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A VISION for CHANGE must focus initially on the motivation to rendezvous with destiny.

Rainbow Warriors

The REALITY IS that DESTINY IS that which one discovers ... IF every opportunity, with which you are faced, is responsibly acted upon in all humility. FATE IS what you are faced with if you don't.

THE ultimate motivation of our species MUST BE peace on earth. But peace on earth can only be attained if we can sit down with our adversaries and formulate sustainable solutions together, to address
the issues that divide us.

THE penultimate motivation of our species MUST then BE to establish a global infrastructure which will allow this to happen.


You DON'T get QUALITY by following a procedure - IT IS a state of MIND

First posted by Michael Grove on March 20, 2008 at 16:30

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martha : wildlygentle
1 day later
martha said

Michael, your words are so profound and inspiring–both your own words and those that you resonate with and have gathered here. Thank you for posting these ideas.


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