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 for the 3 DIMENSIONAL MODEL, of the mechanism which would

 underpin  my own concept of LET's CHANGE THE WORLD, that the

 father of the "Integral Theory of Consciousness" and AQUAL at   

 its core, Ken Wilber, described during an interview about such a

 model, as "a bowl of spaghetti "

AQAL represents the core of Ken Wilber's work. AQAL stands for

"all quadrants all levels ", but equally connotes 'all lines ', 'all states '

and 'all types '. These are the five irreducible categories of Wilber's

model of manifest existence. In order for an account of the Kosmos

to be complete, Wilber believes that it must include each of these

five categories. For Wilber, only such an account can be accurately

called "integral". In the essay, "Excerpt C: The Ways We Are in This

Together", Wilber describes AQAL as "one suggested architecture

of the KOSMOS".

Having been introduced to the thoughts of Clare Graves, however,

it was presumably only natural, that I should be drawn to the work

of Don Beck and Christopher Cowan and the integral concept of

Spiral Dynamics and MeshWORKS.

[IT] was whilst studying 'A' level Art, Physics, Maths Pure & Applied ~ that I was first introduced at Grammar School to the concept of the psychology of visual perception, such that the subsequent Tufte Trilogy of Envisioning Information has become my guiding LIGHT, so to speak.

I have yet to purchase Tufte's latest book BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE

I never had my own bedroom at home, until my soul-mate and I moved into our first house in High Wycombe, and even then I was sharing my bed of course, as well as our bedroom. It was as a teenager, however, living with my parents in Borehamwood, that my bed at night was a Scandinavian designed, convertible sofa-bed in the living area downstairs, over which my mother graciously allowed me to hang a 
few of my most treasured aircraft models, one of which had taken the shape of a Vickers Wellington WWII bomber. It was during the building of that model that I was first introduced to the geodesic method of geodetic aircraft construction and I suppose that's where the seed was sown for the creation of my very own design for a 3 DIMENSIONAL MODEL.

[IT] was as a result of my art studies that I first became aware of Leonardo da Vinci's renaissance drawings of his Duodecacahedron  as well as his Vitruvian Man, which 'squared the circle' of, the conundrum that the Roman Architect Vitruvius had proposed one and a half millennia before, to solve the issue of the 'perfect proportion in architecture and the human body '; and [IT] was Buckminster Fuller's fascination with the concept of a tetrahedron being the perfect base model of a SYSTEM MODEL to CHANGE THE WORLD, which completed my understanding of the significance of Leonardo's Duodecahedron • that a 'flat-earth type switch' would be required to act as a catalyst of change • in the context of the fact that we need to come up with an entirely different system design of the world as ONE NATION.

The Designer's Saturday event provided that catalyst  for me in the form of 'the cube in the corner - missing cube white on black blind-spot phenomenon '; and I have, in concert with the mathematical interpretations of the two Leonardos [Fibonacci and da Vinci], since attempted to design an equitable, infinitiely expansive, triangular pyramid template of 20 souls [ten female (yin) and ten male (yang)] 
which would fit with Bucky's Dymaxion Map Projection.

"The Dymaxion tranformational projection system that produces the Sky Ocean World Map divides the sphere [our pale blue dot globe] into its maximum omnisymmetrical, twelve-vertexed, thirty-arc-edged subdivisions of TWENTY equi-central-angled arcs of 63 degrees 26 seconds and sixty surface angles of 72 degrees each, spherical triangles. With it, for the first time in history, humans can see their whole planet Earth's geography displayed on one flat surface without any visible distortion in shape or relative size of any of its data and without any breaks in its continental contour - that is, the whole world surface is viewable simultaneously as one-world island of unbroken contour in one-world ocean."

Buckminster Fuller  CRITICAL PATH

My own personal "100th Monkey" moment, coincided with a

September 1990 article of the MAC TIMES, which declared my

belief that ... 

The First 100 Piece Jigsaw was NOW IN PLACE 

... which, following the coming together of geodesic structures

encompassing ALL that IS NATURE, at the core of the idea for the

EDEN PROJECT; later prompted the *zaadz OPENING the DOOR 

model of perception, to the 'macro and micro' realisation that begs

us to ask the universal questions WHO AM I ? and WHY AM I HERE ?


I CAN [NOW] ANNOUNCE that the IDEA has in[DEED] come to fruition with my son-in-law Richard Bishop's very IDEA
of each triangular surface of a tetrahedron, [BE]ing seen & understood as a 2 dimensional surface in [IT]'s own right with naturally a hole at centre which facilitates the fact that everything [IS] connected to everything else throughout our UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE by way of the THE LIGHT of y[OUR] UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE here on Spaceship Earth.




will eventually provide a GLOBAL MODEL in line with the very principles which

Julia Häusermann M.B.E. so lucidly outlined to me during our meeting in London

as her "Human rights and the principles of humanity - as those values

we share across faiths and culture - that together represent the highest

common vision of humanity. They form a global ethic, already agreed by

all states and their peoples throughout the world, because such a GLOBAL

ETHIC provides a common framework to inspire and shape the very

concerted action necessary."  


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 23, 2015 at 7:11

IDEAS can lead to the sharing of a wealth of understanding which provides the potentiality of the qualitative enhancement & advancement of the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS.

The future of that process, however, since the outset of HOMO SAPIENSSAPIENS has been in the "hands" and MINDs of OUR species. A species which is driven by the dual concepts of ...

benefit for the individual


benefit for the collective.

Concepts which can so easily be diverted
to the use of the power of knowledge ...

for GOOD or EVIL
Comment by Michael Grove on March 11, 2019 at 21:48

THE STORY OF "The Hundredth Monkey" has recently become popular in our culture as a strategy for social change. Lyall Watson first told it in Lifetide (pp147- 148), but its most widely known version is the opening to the book The Hundredth Monkey, by Ken Keyes. (See below.) The story is based on research with monkeys on a northern Japanese Island, and its central idea is that when enough individuals in a population adopt a new idea or behavior, there occurs an ideological breakthrough that allows this new awareness to be communicated directly from mind to mind without the connection of external experience and then all individuals in the population spontaneously adopt it. "It may be that when enough of us hold something to be true, it becomes true for everyone." (Watson, p148)

Comment by Michael Grove on August 5, 2019 at 22:22

Geodetic Aircraft Design

When further work on airships was abandoned in Britain during 1930, Barnes Wallis was recruited by Rex Pierson to move to Weybridge, where he settled into applying his expertise in using light alloy construction to fixed-wing aircraft.

Wallis hit upon a revolutionary structural idea – rather than building an aircraft structure on the principle of a beam, which supports an external aerodynamic skin, he developed a new type of structure which had the structural members formed within the aerodynamic shape itself. This required the structural members to follow the curved outer shape of the fuselage and wings.

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