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 YESTERDAY is history - TOMORROW is a mystery -
 TODAY is a gift - that's why they call  IT the PRESENT

 - in that language that Winston Churchill said - divided two nations
 It was, however, those hands across the sea of TIME which held jugs of          
 ale in celebration of good TIMES - that donated these American license
 plates to the Gardiner's Arms Pub in Tackley - such that those good     
 TIMES could be remembered forever in TIME.

 Timelines - and indeed TIME itself - are constructs of the mind & as such
 are mere interpretations of events, facts & understanding - from the
 perspectives of those who would deliberate on them in the context of
 a timeline and its juxtaposition to - TIME to THINK about TIME IT SELF.

The recent expansion of the functionality of the zaadz tool-set - which provides access to the full zBlog archive list - reveals to ALL yet another perspective of my presence here @zaadz - namely my desire to convey the concept of timelines within timelines within a timeline - their relativity to each-other - & the synchronicity of events of which they comprise.
When TIME gentlemen please used to be called at the end of business at the Gardiner's Arms -

and those words fell on the ears of many an american citizen - servicemen, family and friends from the bases at Upper Heyford & beyond -as exemplified by the collective display of license plates which had been assembled over a period of TIME -

no doubt they took away with them their thoughts of good & bad TIMES spent overseas - in the context of their own personal timelines.

Constructs of the mind evolve. Aurobindo's concept of the Supermind has parallels with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's views on the subject of evolution and my own search for the Holy grail certainly "sees" the KOSMOS - consciosness supreme - as a fixed [TIME]less continuously evolving spherical event -
moving through a set of cycles - as within a clockwork engine - to which we are only just awakening.

FIXED only from the point of view of Stephen Wolfram's NKS - INTUITIVE from the point of view of Rob Bryanton's TIME Travellers - [TIME]less from the point of view of [IT]• [BE]ing the ONLY event in Michio Kaku's perspective of TIME - continuously evolving - moment by moment, rotation by rotation, tilted solar orbit by tilted solar orbit, galactic black-hole circumnavigation by galactic black-hole circumnavigation, singularity by singularity.
Postmodern Times

Sarva has said that - TIME is multidimensional and so is consciousness. Believe it, and do not thrash.

If you realise the spherical nature of being, then there is freedom.

We may yet experience this freedom as euphoria internally and personally within our isolated consciousness where we may know bliss accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and personal responsibility that defies the confining biopsychosocial ...

truths and lies that shackle us
to this dying way of life.

Thinking of past, present and future is a useful conceptual technique, but ultimately they must be appropriately balanced & joined. We must understand how the past affects us, we should keep the present full of rich & satisfying experiences and should devote some energy each day to building for the future.

Just as a river can be said to have parts that cannot be clearly divided, so too should we consider the WHOLE of our TIME when deciding how to spend our lives.

Deng Ming Dao

- particularly in RESPECT for the words of the Hopi nation, that ... EVERYTHING IS coming to a TIME, where prophecy and man's inability to live on earth in a spiritual way, will come to a crossroad of great problems.



TIME - as Professor Brian Cox has suggested in the

Wonders of Life - for the scientific community to

explain the spirituality which forms the basis of

each and everyone of our belief systems.


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about 1 month later

cHAngeL said

and Sarva said …

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later

Michael said

the sun is rising … INDEED

Michael : catalyst-producer

3 months later

Michael said

Another interesting aside that always impresses students about special relativistic time dilation is that, in principle, it means we can travel to a distant galaxy in the blink of an eye without our spaceship ever exceeding the speed of light. By traveling close enough to it our on-board time will run so slowly that we can get from A to B in an arbitarily short time.

The problem is that millions, even billions of years will have passed on Earth.

Time travel: separating science fact from fiction - Jim Al-Khalili

Sandra : Inspirational Ambassador

9 months later

Sandra said

As always beautiful blogs dear Michael.
sorry to have been out of touch, always with you however.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

The synchronicity of being in touch IS the gift of every moment

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Comment by Michael Grove on April 6, 2013 at 7:40

"Evolution is a light which illuminates all facts,      a curve that all lines must follow." - 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - The Phenomenon of Man

Over the course of the past half century since its publication, this prophetic statement has turned out to be true, as evolution has become a defining framework in which we are beginning to understand virtually everything - from biology and technology to the interior dimensions of reality like our psychologycultural world-views, and even spirituality.

Comment by Michael Grove on May 29, 2013 at 15:05

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the notion that the evolutionary process is ultimately driven by a spiritual impulse is continuing to gain traction, with a growing number of progressive philosophers, scientists, and mystics exploring its implications.

To many, it is simply a compelling philosophy, uniting the revelations of science and spirituality in a way that no other theory can. But others, like Aurobindo before them, are beginning to reach beyond a theoretical discussion to wonder: What might human life and culture look like if we fully took to heart the reality of this view?

Freed from the mythic dogmatisms of premodern religion, transcending the materialistic biases of modern scientific thought, and liberated from the narcissistic self-absorptions of postmodernity, what kind of new world could human beings aligned with the trajectory of a spiritually evolving cosmos actually create?

Comment by Michael Grove on June 25, 2015 at 14:19

  “Terrible though it is to say, the Black Death actually had some

   rather good effects. This was a good time to be alive. This was

   when the English pub was invented and people started drinking

   lots of beer and playing football and so on. That was in a way due

   to, or at least a consequence of, and wouldn’t have been possible

   without, the Black Death.”


Comment by Michael Grove on June 26, 2020 at 9:38

SO here we are now in the grips of a GLOBAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC,

with pubs just about to open again to serving pints, and the very

real question must be...  


Comment by Michael Grove on April 1, 2024 at 13:35
Each week Quanta Magazine explains one of the most important ideas driving modern research. This week, physics staff writer Charlie Wood describes some of the oddities and mysteries that swirl around the quantity that orders the universe and our lives — time.

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