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 "The LIFE
 of ANY THING whatsoever that takes nourishment continually

 dies and IS constantly renewed; because nourishmentcan only enter in

 those places where the preceeding nourishment is exhausted, and if it is

 exhausted it no longer has LIFEAnd unless you supply nourishment

 equivalent to that which has departed, LIFE will FAIL in its vigour, and if

 you deprive it of its nourishment the LIFE is entirely destroyed. But if you

 restore as much as is destroyed day by day, then as much of the LIFE is

 renewed as is consumed; Just as THE LIGHT of the candle is formed by the

 nourishment given to it by the liquid of this candle which LIGHT continually

 renews by swift succour from beneath as much as it consumes in dying

 above; and in dying changes from brilliant light into murky smoke; and

 this death IS continuous as long as the nourishment continues; and the

 smoke continues as long as the nourishment continues; and in the same

 instant the whole LIGHT IS DEAD when it ceases."

 d[n]a  Vinci


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