as I have said from the outset of my TIME @zaadz, be concentrating on the REALLY BIG PICTURE by seeking less and less about more and more; because there appears 2B some confusion of “symbolic” understanding here, in the context of the institution of marriage viz the union of marriage twixt two complementary entities; NOT unsimilar, in fact, to the concept of Buddha as ZEN NOT Buddha as Buddhist and Jesus as Jesus NOT Jesus as Christ.

EVERY THING that has been said here - IS - and continues 2B the illusion of reality becoming the reality of illusion; and IT IS an awakening to that FACTwhich has best been described by Rita …

Fore the sake of it’s rewards and for what this cosmic universe holds
for us
, is just a foot in the door towards an enlightenment and most
cherished of all around…. THE circle of unconditional love.


Ookami san : warriormonk

10 days later

Ookami san said

I by and large agree with Attainment. I think there is an ideal of yin and yang making one as it were yet I think true marriage in that regard
is only for those far enough along on the path that marriage will
enrich their lives and not be yet one more struggle to grow from. I
think this quest for soul mates has really missed a lot of people up
when if they should more respect for each other as individuals and took
accountability for their own well being and happiness then a positive
arrangement can be made that is especially beneficial to children.

Michael : catalyst-producer

10 days later

Michael said

“HERE IS the undiscriminating love that vanishes without trace in favour of the loved ONE. Such IS the divine nature, in whose image we are ALL

Douglas E. Harding - “Look for Yourself”

Michael : catalyst-producer

21 days later

Michael said

“THE marriage between vision, values and policy has proved elusive for environmentalists. Most environmental leaders, even the most vision oriented, are
struggling to articulate proposals that have coherence. THIS IS A CRISIS
because environmentalism will never be able to muster the strength it
needs to deal with the global warming problem as long as it is seen as
a “special interest”. And it will continue to be seen as a special interest as long as it narrowly defines the problem as “environmental” and the solutions as technical.

Schellenberger and Nordhaus, 2005

… and as Jonathon Porrit has quite succinctly noted ”By “old assumptions”, Schellenberger and Nordhaus are referring to the
fact that the standard approach of US environmentalists has not changed
much in the 40 plus years since the publication of
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962).

Michael : catalyst-producer

24 days later

Michael said

WHAT BETTER way of nurturing creativity than to …

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE the dream of grace ?

IN order that THE marriage between vision, values & policy should be executed.

Artemisilke : Authentic

25 days later

Artemisilke said


Marriage in this sense can manifest in hundreds of sub forms and facettes. If not in thousands…:)”, and “….hidden games and dangerous cul-de-sacs”.

This is most definitely the case; but not only in marriage: all relationships, no matter between whom and what can this facet exists has a possibilitie.

– I was delighted to see you mention Bert Hellinger… very easy healing easy process. I just love it his work!

But Hellinger is not talking about marriage; he's talking about the whole family constellation - which for us, as humans, is inevitable, (because, if we
wouldn't have mom and dad, grandmom and granddad, we woudnt' be born,

And he is not only looking at the conflict, but giving solutions.

I am not saying, that “fight”, etc. are positives, but frictions generate energy - take two stones and friction them together.. you got
fire! Same in family or any relationship: based on the premise that we are here to grow, the coming together is always a learning experience
for us, facilitating to accomplish ultimately our life purpose. Nothing
we gain by trying to avoid it. When we do not grow.. we die.


” marriage is …… a disaster” .. well, it certainly can be that! But it doesn't have to.


I definitely like very much the approach of complementary proposal… even
if, like Cheyenne said, we can't really establish stereotypes.. -
because there are exceptions -, in my personal experience, we do compliment each other, men and woman.

But, this doesn't mean that a conjunction with every man and woman will work. Ohhh NO!!

Ultimately, it depends on each of us and what we individually decide: if you decide to complement yourself with someone, you'll find him/her. If you decide, that being alone accomplishes more, we'll you'll have that.

It took me three marriage (and several relationships…) to get to my current marriage.. where I feel more complemented then ever, where his masculine and feminine part go so well together with my feminine and masculine part… where.. where is friction, we make harmony happen, and were I can be simply MYSELF - meaning having a space for my personal growth!!

So, we shall not give up: there is hope!!

Let's thrive for togetherness and taking advantage of our differences to be complimentary. It's up to us. Let's just MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Love, Love, Love to Albert, Cheyenne and Michael!

Michael : catalyst-producer

25 days later

Michael said

Learning to learn IS what its ALL about and …

Ultimately, it [DOES] depend on each of us and what we individually decide: if you decide to complement yourself with someone, you'll find him/her. If you decide, that being alone accomplishes more, we'll you'll have
that …

thrive for togetherness and taking advantage of our differences to be complimentary. It's up to us. Let's just MAKE IT HAPPEN!! … ABSOLUTELY

Artemisilke : Authentic

about 1 month later

Artemisilke said

Absolutely!! “Equality need not mean sameness” - realistic and wise approach… since looking for (the impossible) sameness can only create conflict and
separation….. whereas equality in the context of differences includes
the notion of “acceptance of the differences” or “equally acceptance of
difference”…. the beauty of the differences and - as you said, Michael
- the infinite combination of differences creating new nuclear
entities. Like it!!!!!

