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 AS a LEFT-handed, GEMINi, dysLEXIC - IS a STORY of the struggle of

 a boy coming to terms with BEING an alien on the planet to which he had

 been born, playing to the beat of a different DRUM.

 Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision

 passes the time. ACTION and VISION can change the world.

                                                                  Christopher Cooke

My own vision - as a child was of a future time when we would be able

to personally experience a simulation of the reality such that we would be

unable to tell the difference between the simulation and the reality. My vision,

at that time, identified more with the "brown-stone" buildings of New York

and the digital television watch of Dick Tracey than the "1984" scenario

painted by George Orwell. Later in life when questioned as to my thoughts

on "the simulation of the reality " and of a possible definition thereof - I

often retorted that, by use of the ‘ideal system', "one would be able to jump

off the white cliffs of Dover and walk away after the experience, without

scratch, but being a completely different person as a result of the

experience."  They all replied, as do some today, that I was in need of a

frontal lobotomy. BUT no man is an island and turning this vision into a

reality has always been dependent on a willingness to search for all the

component parts, to communicate and collaborate with the multitude of

people destined to provide the component parts and then to "glue" the

whole together into a cohesive and meaningful solutionA solution which

addresses the very real issues with which we are all faced in our daily lives. 

As a result of determination, persistence and perseverance -

We should not be trying to make institutions work faster, but to help people to discover imaginative new ways to communicate and work together better. We need to encourage our global society to be able to turn information into knowledge... knowledge into ideas... and ideas into sharing wealth"; the real key to understanding, all thingsIS within ourselves.

Once we understand ourselves we must then encourage others
to seek a similar level of understanding as a result of

Co-creation - Co-existence - Cooperation - Collaboration

... in order that a new model & method of wealth creation, mutually beneficial to all, can be established, in accordance with Bucky's understanding that everyone of our species is already a billionaire.

In the summer of 1952 my mother was push-chairing me around

Parliament Hill Fields - an open-space park to the north of the Archway.

I nagged her something silly - when passing an ice-cream vendor - for a

pineapple ice-lolliepop. Rationing was still in effect following the end of

World War II - but eventually she gave way and bought one for me. To this

day I remember the flavour as being quite foul tasting and never had

occassion to taste the real thing for many years after. When I eventually did

taste fresh pineapple for the first time - I found it absolutely delicious and

continue to do so. The very first memory of a story being told to me, was

that which my mother exchanged, one morning in North London, as we

climbed hand in hand up Highgate Hill on our way to my nursery school,

shortly after my 4th birthday. That day was hot and I vividly remember

playing with toys in a sandpit in the playground and sleeping on a camping

bed, under shelter, to the side of the playground up against a wall. The

story of course was that of Dick Whittington and his cat, but when I was

told the story, the cat alas, had still not being added to the memorial, and I

was left to only imagine what the cat might have looked like. For whatever

reason I used to have a recurring dream subsequently, which entailed me

taking a walk over tower bridge while the bridge was opening and not

being able to stop walking until I fee over the edge of the raised arm and

fell into the River Thames, began "floating-down" to the river bed, where I

always met the same talking goat !!!

The "Osmiroid 65" fountain pen was developed, chiefly for school children whose special needs for writing instruments had always been a matter of prime concern. A large range of nib units were made to suit right and left handed users and the several types of handwriting being taught, particular attention being paid to the Italic style."

... & so it was as a reward of merit that I received an "Osmiroid 65fountain pen and the nuns at my primary school in the Archway, London, taught me to write in LEFT-handed italic handwriting - to the point where others took over to prepare me for my 11plus exam that gave me entrance to The Grammar SchoolAmong other things, that exam required me to demonstrate my prowess in english reading as well as writing … unfortunately by that time I had never read a book of fiction.

I was encouraged to read The Swiss Family Robinson & I used the formula of that book as a template to write my 11 plus english essay exam - in the context that Heathrow airport was an “island” and that in consideration of the fact that - no man was an island - this self contained island was in fact THE stepping stone to the world.

Carl Jung developed his own distinctive approach to the study of the human mind - which fact I became aware of whilst studying for my GCE 'O' & 'A' levels at Borehamwood Grammar School in Hertfordshire, England. My perspective of Jung's views was established in juxtoposition to those of William L. Shirer - the journalist and historian who was hired by Ed Murrow and with him became the progenitors of broadcast journalism - as a result of reading his book - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - in the library during free periods. I had a lot of them because I studied Physics, Maths Pure & Maths Applied whilst regarding them ALL as one subject and doing Art on the side so to speak, whilst on occasion, making visits to The Design Centre in London, Rolls Royce Aerospace in Derby and de Havilland in Hatfield.

