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Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post EXCELLENCE is a process, not just an outcome ...
"Tory MPs back criminal investigation into partygate Pressure is building on the Metropolitan police from Tory MPs who want the force to investigate Downing Street’s lockdown parties regardless of the findings of the Sue Gray report this…"
7 hours ago
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Exxon: The Road Not Taken

A must read for climate skeptics and anyone interested in climate justiceThis book is extremely important. Exxon's role in climate denial and the irrevocable harm that they have knowingly been a leading contributor to must become common knowledge. As legal action is brought to this company public awareness and pressure will play a key role in what could be a pivotal…See More
10 hours ago
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post CHINA'S 'ZERO TOLERANCE'
"A MAX 8 belonging to China Southern, the largest 737 MAX operator in the country, reportedly took off from Guangzhou and touched down three-and-a-half hours later in the same city; the plane did not carry any passengers. Before the MAX was…"
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post FUTURE OF HUMAN [BE]INGS COLLECTIVELY ON EARTH
"Research in support of COP26 This November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow, UK for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to discuss action on the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Science and research…"
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post [IT] IS ALL WELL & DONE THAT ....
"Allotments, weedy corners and fancy gardens are all urban havens for bees and other pollinators, a study has found. The widespread decline of bees resulting from the loss of wild areas and pesticide use has caused great concern in recent years, but…"
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post SO WHAT [IS] time[LESS] TIME
"Humanity relies on biodiversity for its health and wellbeing, scientists said, with the coronavirus pandemic an extreme example of the dangers of ravaging the natural world. Rising human population, destruction of habitats, the wildlife trade,…"
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post Natural History, Not Technology, Will Dictate Our Destiny
"The Six Americas Over Time There has been a significant change in the distribution of the Six Americas over the past five years. The Alarmed segment has grown by more than 50% (from 17% to 26% of the U.S. adult population) between 2015 and 2020,…"
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post THE COSMIC PERSPECTIVE
"THE BOOK          On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are Alan Watts, who died in 1974, held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, and was best known as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in…"
Jan 17
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post COMMON-SENSE V ELITIST-SENSE [X]-SPIRTS...
"While he is still known best for his novels, most notably the Booker-prize nominated Ibis trilogy about the opium trade in the 1800s, it was to a “planet in crisis” that Ghosh turned his attention in his latest work of nonfiction, The…"
Jan 17
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Jan 16
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station
"[IT] was of course Saad Al-Hilli, a 50-year-old engineer who worked for  Surrey Satellite Technology who was among the victims of the so-called Alps Murder Case and his involvement in the successful development of GIOVE A and B…"
Jan 13
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post Sources close to the investigation ...
"Man arrested over 2012 killing of British family and French cyclist in Alps No one has been charged over attacks on forest road near Lake Annecy in French Alps Jon Henley"
Jan 12
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post WHAT THE PAPERS DON'T SAY •••
"“Broken Britain” was the phrase deployed by David Cameron in the immediate run-up to the 2010 General Election, to describe a perceived social decay that had occurred under Labour’s leadership since 1997. Focusing in particular…"
Jan 11
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post WALKING THROUGH THE HISTORY of the BRITISH ISLES
Jan 11
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post Eiffel Tower celebrates ...
"How Many Countries Are in the Paris Agreement? Since 2015, 197 countries—nearly every nation on earth, with the last signatory being war-torn Syria—have endorsed the Paris Agreement. Of those, 190 have solidified their support with…"
Jan 10
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post POPULATION GROWTH & CLIMATE CHANGE ...
"During a 2004 interview, Ehrlich answered questions about the predictions he made in The Population Bomb. He acknowledged that some of what he had published had not occurred, but reaffirmed his basic opinion that overpopulation is a major problem.…"
Jan 9
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Jan 9
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Jan 8
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post Vaccine Passports, Tyranny, & the New Earth
"I Love You, COVID. Thank You. Why "COVID" is one of the greatest teachers I've ever encountered It now feels like a good time to provide an update on my current feeling about all of this “COVID” stuff. I am feeling quite…"
Jan 5
Michael Grove commented on Michael Grove's blog post SURRENDER to the UNCERTAINTY
" ... and here we are today in consideration of the ramifications of our actions according to the script of MR. TONY BLAIR faced with the very ramifications of nature's climate crisis and her pandemic response • at a…"
Jan 1




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My soul-mate Linnie and I have been happily married since the biologist Paul Ehrlich came to public attention in 1968 with the publication of his book, The Population Bomb. Worries about the potential problems of a soaring global population had boiled and cooled over previous decades. And the issue had become so enmeshed with political decisions that many just wished to ignore it. The warnings of Thomas Malthus, the eighteenth century writer who had had such influence on many thinkers on the problems of uncontrolled population growth, had slipped into the background. But with the current surge in commodity prices around the world the issue of the size of the population is once more rapidly moving up the global agenda. And it is interesting to see this 50-year-old plus perspective.