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later

Michael said

My ABSOLUTELY well-meaning friend@gaia, Albert, has said earlier that …

I am not AS enthusiastic about the potential of family …

in the context of my own responses to Albert about the symbol of non-conflicting UNITY and the STATE that the UK now finds itself IN viz the rest of Europe, Kathy Gyngell's article in the Daily Telegraph, makes priority reading IF ANYTHING IS to BE DONE about the ”predominately patriarchal mindset” of our ”new masters of the globe”, of which I always speak as being at the heart of THE PROBLEM of OUR SPECIES, and which seems to be not so well understood by Pelle Billing.

As Kathy Gyngell has so succinctly concluded …

That so many more of our children are now disadvantaged and neglected is rooted in the fact that so many more are being born to lone and cohabiting parents, while the Government remains wedded to the politically correct myth that this is OK.

Labour sought to reduce lone parents' dependence on the state by persuading or coercing them into work – a policy that has singularly failed because
the benefits system works against it. The result is tens of thousands of uneducated and unskilled single mothers who are, in effect, ”married” to the state.

Where a father figure exists, he is usually unemployed and emasculated.

We are alone in Europe in having such a liberal and individualistic
agenda, one that has proved so damaging both to individuals and to
This is one area where we should come into line with
Europe. But it will take great political bravery to change the tax
system to stop discouraging marriage and to start discouraging single
parenting. It will mean cultural change led by eloquent refutations of
Labour's false argument that any change in the tax laws would penalise
and stigmatise the children of single parents.

It will take a renewed understanding of children's needs – above all, an understanding of their need for the stability of parental commitment and parental responsibility. Sadly, for all their fair words, and their Every Child
Matters agenda, this Government persists in doing the opposite.

starlight : StarLight Dancing

6 months later

starlight said

WOW…you never cease to amaze me Michael!


martha : wildlygentle

7 months later

martha said

After reading your truly noble and insightful blog, from which ensued an enlightening and thoughtful discussion, I wrote this sorry thing.

j : awaken2love

8 months later

j said

Oh Michael the little girls are so cute. I hope to have one someday. And I am sending you and Linnie as much love as any grateful friend can
today. Thank you to Mickelinnie for love and lessons, I will cherish
forever. You two are such a fine example of the healthy relationship. I
hope I can follow in your footsteps now. Such fine parents, friends,
and grandparents, as well. Hugs for all the little fishers, and to you
in your kingdom across the pond, my angel.

Lots of love,

j (: *

Nicole : wakingdreamer

8 months later

Nicole said

we need each other so much, as men and women. after being alone for too long, in the most important ways, i now find myself benefitting each
day from the wisdom, humour and complementarity of my beloved, and he
from me. We are richly blessed.

Michael : catalyst-producer

9 months later

Michael said

AS I have referred to elsewhere, ” marriage has to be nurtured not neutered ”

Michael : catalyst-producer

10 months later

Michael said

In the context of what Ookami san has said …

I think this quest for soul mates has really [messed] a lot of people up when if they [showed] more respect for each other as individuals and
took accountability for their own well being and happiness then a
positive arrangement can be made that is especially beneficial to

1. IT would appear that Lori Gottlieb has a thing or two to say on the subject

2. That for whatever reason I was fortunate to grow up with my soulmate during the years when we both individually realised the need to show
more respect for each other as individuals and the need to take accountability for our own well being and happiness such that, when bringing up our family, a positive arrangement was made that has proved to have been especially beneficial to our children and our eight grandchildren.

Albert : Warrior

10 months later

Albert said

Hi Michael.

congrats to your children and grandchildren!

I see evrey form of beeing together as potential. Right you are that respect is absolutely essential Mutual respect ant taking resonsibility
for the chosen form to live.

its unusual that people from different forms of living -lets say people with family and those
without - sho deep respect for the respective OTHER form of living.

Every form of coming together should be possible as much as this respect and
appreciation is shown. of caring AND cultivating autonomy.

Only this is freedom and a space where evereybody can flourish. Without evangelizing one form or the other.

Artemisilke : Authentic

10 months later

Artemisilke said

“taking accountability for their own well being and happiness” — oohhhh I LOOVVEE THAT!!!

You are so right, Michael!!! That really does make the change!! - We do it too… for the best of our relationship and parenthood, as well!!



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Comment by Michael Grove on June 16, 2012 at 9:39

Gordon Brown -  the man who claimed "to have ended the cycle of boom and bust for the UK" - Didn't he also save the world as well from ALL of its financial woes? - is here again at the penultimate moment of the Euro Crisis expounding the fact that IF the G20 doesn't get its act together to help keep the Euro alive we shall all be faced with potential bailouts for France and Italy as well.

Surely its the founding members of the Euro project - Germany, France and Italy - who should now be realising that the wheels are falling off the charabanc because they chose not to fit tyres to the wheels in the first place.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 19, 2013 at 10:07

NO THING happens in LIVING NATURE that is not in relation to

THE WHOLE as the BALANCED ECO-SYSTEM which Homo Sapiens

must now restore to ensure the survival of LIFE on EARTH.


The MINDFULNESS Mind Map provides a matrix of 49 "tunnels" - designed for and by the masses - allowing access to a place conducive to Coexistence, Cooperation and Collaboration - such that the collective all-inclusive first person singular present tense, third person objective - point of view - will then lead to the establishment of a new model & method of wealth creation, mutually beneficial to ALL.



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