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Since I was first introduced to the ART of SYSTEMS ANALYSiS on an IBM System/360 64K CoreStore Mainframe, which was the size of a small block of flats, during my initial training as an Air Traffic Controller with the Ministry of Aviation at the School of Air Traffic Control in Hampshire, UK; and here we are NOW, as computing moves to the sub-atomic level, contemplating the development of an IBM device that can unlock THE MOST SOPHISTICATED forms of modern computer cyber-security

"Deep in the bowels of a Swiss laboratory lies a machine that promises to

transform the world of banking. In the basement of a low-rise building

overlooking Lake Zurich and through a door accessible to only a select few,

IBM is building a device that can unlock even the most sophisticated forms

of modern computer security. Step inside and the first thing you notice is

the noise: constant, clamouring, whirring. It emanates from two white

canister-shaped refrigeration units, where tiny copper wiring and chips that

can fit in the palm of a hand are cooled to temperatures lower than in outer

space. Standing just a few centimetres away from them, the heat inside the

room - like the back of a fridge at home - is palpable. 

The quantum computers being developed here in Zurich, one of the world’s oldest financial centres, are master code breakers, able to solve problems and crack codes in hours that traditional computers would take thousands of years to work out."  

The Telegraph 

ON [RE]flexion, my own connessione with the rapidly growing number

of cultural creativeshas been established by a series of initiatives,

which have taken place over the course of the last three score years and

ten. The one common-denominator of ALL these cultural creatives, IS 

that they believe that they are acting alone, but because of and thanks to,

 Tim Berners Lee and the advent of social media in the form of Blogger,

*zaadz, letschangetheworld.ning and Facebook, I have established the

story which will no doubt [BE] eventually contained in my very own

Freespace in4D™ 'Glass TIME[capsule]' - for the ultimate benefit of

generations to comeas just one soul of the Freespace in4D cultural

creative T.E.A.M. of SOULS UNITED.


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Comment by Michael Grove on November 13, 2018 at 8:09

  From the really big perspective of cyber-security of course

  we are not just talking about moving money around but moving

  people and things around on a minute by minute basis, because

  the Internet of Things has already being considered as a method

  of keeping track of our individual as well as collective movements

  AROUND Spaceship Earthon the ground, in the air and in space.

  Exactly 100 years ago on Sunday, after unleashing destruction

  on utterly new dimensions, the Great War ended. It was a war in

  which governments and generals struggled to adapt command

  structures and battlefield strategies to take account of some 

  transformative technologies.

Comment by Michael Grove on August 4, 2019 at 13:28

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