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Sound of the SOUL is a compelling portrait of an Arab country where Muslims,

Christians and Jews have lived together in relative peace for centuries. Beautifully

photographed during the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, the film presents

unforgettable performances from groups from Morocco, Ireland, Russia, Afghnistan,

Mauritania, the USA, Portugal & France, which carry viewers into what the films

Moroccan Sufi guide calls the healing of the heart - the essential oneness at the

core of all religions and faiths.

Thankfully further progress has been made in the context of the

avaaz campaign to stop the flogging of a 15 year-old rape victim

in the Maldives.




Burma: Stop the next Rwanda




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Comment by Michael Grove on October 4, 2013 at 8:44

At least we ZAADZSTERS et al have helped to sow at least three (aaz) of the zaadz "seeds" of

the original zaadz "seed-set" and seemingly "singing the song of sowing seeds - nurturing them

to fruition" - what now for the other two seeds (dz) - 

a demilitarised zone for the globe perhaps !!!???

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