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THE SPiRALogic of LIFE within the biosphere of  SPACESHIP EARTH

 IS • THE understanding of the difference between DESTINY & FATE

 "The lessons of silence are peerless & are unmatched by anything else under Heaven"

 This English translation and in turn, the Chinese interpretation of the symbolic characters

 which are there for ALL to read, if they traverse the 6293 granite steps leading to the

 summit of thesacred to the Chinesemountain of Taishan in Shandong province, are

 words of wisdom indeed.

 … [IT] IS for ALL members of our species, as individuals, to truly understand the

 underlying purpose of why those Chinese symbolic characters were carved into the stone

 in the first instance, before the goal of the wisdom of knowledge of understanding can

 be attained. 

 Only when the global collective, of those who have achieved this goal, represent the

 majority of our species, will REAL CHANGE in the world [BE] ESTABLISHED.



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Comment by Michael Grove on August 30, 2017 at 7:48


   [ITIS equally apparent that the multitude of decisions, which we make during the course of our

   journey of life on Spaceship Earth, then determine the individual FLOW of that journey, be it in

   accordance with GOING WITH THE FLOW of NATURE or in denial of y[our] intimate 'connessione'

   with nature; never forgetting Leonardo da Vinci's own deeply exemplified understanding of

   the fact that ... ALL IS IN NATURE and that WE ARE A CIRCUMSTANCE of NATURE.

Comment by Michael Grove on October 23, 2017 at 21:45

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