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Centre for Human Emergence

" The Center for Human Emergence will help facilitate the conscious emergence

of the human species using a synthesis of profound breakthroughs in human

knowledge and capabilities, encompassing natural pattern coherence,

mega-integration, unification, expanded whole mind capacity,

deep intelligence and consciousness"  

                                                                                                 Dr. Don Beck




Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap

So predicted Clare W. Graves in his article in The Futurist in April, 1974.


I asked him when this “leap” would actually happen. He cleared his throat

and responded, “I don’t know the exact date, but you will know when it

happens.” One could detect a twinkle in his eyes as if he was gently

warning that we would have quite a challenge with this “leap.”

I believe it is happening now. I sense we are witnessing the “perfect storm

- those moments when major inflection points appear to converge, and our

historical clocks are set on a new epoch, a sea change, a transformation 

that cuts across so many domains, even cultures and continents.


When the United States inaugurated a new president on Tuesday, it was

not simply the typical ceremony in Washington, DC, nor were its 

implications restricted to just a swearing in of a new leader.

The multiple millions who braved the freezing weather in Washington

came from around the world. Others were tuned in on CNN,

or various Internet news sources. One could detect pixie dust

on the whole magical scene, as if we were about to rescued by a

human who appears to transcends mere mortals, a gift from the gods.

On Wednesday morning we all woke up to our realities, problems, and

challenges, and we all know what they are. No need to repeat them here.

Clearly, “we are the people” and “this is the time.” But, to do what?

How can 21st Century problems be addressed with 21st Century Solutions?

The presidential campaign and victory were about “change.”

Here we ask, change FROM what and TO what ?


We plan to address these matters during 2009 with a new 

conceptual model – Psychology at the Large Scale.

You will recognise Spiral Dynamics but find much - much more.

Spiral Dynamics is a worldview of worldviews

You will be introduced to MeshWORKS Solutions (MWS) that design and

implement Functional Flows. You will learn how to create Transpartisan 

Processes (TPP) that mobilise all stakeholders and resources and bring

them to bear on our complex problems. Just as the US Air passenger plane

was recently able to crash land on the Hudson and instantly mobilize all of

the factors that made survival possible, it will take the same collaborative

effort to deal with our challenges and threats. This is not a call for naïve

come together” sessions that only foster limited views, good-feeling

experiences, or consensus-driven, superficial solutions.

Something new will be required, as we align technology with  

human systems, and levels of development with appropriate

and tailored packages, for the benefit of the whole.








The Center for Human Emergence (CHE) will function as a global facilitator of

the conscious evolution of the human species. CHE will be a major international

force for encouraging and facilitating a conscious or otherwise "directed"

cultural evolution in the world. It will operate on a number of levels,

including understanding - in a far more comprehensive way

than in the past - the cultural underpinnings that drive human behavior,

and will be focused on unification rather than fragmentation,

presuming that cooperation is more in line with the future we need than

competition. CHE will thus find innovative solutions for some of the

most complex problems facing the world today, encouraging

the development of new tools for making sense of the change that

surrounds us, as well as actively helping humanity to embrace

new values and perspectives that could provide the framework

for significant change ...


- in consideration of the fact that

- as Jeremy Rifkin has perfectly

well elucidated above




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Comment by Michael Grove on November 4, 2013 at 12:17

The in[SIGHT] here is that one style of democracy does not fit all. The Myth that Western democracy if given the chance, can spread throughout the Middle East has proven to be a false doctrine.”

Elza S. Maalouf, Co-founder & CEO, CHE-ME

The Middle East is at a pivotal time in its history, a cross roads in its evolution. 
Old ways no longer seem to be working and new ways have yet to fully emerge.

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