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HAS ALWAYS BEEN the founding principle of Google’s seven-point code of conductBUT Google may now have to prove that its famous ethos is intact, even when tested to destruction by the bureaucrats of the European Community, following their latest decision to organise an appropriate response in the form of a European Commission anti-trust investigation.

As far as the REALLY BIG GLOBAL PICTURE goes, however, it is increasingly apparent that IT IS going to GET WORSE before it GETS WORSE, because the collective mind-set of the global community IS BEING LED by those that continue to DO THE WRONG THINGS for THE WRONG REASONS, invariably from the standpoint of self-interested arrogance and greed as well as a disconnect between the factual realities  of a diversity of situations and the adopted OLD ORDER MODELS to deal with those situations.

WE are of course talking about ... a CRISIS of economics as well as science, religion & politics.

The Don’t BE EVIL strap-line could equally and sometimes justifiably, [BE]

applied to almost ALL codes of conduct, as well as my own set of values

but I want to now address it’s relevance in the context of …

1. The Economics Community and the peoples’ request of our new masters of the globe, to consider the need for creating a new global model of caring economics. NEW masters of the globe who surprise surprise, now doubt that the global economy is actually out of recession and that there exists a distinct possibility of a double dip or even triple dip recession looming large. A situation which is hardly surprising when one considers that the old order model of the global economy STILL rules OK, is absolutely dependent on growth, whatever the consequences, and is underpinned by an acceptance of completely outdated economic theories.

2. The Scientific Community and their reliance on computer modelling which has until very recently been entirely based on collective theories which reflect THEIR DENIAL of a living planet; when IN FACT, more than any other thing, WE HAVE to SEE IT as IT REALLY IS because the lives of our species as well as every other species on this planet are WHOLLY DEPENDENT upon the living Earth. THIS way of thinking makes clear that we have no special human rights; we are merely one of the partner species in THE great enterprise which IS GAIA.

3. The Religious Communities of the globe, which ALL preach that “THEIR GOD” IS the ONLY interpretation of the spirituality of our entire species and who all adhere to their own self-interested arrogance and “greedy mindset” in protection of old order status quo models which are rooted in a non-evolutionary don’t rock the boat mentality; OR their critics who can't see that secular atheism is a religion IT SELF. The only exception to this rule being the Dalai Lama who tore up the 1000 year rule book and sought to dedicate his life to a better global understanding of the interdependence of religious spirituality, scientific truth and the mutually beneficial
politics of an entirely new global model of caring economics.

4. The Political Community and THE moral dimension to leadership which President Obama has attempted to establish, as a core principle of bi-partisan mutual benefit for ALL the peoples of the USA, which has already floundered on rocky shores. Equally the democratic ramifications of the Lisbon Treaty and the "staight-jacket" of European Monetary Union is stretching the patience and pockets of the peoples of Europe to the extreme; so no wonder the kind of ourburst, supposedly in the name of ALL the people of Britain gets aired in Brussels; whilst the political systems of both India and China remain rooted in the status quo of “class and caste war”. ANY wonder then that the people here in Britain DO despair as to who at ALL to vote for as our representatives; in what has now been revealed as a predominately elitist, conniving and corrupt establishment, which lacks ANY semblance of integrity whatsoever ...

A SPECTACULAR failure of political leadership - INDEED!
and somewhat disturbing in the context of James Lovelock's prediction that the British Isles is likely to be one of the only surviving maritime nations which will still be able to grow food.

man can never have enough

without having too much

Perhaps NOW IS THE TIME for us to investigate further, as Albert has suggested ...

The Curious Case of Being British in the form of a challenge to the CHE-UK
and at first consider Leonardo da Vinci's statement that "ALL [IS] in NATURE & ME/WE are a CIRCUMSTANCE of NATURE in no different a manner than the humble snowflake, which has today been highlighted by Colin Schultz in todays  Smithsonian Magazine, entitled... 

