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    There is a small part of society, unfortunately small, that has

    discovered within [IT]self the need for growth, the need to

    [BE]come more aware that there are certain nagging questions

    that need to be answered in order to live well now.

    We need to increase in all these values in order to make life in

    this world suitable to us. We have to try to find answers to war

    and corruption. We realise that as we are now, even though we

    may never be in war with ourselves, we are in a war and conflict

    with our neighbours and our families and within the biological

    structure of our own bodies.

    Something has to be done to arbitrate these things. THE way of

    arbitration is a slow process of discipline by means of which

    we ascend the three personality factors of our lives and come into    

    harmony with the fourth level. This in the ancient astronomy was

    the level of the sun, the fourth orbit. The wedding of the body

    and the psyche, or soul, was called by the alchemists ... 

    the marriage of the sun and moon.

                                           Manly P. Hall - "An Alchemist's Primer"


     As Salvador Dali, the master of communication, of the very concept  


     understood, so lucidly proposed ... 

     "Those who do not want to imitate anythingproduce nothing"                


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