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"Its taken, more or less than, 15 billion years for evolution

to create a vehicle that had the capacity for consciousness 

and SELF knowing - that we are now - and we are only just

beginning to awaken to that fact - you can see from the point

of view of evolutionary consciousness it feels just like the

beginning"    - Andrew Cohen

Our quest for understanding  Who am I ? and Why are we here ? - can generally be referred to as a journey of evolutionary - enlightenment.


THE very word - understanding - of course conjures up a thousand perspectives - nay 10,000 perspectives and invariably is seen to end with a zero.

For Leibnitz there were only two unquestionable realities ZERO and GOD


Einstein's view on god and my own view on zero - is that it is the SELF same as god.


It is of course the switch - that as Ken Wilber has quoted yogi bear as saying - THAT must be considered in the first instance - which once understood, considered and executed - " is a very simple thing " - to quote Andrew Cohen


Two sides of the same coin have to be continuously flipped by the dextrous positive manipulation of the fingers and hand - with all the potential of negative manipulation from experts, politicians and magicians.


Once the shadows have been identified and equally considered, understood & executed our journey continues ever onwards having satiated our quest for understanding Who am I and Why are we here.


To quote the two sides perspective of a native north american elder ...


"WE as mankind are the only ones who DO NOT GIVE to the rest of the

cycle, for the rest of the cycle is constantly giving and giving and giving,

whilst  we are constantly taking and taking and taking"  - so that ...


WE might have LIFE  


Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 5)

" PEACE IS an everyday fight,

  its something that goes on

  ALL the TIME ...


You know we believe that ourselves are

one half the negative and one half the

positive and its the balance thats

important ALL the TIME ...







Me•We   are   agents   of   evolution

bringing the infinite into the finite 




First published by Michael Grove @zaadz on 12th October 2006


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Samme : Prince of Rainbows<3

3 days later

Samme said

This is my quest to follow that star no matter how hopeless.
(This blog has been chosen to be a part of Samme's Project that started here Linking The World One Blog At A Time. A project to link wonderful and thought-provoking blogs to each other in a long thread of links to bring awareness of love, joy and peace
and propagate creativity to the world. Namaste! Thank you! )♥♥♥

Whitewave : Into the Shadow...

about 1 month later

Whitewave said

I'm confused. I need to understand. If I can't understand, I get too frustrated.

At first it seems your zero was the absense of something. Then it seemed to change to the negative of something. Is it either or neither?

My understanding of Shadow is that it can never be executed or driven out
or exiled or gotten rid of in any way. That's impossible. Instead it
must be brought back from exile and restored to it's rightful place
amongst the rest of the person. Only after that has occured can the
entire person make one unified decision to dissolve. At that point,
there is no “I” to have a journey or any understanding.

Nevertheless, manifestation was the choice of Something Bigger and Older than me, and
I'm not big enough or old enough to dispute that. It is Sacred. My
job is to be that manifestation in the wholest and most functional and
perfected way.

I doubt that's very insightful.


Michael : catalyst-producer

4 months later

Michael said

The journey continues - in search of LOVE

sarva : light leaper

5 months later

sarva said

This is not to say that Love can even be reduced to an emotional state, far from it. And at the risk of presenting what may seem at first blush to be a nonsequiter, this is to say that we do not understand the way light and matter interact. Science may provide material facts along with a rationale for how our emotions are created by them, including but not limited to an extremely complex internal chemical environment facilitating electrical potentials via ion exchange. But this is preposterous. To attribute the entirety of life to material causes makes no more sense than to say clothes make the man (incidentally, the
emperor has none). Science cannot possibly attribute an emotion to an internal chemical environment, no matter how complex, when it cannot begin to describe how light interacting with matter conditions our
experience. But if it could, that would suffice. After all, we can only be light and matter, right?
In order to approach the truth of how light interacting with matter conditions our experience, one has to take a leap of faith of which science is not capable. Science will never explain consciousness with its current, proof-driven, bootstrapping from-the-ground-up mindset. In order to explain consciousness, science must give its devil his due. That is, it must grant consciousness primacy and give up the preposterous view that matter could ever possibly create it. Nothing else in our bodies is created by us, not the matter, not the light and none of the operational properties or interactions of either of them. And, if matter created consciousness, I think it would be obvious to us how matter and light interact, and it is not.

