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A remarkable convergence is under way in the world today: the convergence

of reason and emotion, observation and intuition, science and spirituality.

The newest thing on our horizon is the oldest thing in our history.

We are not discovering greater truths, but re-discovering them.

THIS IS one of the happiest and most positive signs of  y[our] TIMES.

The happy news applies also to the subject of love—of all-embracing love. The oldest, most stable cultures, those that endured for thousands of years, had many features we would no longer like to have — a hierarchical stucture, an enormous gap between the powerful and the powerless, and lesser regard for the value of life — but they also had something we had lost and would very much need: solid social cohesion, supported by shared ideas about the nature of society backed by insights concerning the fundamental nature of reality. They may not have individually experienced all-embracing love, but they obeyed the dictates of a spiritual authority that made them behave as if they did.

Traditional cultures had a symbolic, and as we would now say esoteric, understanding of the world. They perceived a higher or deeper order that humans are to obey and mirror. Hermes Trismegistus declared, “As above,       so [it must be] below.” The discoverers of the higher orders were the shamans and the prophets, and the spiritual leaders whose sight and insight had the seal of divine inspiration. The highest layers of the temporal orders were the masters who carried the message and saw to its implementation: the kings and the chieftains, the pharaohs and the emperors. They enjoyed divine origins, or at least divine inspiration. Thanks to the link they provided to the “order above,” the “order below” was relatively stable. People were enduringly bonded and despite periodic revolts and revolutions, could re-bond time and time again.

We cannot live like this in the 21st century. We have difficulty accepting even recognised ecclesiastical authority, not to speak of authority based on spiritual insight. But we are not called to do so. We can find fresh guidance by looking  to science backed by spiritualityand to spirituality backed by science. Thanks to the current convergence of these perennial streams of human culture, remarkably authoritative insights are available to us. Through  them we can form enduring bonds between us and nature, NOT by   obeying the commands of an outer authority, but by following the    dictates of our own mind and spirit

All-embracing love is the message we get when we take a deeper look at the latest findings of the sciences. The gist of the converging insights is that there is an underlying logic that confers unity and oneness on us, and on all things in the universe. The world is like a vast hologram, coded by basic patterns that “in- formthe entire cosmic matrix known as space[TIME]. There is nothing entirely random and meaningless in this world; there are no truly chance events. LIFE [IT]self is not a random accident. The latest discoveries show that organic macromolecules, the basic elements of life, are synthesised already in the physical and chemical evolution of stars even before they emerge and evolve as biological organisms on some planets. The evolution of life is not a fortuitous event in the world, but the expression of a coherent logic carried by universal laws.


When we peel away the symbols and metaphors that clothe the traditional insights, we see that the concept of cosmic order is very similar in science and in spirituality. It is an order of wholeness and connection, of instant “nonlocal” interaction and embracing spacetime coherence.

In the language of the systems sciences, the universe is a complex interacting whole — not a hierarchy but a “holarchy.” Humans, as all living things, are “holons”—embedded wholes—in this cosmic order.

We are wholes in regard to the atoms, molecules, cells and organs that make up our body and parts in regard to the larger systems that frame our lives. We do not know how being a part “feels” to an atom, a molecule, a cell or even a simpler organism. But we do know how it feels to us, conscious human beings. When we look deeply into our own consciousness and ask, “how does it really feel to be in the world?” we realize that it feels like being part of a family — of a vast family, with members bonded by all-embracing love.

With the “re-cognition” of all-embracing love as an intrinsic element in nature, we can regain the coherence and solidarity we had lost in the modern world. We can participate in the vast awakening that is now beginning to bond people, especially young people, to each other and to nature.

Embracing love is the way we can again be part of the world. It is the foundation of the new thinking we need to create a sustainable and humane world. It could be, and I believe will be, our salvation.


The Ervin Laszlo - ALL-EMBRACING LOVE DECLARATION - Preamble -

with the now to be expected "Merchants of LOVE" links of zaadz/times 

NOW passed BUT never forgotten; as ME/WE forge ever forward . 


