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The action of assuming responsibly

Posted on May 22nd, 2007 by * GAiA * : Love...Here&Now * GAiA *

alive !

Title: Love...Here&Now

Gender: Female

Age: Ageless

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Location: Punta del Este

SO TELL THEM, write to them,
that when I say to be spontaneous, I mean be responsible to the cosmos,
I make your responsibility greater, not lesser.

Man-made laws are just man-made laws.
When you start falling in tune with the cosmos, you are fulfilling a greater responsibility.
And that responsibility is neither against you nor anybody else.
It is for everybody' s welfare - but that is not the goal of it.
The welfare is just a natural outcome, a consequence, a by-product.

So tell them to meditate.
Tell them to listen to their hearts.
Tell them to feel life more and more in all its forms -
and to be responsible.
Respond with your totality.

It is, in fact, one life.
We are not separate: we are members of each other; we overlap each other.
If I hurt you, I hurt myself.
If I make you happy, I create happiness for myself.
When you are blissful, I am also blissful.
When you are in misery, it is impossible for me not to be affected by that misery.


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Michael : catalyst-producer

about 4 hours later
Michael said

ACTION of assuming responsibility for the ONE LIFE & Listen to your heart - INDEED

1 day later
Bob said

Yes ;o)

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Comment by Heather Nova on December 30, 2014 at 10:36

I see <3  the responsibility I see :)

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