The link leads to the whole story.

An infinity lies between zero and one and as i'm sure you know, michael, zero is the number of tarot's fool. That chump is the ultimate trump… and the wisdom of God is the foolishness of men.

and so it goes… love rules the universe. love on, fool. love on.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

YES indeed and IT IS equally the recognition that one IS the fool - having finally realised, for oneself, that the practice & experience of integrity of action, whether individual or collective, are at the core of the wisdom of knowledge & understanding … and that ALL the proponents of ALL the “isms” are blinded to this truth.

THE PROBLEM that ALL the fools have to fix IS the global pre-dominance of patriarchy on our planet.

These fools need to be able to facilitate the break-down of the polarizing divisions,
between male & female - feminine & masculine, that hold the global pre-dominance of patriarchy in place.

THIS can only happen through a process of initiating a dialogue about the dark side
of the feminine, as well as the negative masculine
, which will lead to a global understanding of how to proceed with the dismantling of the global pre-dominance of patriarchy on our planet.

IT IS NOW the responsibility of the fool within each and every one of us, once recognised, to enter into this dialogue with “other fools” in order that THE wisdom of knowledge, based on the information about this type of dialogue, might be disseminated
to ALL who would aspire to BE a fool


about 1 year later

cHAngeL said

THE PROBLEM that ALL the fools have to fix IS the global pre-dominance of patriarchy on our planet.

Time for the children to CHANGE this world, and to be the ONES to recieve the most immediate benefit from the efforts.

Patriarchy is NOT working, and the um feminine side is not…shall we say… NOT HAPPY about it…to touch that dark side lightly. :)

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

… and as Janie has said elsewhere in response to opening the chinese puzzle box

We kan kreate a kickin' kosmic kidz klub of kindness…for ALL who care :)


Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

… but in the meantime, as the peoples of the earth gradually come
to terms with the consequences of the ACTIONS and NON-ACTIONS of
our new masters of the globe

and they themselves, conference by conference, summit by summit
and meeting by meeting are, THEMSELVES, having to come to terms
with the consequences of THEIR OWN ACTIONS and NON-ACTIONS
having been responsible for

of the chinese puzzle box

LET US the peoples of the earth NOW understand WHAT HAS 2B DONE !

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Comment by Michael Grove on June 29, 2012 at 23:03


"Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the new culture it promises, is something we can deliberately and consciously bring into being together, if we care deeply enough about the potential it is pointing to. But it is not something that can be simply manufactured through sitting in a circle and practicing a certain technique or generating a particular emotional state. It is an emergent perspective, or state of consciousness, that bursts forth spontaneously and miraculously only when the conditions are right. "Emergent" means that it is something greater than the sum of its parts-a new order of relatedness, a new level of consciousness, a deeper and higher perspective that is always unimaginable until the moment it explodes into existence."  - Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 10:18

"EVOLUTIONARY is a play on the word "REVOLUTIONARY", and I mean it to convey something of the revolutionary nature of evolution as an idea. Evolutionaries are revolutionaries, with all the personal and philosophical commitment that word implies. They are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, though all certainly value those insights. They are committed activists and advocates - often passionate ones - for the importance of evolution at a cultural level."

Carter Phipps - EVOLUTIONARIES -

Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Idea.

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 10:22
As Arianna Huffington has so eloquently and recently stated - 
“If you didn’t care at all about people and you just cared about the deficit, this is just a stupid way to go about it. It doesn’t work. Austerity does not lead to deficit reduction. That we are continuing not to look at the facts, to me is stunning. It is the definition of insanity.
Comment by Michael Grove on November 27, 2019 at 17:37

  Following my sowing of the seed • so to speak !!!???

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