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  of the CULTURAL CREATIVES is a [RE]flexion of MY STORY [in4D]

  and My J[our]ney of LIFE [re]lated as THE STORY OF TWO LIVES

  As a left-handed dyslexic who has honed my visual-spatial intelligence to

  [BE] able to manipulate 3 dimensional space, within my head, as a result of

  being trained as both a pilot and air traffic controller - the subject of the

  nature of consciousness, has always been of particular interest to me. My

  involvement with the establishment of an interactive multimedia televisual

  communications industry and the development of CGI workstations has

  awakened 'my mind', over several decades, to the possibility that the entire

  energy of the universe constitutes the holographic ground of being of 

  consciousness and that our species, as do all other insects, animal species

  and plants, possess a diverse range of transceivers, to filter out the energy

  streams specific to, and commensurate with, their particular day to day

  purposeful requirements.  


  are the source of IDEAS ... IDEAS can lead to the sharing of a wealth of
  understanding which provides the potentiality of the qualitative enhancement
  & advancement of the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. The future of that process,
  however, since the outset of homo-sapiens-sapiens, has been in the "hands"
  and MINDs of OUR species. A species which is driven by the dual concepts of ...
  benefit for the individual and benefit for the collective. Concepts which can so
  easily be diverted to the use of the power of knowledge for GOOD or EVIL.

  [IT] WAS Muriel Rukeyser who said that ... 

  "The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms";

  and every story IS the seed of a thread of interconnection and interaction of

  every thread, which reflects the warp and weft of our individual and collective

  'WEB of LIFE'. It is that WEB of LIFE which Gregory Shephard and his

  associated ARTISTS, have been discussing, in the infinite conversation

  taking place around the virtual library roundtable, at Facebook, in the

  context of their launch of Freespace 4D™ in March this year, for

  BEING and BECOMING [TIME]lesswhich will embrace the potentiality of 

  forever storing, in glass TIME[capsules], the stories of each and every one of

  the passengers of Spaceship Earth - as well as a Collective AlphaINDEX of 

  Freespace in4D™ individual members' AlphaINDEX of Stories - THE IDEA 

  which has naturally evolved over the last 20 years or so, into appropriately

  developing a solution, which addresses the desperately needed SWITCHthat

  will provide the mechanism by which the most significant question

 "HOW to take AN IDEA and SHARE IT?" can be answered, for the MUTUAL

  BENEFIT of ALL that constitutes y[our] pale blue dotin order that Universal

  NATURE's perfect design might be fully [Fuller]implementedTHINKING




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Comment by Michael Grove on March 25, 2016 at 18:34


BY JUST adding THE Information Artistry of 'A'rt - to

S.T.E.M. to produce  S.T.E.A.M. - otherwise known as ...

the Solutions T.E.A.M. • [Together Everyone Achieves More]


Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:18

Twelve finalists have been chosen from this year's Art of Building architectural photography competition. From abstract details to abandoned buildings, here are the chosen images.
The Art of Building
is run by the Chartered Institute of Building.

I have used my own best Eight of Twelve choice of these images, below, to illustrate ... 
E I G H T   B U C K Y   I D E A S   T O   S A V E   T H E   P L A N E T   A N D  Y O U R   S A N I T Y

that Patricia Ravasio has published in her True Story
The Girl from Spaceship Earth 

You’ll find the author's blog at Please visit there to read about Buckminster Fuller's IDEAS for today and for news about upcoming events and books.

FORM FOLLOWS IDEA examines the work and ideas of influential designers Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor. Their reflections and propositions provide a refreshing and provocative approach to design, touching on issues such as craftsmanship, modernism, and the role of nature and commercialism in design. Ball and Naylor's work explores ideas of space beyond the physical object. Their concern with cultural and social values is manifest in the form and (dis)function of their designs and appropriations of everyday objects, such as chairs, lights and shelving.

FORM FOLLOWS IDEA features their approach to these objects through cultural, ecological and visual narratives. As such, their book provides a playful yet critical re-evaluation of familiar forms and typologies.

ALL of 
which I would dedicate to my fleeting relationship with Eric R Kuhne and his
LOVE of BOOKS and every[THING] related to  the SPiRALogic

"Rugged textured cable pipes ran over my head at a train station in New York, creating a trance-like, frightful pattern," says Gautam Kamat Bambolkar. "They ran from the edge of the entrance to an infinite end. It looked nothing less than a scary man-made cave." 

1. Embrace abundance, not scarcity.

Humans are falsely conditioned by the notion of scarcity promoted by Charles Darwin and Thomas Malthus. The idea of survival of the fittest sets up an us-versus-them mentality. If we believe there is not enough for all, overconsumption and greed are natural results. Only by embracing abundance and setting out to prove there is enough for all can we achieve Bucky’s overriding objective, “To make the world work for one hundred percent of all humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological damage or harm to any individual.” In other words, whether we think we can or think we can’t, we are right.


Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:21

Hanqing Qu's image was taken at Malaysia's National Mosque. "When the sunlight sprinkles into this building, light and shade meet each other in a dreamlike scene," he says. "It reminds me of the film called Inception."

2. Realign with nature.

Cocooned in our clothing, homes, cars, and offices, humans have become detached from nature. Reconnecting and realigning requires that we return to nature as often as possible and spend as much time within nature as we can, sleeping outdoors, sitting under trees, going barefoot. Realigning with nature’s design principles also requires weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. This is humanity’s most critical task. Trust that you are part of something bigger than your conscious mind can comprehend.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:26

Francis Meslet chose to look upwards in this picture, taken in a French memorial marking the centenary of World War One.

3. Demand true democracy.

In a 1972 Playboy interview, Bucky predicted that a true real-time democracy was on the way. “One day soon,” he said, “we will be able to click a thing on our wrist to say ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it,’ and that will be our vote.” Bucky’s ideas generally came about fifty years in advance of reality, which means real-time democracy should arrive by about 2020. Considering recent political events, another Bucky thought to ponder is this: “When something is broken, don’t try to fix it. Create a new model that renders the old one obsolete.” Bucky said successful global air traffic control is proof that we can cooperate despite our differences. “You may ask how we are going to resolve the ever-accelerating dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas,” he said. “I answer, it will be resolved by the computer. While no politician or political system can afford to yield understandably and enthusiastically to their adversaries and opponents, all politicians can and will yield to the computer’s safe flight-controlling capabilities and bring all humanity in for a happy landing.” Surely there will soon be an app for that.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:30

Mehmet Yasa's photograph is called "the eye of the tower" due to his ingenious positioning of the staircase and bell in this tower in Verona, Italy.

4. Know your individual power.

“The future of humanity rests upon individual integrity.” How can an individual be more powerful than any corporation or government entity? Only the individual has total freedom to act on passion and principle. Humans have always unknowingly affected all of Universe by every act and thought. Realistic, comprehensively responsible, unselfish thinking does absolutely impact human destiny. Bucky often expressed this with his trim tab analogy. A trim tab is a tiny flap on the rudder of a boat. Although very small, it is the only thing that changes the direction of even the most massive ocean liner. Know that you are that trim tab, he often said; know that individual integrity is the most powerful energy on earth.

One of EIGHT BUCKY I D E A S   T O   S A V E   T H E   P L A N E T  AND  Y O U R   S A N I T Y

that Patricia Ravasio has published in her True Story
The Girl from Spaceship Earth  

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:34

"This historic theatre is built in a typical oval shape, with the stage on one end and multiple floors and balconies all around the rest," says photographer Linda van Slobbe about this theatre in        Bar-le-Duc, France. "This one has beautiful decorations."

5. Understand what needs to be done, and then do it.

Man knows so much but does so little. Bucky wrote this advice in 1970 to a ten-year-old boy who asked whether Fuller was a doer or a thinker: “The things to do are: the things that need doing, that you see need to be done, and that no one else seems to see need to be done. Then you will conceive your own way of doing that which needs to be done— that no one else has told you to do or how to do it. This will bring out the real you that often gets buried inside a character that has acquired a superficial array of behaviors imposed by others on the individual.”

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:37

This image by Robert Cassway is part of a larger series called "The Vanishing West" about Fresno, Montana, USA. "This photo shows the ravages of time and weather on a building that was left to decay by benign neglect, after the families that lived in Fresno moved away," he says.

6. Evolve consciously.

Humanity must qualify to survive. For this to happen, the time will come when humans will have acquired enough knowledge of generalized principles to permit a graduation from a class two (entropic or selfish) evolution into a class one (syntrophic or cooperative) species. Thereafter, we will begin to make all the right choices for all the right reasons. Stay tuned to your own stream of consciousness, so that you can continue to grow in your syntrophic capacities. Focus on your own conscious evolution, and on the evolution of your own consciousness, and you will be helping humanity evolve to a higher level.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:40

Another photographer, Dmytro Levchuk, also chose to look upwards in this representation of bold colours and form in Dubai.

7. Remain comprehensive.

We live in an age that rewards specialization, believing it to be logical, natural, and desirable. Yet specialization has bred feelings of isolation, futility, and confusion, and has resulted in a disregard for big-picture thinking and responsibility. Bucky called himself a comprehensive anticipatory design scientist. Whether you look back at the great captains of ships at sea or at today’s modern CEOs, you will see that those who rise to the top to direct and manage others are those whose knowledge is comprehensive. They know a little bit about everything.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 11:41

Hossein Younesi captures the experimental architectural forms of this modern residential building in Iran.

8. Speak the truth.

Our survival depends not on political or economic systems but on the courage of individuals to speak the truth and go along only with the truth. Our future depends upon our courage to express what we know and feel is the truth and on our ability to do this with kindness and compassion. Our greatest vulnerability lies in the amount of misinformation and misconditioning available to humanity. These mistruths are one of the greatest obstacles we must overcome.

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