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Previosly posted by Michael Grove as part of zaadz@gaia on 2nd October 2007 +++

of the UNKNOWN ... UNITED we stand walk, run, swim,




THE present crisis of confidence in the global economic model,  has resulted from the lack of understanding of the inter-related nature of "the beast" and the lack of computer modelling to reflect this fact. In all the heart-searching and finger-pointing that is presently being manifested, throughout the world's media, little has been spoken abouts the "quants".

These are the highly paid back-room boys of the investment banking industry who have created what I would call a collection of 2D models of the individual component parts of the risk management process, rather than a fully integrated 3D loopback-model of the potential consequences of the risk management process; let alone a 4D higher conscious perspective, of what homo sapiens has TO DO, to ensure the multi-dimensional sustainability of SPACESHIP EARTH, as Buckminster Fuller so succinctly described our planet.

Historians have often referred to the 19th Century as that which was dominated by British Imperialism and the 20th Century having being controlled by the economic might of the USA. Only time will tell what banner will be affixed to the 21st.

In the meantime, despite the warnings of Dwight D. Eisenhower about the military industrial complex and Jimmy Carter's so-called Malaise Speech , in the context of the Masters of the Universe at Goldmann Sachs, Americans are no longer masters of their own fate.

Sometime around the 1960's there was a tipping point, when the "empire of
production" began to become the "empire of consumption". When the cars
started to be produced elsewhere, and the television sets, and the
socks, and everything else. And what we ended up with was the American
people becoming consumers rather than producers.

Andrew Bacevich - The Limits of Power

Without the "Wisdom of Knowledge" of this particular facet of understanding, is their any wonder that, those whom the people assumed to know otherwise, have NO KNOWLEDGE of what to do in the ever changing circumstances of our lives on this planet or, consequently the WISDOM to have planned to implement the only solution to the problem ... TEAR-UP the existing blueprint and START all OVER.

In the event of such lack of foresight, oversight, commitment and leadership, paying for an analysis of "what went wrong" from those responsible for "what went wrong" IS ALL that the people are being offered.

IT will be interesting to watch the House of Representatives vote tonight ! +++

might I suggest that Kathy's ...

"day to day " 2D solution is ...

indeed the basis of the ...

scaleable 3D solution ...

to "change the world " ...

to which I have alluded ...

from time to time ...

here @zaadz.




Previosly posted by Michael Grove as part of zaadz@gaia on 2nd October 2007 +++


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Albert : Warrior
about 1 hour later
Albert said

Michael..these guys were the poster boys of financial systems. Even with Celeb Status in CNN .in films and literature. Comparable with Oprah today.) In the last 2 decades often proclaiming themselves and enjoying their image as “masters of the universe”

Especially investment bankers. Deutsche Bank Boss Josef Ackermann always cuddled this troup of his house and called the business with small investors and simple people “peanuts”.

Governements , especially in US, kissed their feets.

Now the real values and intelligent regulations are in demand. Once again the blue vmemetic conveyor belt of global finance systems has to be updated and upgraded.

about 4 hours later
cHAngeL said

When the world of business can run….. as a loving family does, things will change.

But ONLY when women are treated with respect, and children are included in this quintessential equation for success.

Peace on Earth,


Michael : catalyst-producer
about 7 hours later
Michael said


Michael : catalyst-producer
7 months later
Michael said

As Simon Heffer has said in today's Daily Telegraph ….

IT IS now clear that Mr Brown's lack of experience at having to offer himself as leader of his party – the man with whom the buck stops – to any sort of electorate is one of the great handicaps he has now. He has endured democratic approval in his period at Number 10, and has become accustomed to doing without it: hence some of his recent policy howlers. The way things are going, he is never likely to get it.

IT IS offensive to the rest of the country – that vast majority who not only did not vote Labour in 2005, but who would never vote for Mr Brown now even if you paid them
– that the current turbulence in politics is inevitably depicted as a Labour Party problem.

It is, of course, the country's problem.
It is not just the Labour Party that has to endure an idiotic, destructive economic policy: it is ALL of us.

But it is, uniquely, the Labour Party that is responsible for our condition.
They put this man in charge. They did so without any pretence of democratic procedure. It is nauseating, in the way politics goes, to have heard rather too many Labour MPs who one knows hate Mr Brown's guts going into the media in the past few days to defend him vigorously, seeking to prolong all our sufferings.

It is Labour tribalism that got us into this mess in the first place: we could all, frankly, do with a rest from it now.

Zephyr : Poeticspirit
7 months later
Zephyr said

Check out transition towns and help transfer money back to the local economy where it is needed.

