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A deviation of a hair's breadth at the center
Lead's to an error of a hundred miles at the rim.
When the effort is so slight,
Why should you hesitate to set things right ?

Deng Ming-Dao

For ALL zaadsters - particularly those friends of Darina - I cannot but recommend -
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring - as an absolutely magnificant way
of experiencing and enjoying the ever FLOWING cycle of the seasons of LIFE

NB - Make SURE you browse the 100 or so customer reviews on the Amazon site linked above
IF you want an in depth appraisal of this move.

As they say - ENJOY

My wife and soul partner - Linnie - gave me the DVD for my Christmas present last year - and having watched it several times - I cannot believe that others would not be touched by a feeling of absolute enlightenment, joy, compassion, transformation and LOVE

First published by Michael Grove @zaadz on 27th October 2006



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Joy Bringer : Visionary Creator & Artivist

about 3 hours later

Joy Bringer said

Thank you Michael,

This sounds like an experience not to miss. I intend to immerse myself in this “everflowing cycle of the seasons of life” in which we are always already present and enjoying…

More Joy and Inspiration to you and lovely Linnie,
D a r i n a :)

Alex Chua : Clarity Coach

2 days later

Alex Chua said

Oh yes, this is a wonderful movie I heard about since 2005 but only got to watch it in September 2006. Finally! It's enriching… & breathtaking

Ian Gardner : Mystic*

2 days later

Ian Gardner said

Thanks Michael,
I will see whether I can view this.

Michael : catalyst-producer

19 days later

Michael said

Breathtaking indeed and very much a complimentary “thread” to Darina's Autumnal initiatiative come FALL or whatever …

Michael : catalyst-producer

10 months later

Michael said

From the trees

And I asked the trees of life and time …

They answered;

You are like four seasons in one day

And they said …

Our daytime is summer
Our nightime is winter
Spring is our dawn
And Autumn our dusk
Nature is life’s expression of abundance
Humanities potential is the seed
It lays amongst rocks of doubt and the fertile ground of imagination
Nature exists in accordance to life’s flow
Man so shall learn
Only in silence can you hear
Only in action can you learn
We are in harmony awaiting your voice
Longing the day of your full expression

Martin Dewhurst


Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring …


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