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 TIME for HumanKIND to encourage the peoples of the USA that IT IS


 injustice, which permeates every nook and cranny of Spaceship Earth.

 TIME to eradicate the global mindset of political slaveryrise to the

 challenge of SOCIAL JUSTICE for every passenger of Spaceship Earth.


 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION was a political one NOT a social one.

 In the NOW adopted role by the USA, of "WORLD POLICEMAN", IT IS 

 incumbent on its citizens, to rise in the name of SOCIAL JUSTICE and

 establish the template for a model of sustainability, for the benefit of

 future generations of passengers of Spaceship Earth.

A YIN&YANG model of balance and harmony which would encompass

 everyone of the steps which Eric Liu has proposed in his article entitled

 Bernie Sander's Revolution Needs a Better Plan 

 "In order to understand Chinese medicine you must also understand

 the basis of Chinese philosophical thought. Yin and Yang are at the

 heart of Chinese medicine and there is no better way to explain the

 philosophy of Yin and Yang through the Taijitu (the Supreme Ultimate)

 better known as the Yin/Yang symbol. The symbol contains a number

 of features that explain the simple themes of Yin/Yang philosophy.

 • Yin and Yang form a whole. they cannot exist without each other,

    but together they complete each other. They are complementary

    but opposite, like night and day.

 • Yin and Yang are constantly moving, and transforming into each

    other. This is represented by the swirling nature of the Supreme


 • Excessive Yin turns into Yang and vice versa. This is represented

    by the smaller dots within the swirls of black and white.

 Yin and Yang are used to describe the nature of everything in the

 heavens and on Earth. It is a powerful philosophical model and one

 that can always be applied to the workings of NATURE. For instance,

 the day emerges from the night, becomes brighter and then at its

 zenith starts forming the night again. If there is too much heat then

 storm clouds will be created and cool the day down again: excessive

 Yang creating Yin." 

Dr. Daniel Keown The Spark in the Machine


Dr. Keown goes onto say ...

 "In society if capitalists (Yang) get too rich then the majority

  of the workers (Yin) will rise up and overthrow them"

   ... as has ever been the case throughout

  the entire period of the history of China.


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Comment by Michael Grove on February 13, 2016 at 10:33

Never forgetting that 3 years before the United Nations made its Declaration of Human Rights

President Roosevelt's science advisor, Dr. Vannevar Bush - published in the July edition of Atlantic

Monthly - his idea of a wondrous machine which he called a memex. A machine which would enable

you to search through information with incredible speed. You could pinpoint a thought in a book,

leap to a related pointing a newspaper story and go on linking ideas until you built, in essence, a

record tracing your own train of thought - one which you could pass along to friends and associates.

All of which would be considerably closer to the way the MIND works. As Bush himself described it,

"the human minds snaps instantly from one related thought to another, following an intricate

web of associative trails - synapse to synapse - the speed of the action, the intricacy of the

trails, the detail of mental picture is awe inspiring.  Man cannot hope to fully duplicate this

mental process artificially but he certainly ought to be able to learn from it "

Comment by Michael Grove on April 16, 2018 at 8:42

      I first read Jean Giona's short story about Elzeard Bouffier
, entitled -

      The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness - in the 1954 copy of

      my mother's Vogue magazine. It obviously had a profound sub-conscious

      effect on me at the time - because all of my father's earth-husbandry has

      resulted in my long-term involvement in the cultivation of indigenous

      European species bonsai - particularly sessile oaks - as well as 10 years

      of custodianship of an ancient oak woodland in Wales.

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