It was during the building of a model of a Vickers Wellington, as a teenager,

which first introduced me to the geodesic method of construction and I

suppose that's where the seed of and idea was planted for the eventual

creation of my 3 DIMENSIONAL MODEL. That seed was then nurtured

visually as a result of researching the juxtaposition of Leonardo da Vinci's 

Vitruvian Man with Le Corbusier's MODULOR concept, whilst studying Art

at A Level GCE; and further refined by a mathematical understanding of the

works of Leonardo Fibonacci, as well as Richard Feynman's diagrammatical

representations of EINSTEIN's space/time/quantum theories; as a result my

'connessione ' with my father's own connection with the NATURE of his

allotment, where he grew sunflowers, which he had presumably first

experienced during the war in Italy, where he had already struck up friendships

with those who were to be the harbingers of plastic injection moulding for the

manufacture of classics such as the PANTON CHAIR

HEREIN lies A TRUTH which drives the VERY TRUTH of a sustainable
LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD solution template. I first became aware of the
YIN & YANG TAIJI symbol of LIFE at Grammar School and at once connected its truth, to the spiralling of galaxies throughout the heavens. In the context of - FITNESS for PURPOSE first and FITNESS for TECHNOLOGY second, which for me, has forever been the primary focus, at the VERY CORE of developing the technological solutions required to address the NEEDS of my clientele, rather than that which the clientele naively believed, was what they thought they wanted to address the problem they had - IT WAS whilst on secondment to The European Upper Airspace Control Centre in Beek NL, that I was first introduced to Philips pioneering efforts to develop the Laser Videodisc. A technology which, for me at the time was destined to rule the rest of my time on this planet; and so it has turned out to be, because IBM who were first involved with Philips in the development, have since invented and produced a far more accurate blue laser, for 'BLU-RAY' products which satisfy our species maximum visual acuity of a matrix of 4096x4096 and 16.9 million pixels. I digress. Videodisc in latin translates to VIDEO DISCO, which to all intents and purposes relates to "While I TURN I see and LEARN" - and one of the discoveries that my team and I discovered - as an early 'fitness for purpose learning experience', with one of the first CAV discs [50,000 single frame storage, which had frame by frame access and manipulative capability) on which we had laid down 10,000 images for a Videodisc Library Project - was that if one viewed this image bank at a slowed down rate of 10 frames per second, the viewer was subsequently capable of remembering every one of those 10,000 images, where they were placed in the whole, and how each image was juxtaposed to those either side of it. Confirmation of the fact that as Buckminster Fuller well understood and as a scientist was willing to propose ... "Each and Everyone of Us IS a BILLIONAIRE" - IN THE BLINK of an EYE indeed.

"Just as the sun is at the centre of our solar system, so too must the mind of wisdom be the centre of our diverse personalities. If our minds are strong, then the various parts of our lives will be held firmly to their proper courses, and there will be no chance of deviation."



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Comment by Michael Grove on March 27, 2016 at 6:54

Economics needs a new paradigm. The present one, serving economic growth and those who benefit from it, has quit serving humanity. GNP is less correlated with human well-being and humanity than it used to be. Being a stream quantity and not a stock quantity (as 'economic growth' wrongly suggests), GNP can be compared to a running tap. As long as thirst is humanity's main need and want, a faster running tap correlates with more well-being and a decrease in suffering that impedes human flourishing. This correlation becomes less when some people, having quenched their thirst, use it to indulge other wants, when a faster running tap becomes a measure of status and power and when restricting others' access to one's tap induces ruinous conflicts. I define economics as (our study of) the way in which we organize that people get what they need (some more than that, others not at all). Or, less morally biased: (our study of) the way in which we organize that people get what they want.


Comment by Michael Grove on March 27, 2016 at 7:25

ON [RE]flexion, my own connessione with the rapidly growing number

of cultural creativeshas been established by a series of initiatives,

which have taken place over the course of the last three score years

and ten. The one common-denominator of ALL these cultural creatives,

IS that they believe that they are acting alone, but because of and

thanks to, Tim Berners Lee and the advent of social media in the form

of Blogger, *zaadz, letschangetheworld.ning and Facebook, I have

established the story which will be no doubt contained in my very own

Freespace in4D™ 'Glass TIME[capsule]' - for the ultimate benefit of

generations to comeas just one soul of the Freespace in4D 

cultural creative  T.E.A.M. of SOULS UNITED.


Comment by Michael Grove on March 3, 2020 at 14:44

The quantum computers being developed here in Zurich, one of the world’s oldest financial centres, are master code breakers, able to solve problems and crack codes in hours that traditional computers would take thousands of years to work out."  

- The Telegraph 

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