Snowflakes May Have Different Designs, But They Always Have Six Sides

As James Lovelock has said in his FINAL WARNING

WE could NOT SURVIVE for an instant on a dead planet like Mars, and we need to understand the difference.

IF we fail to take our planet seriously we will be like children who take their homes for granted and NEVER DOUBT that breakfast starts the day; we will NOT notice as we enjoy our daily lives that the cost of neglect could soon cause the greatest tragedy in the memory of humankind.

The Earth, in its but NOT our interests, may be forced to move to a hot epoch, one where IT can
survive, although in a diminished and less habitable state. IF, as is likely, this happens, we will have been the cause.

MOST of all I am pessimistic because business and governments both appear to be
accepting uncritically a belief that climate change is easily and profitably reversible.

WE ARE creatures of [Darwinian] evolution (THE best way to understand Gaia
IS THAT it proposes
a new context for evolution), a transient species with a limited lifespan, as were all our numerous distant ancestors. BUT, unlike almost everything before we emerged on this planet, we are also intelligent social animals with the possibility of evolving to become a wiser and more intelligent animal, one that might have a greater potential as a partner for the rest of life on Earth.


The ONLY thing necessary for the

TRIUMPH of EVIL is for good men

to DO NOTHING - Edmund Burke 1795



falling leaves return to their roots


WHAT IS - IS ...

and sure ain't NO ISer ...

a concept of TRUTH that WE of our species ignore at OUR PERIL.

Mama Earth - Trailer

The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning,
by James Lovelock:
Amazon UK, Amazon USA


In conclusion I strongly recommend that you read this short and very readable book.  It’s message is a hard one, but it is better to be informed than ignorant, and by some miracle humanity may even wake up to the severity of the problem and take real measures (including dramatic restrictions on human reproduction and the conversion of the population to a vegetarian diet) which will take pressure off GAIA.


"ONLY together
, [as merchants of LOVE ] , can our starlight help

us find our way, in this cosmic soup of choices and beauty."


                                                                                                                              Janie Hedrick





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Michael : catalyst-producer

about 17 hours later

Michael said

IF people want to pay money for those sorts of services, let them”, because with ”firewalls and firebreaks protecting the bits of banks you really care about”, it wouldn't matter if other parts failed.

Mr King said that there was an increasingly international appetite for the reforms. But he added: “My fear would be that we will have this debate, and not very much will happen, a sort of Basel III. But this won't actually prevent the next
crisis, [and] the next crisis will be even bigger. ”

Michael : catalyst-producer

2 days later

Michael said

“A new emergent ‘Turquoise’ worldview (see Spiral Dynamics Integral), the perspective on which Centre for Human Emergence (CHE) is conceptualized, could be summed up as including:

A WholeView perspective, with the world perceived as a delicately
balanced system of forces in jeopardy at humanity’s hands

Self is part of a larger, conscious whole

Emergent selfless motivation, in order that all can thrive

Experiential “collective individualism”, blending and harmonizing

Expanded mind capacity, deep intuition, consciousness

Synergize, macro-manage, and act together for significant,
big picture impacts for the good of all

Planetary concerns rank above narrow group interests

An ordered world with new meanings –
the synergy of all
life forms and forces

Organized as a holistic, unified organism

Synthesis oriented
Dr. Don Beck

Michael : catalyst-producer

6 days later

Michael said

However you cut it, our life-support systems are not in good shape.

Three of nine boundaries - climate change, biodiversity and nitrogen fixation - have been exceeded. We are fast approaching boundaries for the use of fresh water and land, and the ocean acidification boundary seems to be looming in some oceans. For two of the remaining three, we do not yet have the science to even guess where the boundaries are.

That leaves one piece of good news. Having come close to destroying the ozone layer, exposing both ourselves and ecosystems to dangerous
ultraviolet radiation, we have successfully stepped back from the
brink. The ozone hole is gradually healing. That lifeline has been
grabbed. At least it shows action is possible - and can be successful.

