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   Gregory Shephard’s “Through art all things are possible

   concept of providing Freespace 4D as an interactive online

   community of like-minded fourth dimensional thinkers,

   seeking to demonstrate the multi-dimensional POWER of nOw

   • past, present and future as ONE • mirrors as a reflexion,

   my own multi-dimensional mind of 3D movies and words, which

   I have been blessed with since birth, under the Gemini star-sign,

   as what other’s have described as a left-handed dyslexic .

In the context of web-based online social networking 

   [IT] IS well over ten years since I posted my LUCID OR NOT 

   zBlog at *zaadz, prior to Brian Johnson initiating its demise

   to become as it thence transmogrified into and then into what IS now GAIA.

[THAT] which was freely provided @zaadz has now

   been [RE]placed by what has to be paid for @gaia ... 

   Plus ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose

   My own particular idea of an AlphaINDEX of Stories of all that

   had been posted - is however dedicated to the 

   event in history that was ZAADZ.  




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