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Comment by Michael Grove on June 28, 2013 at 13:06

We are wholes and we are ascending

Humankind has been ascending toward higher insight, deeper feeling, and clearer perception

throughout its history. This ascent has been interrupted but not cancelled by the trials and

tribulations we experience today. They are waystations of the transformation that brings us a

“re-cognition” of our wholeness in the world.

Our wholeness has been known for millennia. Dismissed as fantasy at the dawn of the modern

age, it is resurfacing again. We are rediscovering that all things are whole, and all are connected.

Nothing is entirely evanescent. Everything that has ever happened is still present, and it in-forms

all that is yet to happen.

We are not fragmentary beings. We are made up of myriad atoms and molecules and myriad cells

forming a complex system of organs, and yet we are one: an integral whole. All living systems,

and all networks of living systems, are wholes. In a broader sense, all galaxies, and the

metagalaxy of all galaxies, are wholes. They are interconnected, and they co-exist and

co-evolve throughout space and time.

Wholeness is an indication that there is a deeper dimension in the world — a dimension where,

as in a hologram, all that is, is present at the same time. This dimension has been known by

many names, perhaps most remarkably by the ancient rishis, the “seers” of India, who called

it the Akasha. As shown by deep mystical and spiritual experience, and illustrated by records

of actual access to the “Akashic field,” the imprint of this dimension in-forms our bodies and

in-forms our consciousness. It is our cosmic heritage; our precious birthright. Its rediscovery

is among the most promising manifestations of our continued ascent toward a higher stage

in our intellectual and spiritual development. 

                                                                                       Ervin Laszlo

Comment by Michael Grove on June 28, 2013 at 13:10

We have purpose

The connections that bond all things in the world are expressed in our body and our mind. They can

also be expressed in our relations with each other and with the world. We can act in harmony with the

deep dimension, the cosmic matrix. We can become an integral part of  the great wave

of evolution that unfolds throughout space and time.

We are here not just to subsist, to endure suffering or enjoy fleeting satisfactions and justify

our existence in the eyes of others and in our own. We are here to experience the joy of living,

the happiness of loving and being loved. We are here to celebrate this joy and happiness. We are

here so the Akashic spark within us could inspire the re-cognition of the purpose of our life -

a purpose centered on harmony with the universe, attained through our all-embracing love.

Above all, we are here to participate in the great transformation that sets the stage for our

species’ ascent toward deeper insight and higher wisdom. We are here to thrive and to evolve,

with all-embracing love for each other and for all things in the cosmos. 

                                                                                                               Ervin Laszlo


Comment by Michael Grove on June 28, 2013 at 13:14

We Seek a New Culture

Our life’s purpose calls us to create a culture and a consciousness of all-embracing love.

This is the next step in the long and eventful evolution that unfolds the potentials of the

cosmos in our bodies and our consciousness.

The next step in our evolution is driven on the one hand by increasing crises with accompanying

unrest and turbulence, and on the other by a deepening and ever more evident unsustainability

in the world. The economic, social and political crises of our time are clear and objective evidence

that the kind of thinking dominating our world is flawed. Its fragmentation into I/you, we/world,

man/nature dualities cannot ensure the survival of the seven billion humans of the global family. It creates polarization in society and gaps between humanity and nature.

Einstein was right: we cannot solve the significant problems of our time with

the same kind of thinking that gave rise to them. We need new thinking.

Young people, and all people young in spirit, realize that to confront the problems of our time we

need something radically and fundamentally new. We need a new culture. Culture is not a luxury,

the exclusive province of the privileged; it is the essence of how we see the world, and ourselves

in the world. It is the ground of our values and the warrant of our aspirations.

The new culture we seek must offer an embracing view of the human being, of society, and of

the web of life on the planet. It must suggest a pragmatic ethic for life in a globally extended,

interacting and intercommunicating world. And it must enable us to transcend the fragmented

and ever more dysfunctional culture that still dominates the contemporary world. 

                                                                                                               Ervin Laszlo


Comment by Michael Grove on June 28, 2013 at 13:20

We Seek a New Consciousness

To overcome the problems and crises of our fragmented world we also need a new consciousness.

Culture and consciousness must evolve in step. If we are to become coherent and one with

each other and with the world, all-embracing love must become a basic feature of our


                                                                                                               Ervin Laszlo



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