Paul Ehrlich chose to emphasise the simple biological challenges posed by rising populations. And he was strident: “It cannot be overemphasised”, he wrote, “that no changes in behaviour or technology can save us unless we can achieve control over the size of the human population. The birth rate…

Posted by Michael Grove on January 8, 2022 at 10:00 — 1 Comment

Who owns the past?

 These four words conceal a contentious problem.

 Obviously no one owns it in the way that they might own    

 a book about the past. Owning objects from the past can

 certainly be contentious, as the Elgin Marbles reveal. But

 there was a real past, in which real people lived – a few

 who are remembered, most who are forgotten. 


Woke activists, take note • THERE [IS] NO public appetite for erasing British history

NEVER FORGETTING that HISTORY [IS] WHAT HAPPENEDand because of that NOTHING can be done to CHANGE [IT] but [ONE] can utilise those icons of the past, with a TRULY OPEN MIND to …


Posted by Michael Grove on January 7, 2022 at 11:00


  to BUCKY's understanding of FOUR BALLS in space[TIME]

   The triangular pyramid model THE MODEL would be based on the principles of

   responsibilities and rights, in accordance with the integral values of SDi, and

   the MeshWORKS which would pertain within and throughout the infinitely

   expansive model of QUINTESSENTIAL CHANGE. The Art of the Possible

   PROCESS of establishing "the focus" for a collective mindset of support for an

   EMPATHIC CIVILISATION on a GLOBAL SCALE, could thus be created by the



Posted by Michael Grove on December 27, 2021 at 13:30

REALITY's Dawn of Political Terror in the Air ...

     Never forgetting that a Boeing 707, El Al Flight 426

    en route from Rome to Tel Aviv, was hijacked and flown

    to Algeria – the first and only successful hijacking of  

    an El Al plane. The flight had 38 passengers and a

    crew of 10.

The reality however of the global situation with which the nations of our species - individually and collectively - have been faced since the night, over 40 years ago, when I was then being interviewed by the Special Branch in the context of the…


Posted by Michael Grove on December 19, 2021 at 12:00





For every day that passes, this conclusion receives further confirmation • "The ruling classes of this world are constitutionally incapable of responding to the catastrophe in any other way than by expediting it. Unfortunately, COP26 did not produce any compelling reasons to revise that conclusion. Less than a week after the end of the summit, the Biden administration held the largest federal offshore drilling auction in US history.

“The administration has more than sufficient authority under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to cancel this lease sale.”

There is little to suggest that any other government signing the Glasgow Pact will behave differently



Posted by Michael Grove on November 22, 2021 at 9:30 — 2 Comments

What is the metaverse and Web 3.0 ? ...

At first mention, you may think the metaverse sounds like a fantasy world in the latest futuristic Hollywood blockbuster, and truth be told you are not wrong.

The term was first coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, in which he described a virtual reality-based successor to the internet.

A few decades later, the 2011 dystopian science fiction novel Ready Player One,by Ernest Cline, also centred around a metaverse called the OASIS, which is accessed with a virtual reality headset and wired gloves to escape a world crumbling by an energy crisis.

ALL of which I would most indefatigably suggest, requires A CHANGE of THINKING

Fast forward to today, and the metaverse is now a hot buzzword in Silicon Valley. It is also tied to the development of Web 3.0, which some believe will be the next chapter of the internet’s existence.…


Posted by Michael Grove on November 15, 2021 at 12:00 — 1 Comment


The Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion...

responsible for implementing the anti-corruption strategy, is John Penrose MP. He is the husband of Baroness Dido Harding – head of the Test and Trace programme. But the intersection of public sector appointments and political party donations has not only been witnessed in relation to the pandemic.

The Byline Intelligence Team has calculated that a quarter of top Conservative donors – those who have donated more than £100,000 to the party – have received a title or a peerage. Of the Conservative Party’s 20 biggest donors since 2010 – those donating more than £1.5 million – 55% (11) have received an honour or a title. Ten were given these perks in the past decade.

A more recent trend, and one catalogued extensively by Byline Times, has been a concerted attempt to appoint Conservative-leaning figures to public bodies. One former Government official …


Posted by Michael Grove on November 9, 2021 at 12:30 — 2 Comments


"James Lovelock will go down in history as the scientist who changed our view of the Earth from a barren rock covered with a thin coating of life to a self-organising system that in many ways resembles a single organism. Following a conversation with the novelist William Golding, Lovelock named this self-regulating system after the Greek earth goddess Gaia. Viewed with suspicion by Darwinian fundamentalists, Gaia theory is now widely accepted and used in scientific disciplines. Its implication is that humanity is part of a much larger system that it cannot control, still less master. The Earth's self-regulating processes impose limits on human ambitions, and if humanity acts to destabilise the system, the Earth will readjust in ways that show no regard for human welfare." 

In The Revenge of Gaia - the most important book ever to be published on the environmental crisis - Lovelock applies Gaia theory to climate change. Using the latest scientific findings, he concludes that an abrupt and radical climatic shift is unavoidable. Global heating - as he prefers to describe it…


Posted by Michael Grove on November 8, 2021 at 10:30


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