Michael : catalyst-producer
7 months later
Michael said
Michael : catalyst-producer
about 1 year later
Michael said

… and WELL IN LINE with how James Lovelock feel these days.


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Comment by Michael Grove on February 27, 2012 at 12:55
Comment by Michael Grove on February 27, 2012 at 13:33

Levantamiento - uprising

Spanish revolt brews as national economic

rearmament begins in Europe -

as Spain's new prime minister -

has looked into the abyss and recoiled.

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 10:27


"Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the new culture it promises, is something we can deliberately and consciously bring into being together, if we care deeply enough about the potential it is pointing to. But it is not something that can be simply manufactured through sitting in a circle and practicing a certain technique or generating a particular emotional state. It is an emergent perspective, or state of consciousness, that bursts forth spontaneously and miraculously only when the conditions are right. "Emergent" means that it is something greater than the sum of its parts-a new order of relatedness, a new level of consciousness, a deeper and higher perspective that is always unimaginable until the moment it explodes into existence."  - Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 10:28

"EVOLUTIONARY is a play on the word "REVOLUTIONARY", and I mean it to convey something of the revolutionary nature of evolution as an idea. Evolutionaries are revolutionaries, with all the personal and philosophical commitment that word implies. They are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, though all certainly value those insights. They are committed activists and advocates - often passionate ones - for the importance of evolution at a cultural level."

Carter Phipps - EVOLUTIONARIES -

Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Idea.



Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 10:29
As Arianna Huffington has so eloquently and recently stated - 
“If you didn’t care at all about people and you just cared about the deficit, this is just a stupid way to go about it. It doesn’t work. Austerity does not lead to deficit reduction. That we are continuing not to look at the facts, to me is stunning. It is the definition of insanity.
Comment by Michael Grove on July 23, 2012 at 18:12

IT is a lonely task sticking up for the Greeks – given the sins of their elites over the last decade – but do we really have to put up with the false narrative coming from the EU's creditor core, and the self-serving eyewash by the policy architects of this disaster in Brussels, Frankfurt, and indeed Washington?

Comment by Michael Grove on January 7, 2013 at 8:36

You can view it as a technology race or a joint venture in the common interest. It hardly matters whichIf the Chinese can crack thoriumthe world will need less oil, coal, and gas than feared. Wind turbines will vanish from our landscape. There will less risk of a global energy crunch, less risk of resource wars, and less risk of a climate tipping point.

Who can object to that?

Comment by Michael Grove on March 10, 2014 at 8:15

Prepare for rapid changes to take place in the lifestyle of all

human beings. As we see the entire leadership structure of nations

begin to crumble under the collective desire for freedom from tyranny,

many changes are in store. Although there will be challenges, it is a

wonderful time for humanity. Instead of being led like sheep in a

drug-induced stupor, people throughout the world are awakening to

their inherent power as spiritual beings capable of connecting with the

universal intelligence and using it to manifest [IT]self in this 3D/4D/5D 

(multi-dimensional) world. As more people recognise and become

comfortable using this ability everything will change rapidly. You will

have the ability to manifest a world of cooperation and abundance with

ease and grace. Life will no longer be the struggle it once was.

Challenges will be accepted as opportunities to grow, and trust in

connection with source will replace allegiance to any governments or

religious belief structures.

It will enable each person to take responsibility for 
their own wellbeing as well as cooperating to make the lives of everyone else better as well. 

Embrace these wonderful changes and be prepared 

for an amazing time of turmoil and transformation.

Ted Murray


Comment by Michael Grove on February 20, 2020 at 10:35

  ‘The new generation of eco-warriors are too emotional

   The ‘maverick’ scientist explains why protest alone won’t save the planet

Comment by Michael Grove on November 6, 2020 at 11:00

In this talk, we will examine how ideas cross from the real to the

unreal - how we go from a concept like "maybe the atom can be split?"

to nuclear reactors (and bombs!). We'll discuss the role of science fiction

in setting the ambitions of future engineers, and of literature in creating

future political aspirations. But most of all, we'll examine how we know

what we know: how does experience confirm or contradict ideas from

religious myths, and how to fringe phenomena like UFOs or the

Loch Ness Monster inform how we relate to other classes of

impossible-to-verify but culturally powerful ideas. How does the

scientific method differ from other ways of achieving truth, and

how do we map out the horizon of things which may be true, but are

true in ways which science cannot yet instrument or measure - for

example, the quality of artistic inspiration is a driving fact of life for

many people, but there is no scale or metric for it. Finally, the 

overwhelming question of the day: how to make global warming

real enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT ?

Part of the Experimental Thought Co. Human // Nature series.
More info @

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