Fred Pearce - New Scientist's senior environment correspondent

Michael : catalyst-producer

6 days later

Michael said

At present we are preoccupied with the global crisis over money and credit, with prospects of a major recession. We are also preoccupied
with a combination of environmental problems, high among them climate
change, or as I prefer to call it climate destabilization. Both crises
affect the future of cities and their role in our society.

Underlying our prospects for the future is our failure to come to terms with the impacts which our animal
species is having on the surface of the Earth and all life within it
. Most things have happened in the long history of the Earth, but our current circumstances are unique. To
make sense of the scale and character of the impacts, we have to reckon
with such issues as human population increase, degradation of soils,
exploitation of resources, pollution of water both salt and fresh,
climate change, and destruction of the other living species both large
and small on which we wholly depend

Crispin Tickell at The Stevenson Lecture Theatre
British Museum, 14 January 2010.

Michael : catalyst-producer

8 days later

Michael said

Mama Earth dispels the myth that being eco-friendly is merely an altruistic endeavor. In the future, it will be the way businesses not only positively impact the
environment, but their bottom line as well.

Michael : catalyst-producer

12 days later

Michael said

In my view, Labour has governed incredibly badly. The tax and benefits structures put in place under Labour have NOT created a strong society, they've done the opposite. They've just encouraged unhappy lives.

THE core unit of society – husband, wife, parents, children – have been dismantled
. Ed Balls has suggested that the idea of 'family' is Victorian.

Give me a break. Families have been around forever, all around the world. This isn't Victorian, this is how society works best.

Labour's idea of a family is three people who share a fridge

Michael Farmer


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later

Michael said

James Lovelock wrote in his conclusion to GAIA - medicine for an ailing planet

“Originally a steward was a “styward”, the keeper of the sty where the pigs lived. This was too lowly a post for most humans, and gentility raised it to that of steward, who thus became a bureaucrat, in charge of men as well as pigs” …

small wonder then that George Orwell's Animal Farm wasframed as it was”.

Lovelock went on to ask …

“DO WE really want to become the bureaucrats of the Earth?”

“DO WE want the full responsibility for its care and health?”

“There can be NO WORSE fate for people than to be conscipted for such a hopeless task - to be made forever accountable for the smooth running of the climate, the composition of the oceans, the air, and the soil” …

YOU know, that top 6 or so inches of the Earth's surface that IS ENTIRELY
responsible for the development and survival of our own race of humans

Something that, until we began to dismantle creation, was the free gift of GAIA. I would suggest that our real role as stewards of the Earth is more
like that of that proud trades union functionary, the shop steward.

WE ARE NOT managers or masters of the Earth, we are just shop stewards, workers chosen, because of our intelligence, as representatives for the others, the rest of [ALL] LIFE of our planet.

OUR union represents the bacteria, the fungi, and the slime moulds as well as the nouveau riche fish, birds, and animals and the landed establishment of noble trees and their lesser plants. Indeed all living things are members of our union and they are angry at
the diaboloical liberties taken with their planet and their lives, by
people. People should be living in union with the other members, not
exploiting them and their habitats.
A planetary physician observing the misery we inflict upon them and upon
ourselves would support the shop steward and warn that we must learn to
live with the Earth in partnership.

Otherwise the rest of creation will, as part of GAIA, unconsciously move the
Earth IT SELF to a new state, one where we human may no longer be



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‎"EVOLUTIONARY is a play on the word "REVOLUTIONARY", and I mean it to convey something of the revolutionary nature of evolution as an idea. Evolutionaries are revolutionaries, with all the personal and philosophical commitment that word implies.

They are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, though all certainly value those insights.

They are committed activists and advocates - often passionate ones - for the importance of evolution at a cultural level."

Carter Phipps - EVOLUTIONARIES -
Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Idea.



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