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The symbolism of THIS most special bridge is that IT IS and
will ever be, divided - by the "empty space" through which the
tow-rope passed
- as the horse to which it was harnessed -

pulled the canal boat under the bridge and on it's watery way.

"YOU do KNOW" ... as best expounded
by my own yin & yang soulmate

Standing on the bridge with ALL our collective hands joined will allow US
to traverse that empty space between ALL our individual SELVES - so that
we may ALL join hands as ONE TOGETHER
to "bridge " the empty space between us ...

the bridge will then become "THE Bridge" of ONE LOVE
and oversee the "lubrication" of - the desert within.
10 to the Power of 10 Equality of Thinking Environments to provide the ...
scaleability to encompass ... 10 billion souls as ONE soul.

The deepest level of TRUTH uncovered by SCIENCE and by PHILOSOPHY
IS the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest sub-nuclear level of our
reality you and I are literally ONE ... John Hagelin

One is led to a new notion of unbroken wholeness which denies the classical idea of analyzability of the world into separately and independently existing parts ... We have reversed the usual classical notion that the independent "elementary parts" of the world are the fundamental reality, and that various systems are merely particular contingent forms and arrangements of these parts. Rather, we say that inseperable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is the fundamental reality, and that relatively independently behaving parts are merely particular and contingent forms
within this whole ... David Bohm

The material object becomes ... something different from what we now see, not a separate object on the background or in the environment of the rest of nature but an indivisible part and even in a subtle way an expression of the unity of all we see ... Sri Aurobindo

The best and the most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen nor even touchedbut just felt in the heart.

                                                                                                                     - Helen Keller

THINGS derive their BEING and NATURE by mutual dependence ...
and are NO THING in themselves ... Nargajuna
AS Martha Bergin has so succinctly stated, in the context of establishing a zPro page to
promote her on-line Women's Forum and making the right CONNECTIONS ...



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12 days later

Martin said

The beautiful thing about this Michael is that whenyou wrote this on Nov 7th, 1996 I was able to hold my two children as babes in my arms. They
were but 1&2 years old and they illuminated my world with joy and
To think back then that I would ever be apart from them would have been unthinkable and yet here I am 11 years on and like
some Naval father the separation still pulls my heart strings.

And trust and faith keeps me sailing.

Thank you for being you


Michael : catalyst-producer

12 days later

Michael said

WE are sailing together NOW, though - albeit under ”sealed orders

about 1 month later

cHAngeL said

xxxx Michael and Martin…Janie

Michael : catalyst-producer

4 months later

Michael said

Dear Ones,

I awoke in memories this morning, recalling visions past.
Of women owning the solution and teaching men through …
their actions as they do as we are growing.
A campaign by women for women to engage women.
Women rule the roost, even when disempowered IT IS …
the women who hold the world together.
70% of the people suffering from the effects of poverty are women.
The majority of businesses are run by men.
Business drives governmental policy.
Governmental policy is exclusive.
Woman is inclusive.
Man is exclusive.

Love in this and all cases is the answer.
Love flows naturally from the Mother towards the child.
The life that she carried being the life that she will nurture.
The fact that she has carried a life, given birth to a life gives her
empathy with all mothers, love for all children.

None of this is to suggest that man is bad.
Man is man and capable of learning to love, learning to nurture, just as
women are capable of learning to hate, learning to destroy.
As human beings we are but sheep, learning by osmosis, moving by copying,
clinging together.

Sheep that is until we find our inner light, then we become shepherds.
There is one good shepherd, the shepherds follow this example.

We live in a cause/effect world.
We could say that there is no good or bad, only consequences.
If we continue down the road we are on, the road of patriarchal control,
heaven only knows our destiny.
If we enable the new paradigm of a matriarchal world we open the gates for

A patriarch would fail to see this, like a fish in the sea looking for water.
It cannot be forced, it merely needs to be enabled, empowered …
allowed to flow from heart to heart.
As communities and families are (largely) glued together by women …
THEIR influence is paramount.

Also as we have observed already, white is right, any shade of grey can be
'felt' by women, therefore transparency, accountability et al are pre-requisites.

It is easy to generalise.
I can say it is this or it is that, women are this, men are that, but this
is merely a judgement made through my filters.
However, when I tune in to my inner light, I feel that it is aligned with
your inner light and all inner lights.
Our collective inner light will resonate with an individuals inner light,
all the great people of the earth lay as testament to this.
The truth is the truth and all can see the rest is subject to distortion of
the stained glass windows of opinion.

So, in the world of cause and effect Penny has one direction …
with the feminine heart-set.
To fit with the masculine mind-set Penny simply needs …
to tick the boxes of simple logic and practicality.
A male biased team in this current paradigm simply cannot here or see the
feminine perspective, it is as alien as Russian language is to an English child.

A female biased team with 'open' male members will find resonance.

Penny's job is one of education. ( Michael would say learning to learn )
To teach a heart-set.
To advance education into cooperation, collaboration, partnership, sharing,
caring, nurturing of every child.
Education is largely the domain of women.
Take a look in any primary school.
Shopping is largely a woman's domain also, take a look in any TESCO.
Stats will show us who shops, who teaches, who does the parenting.

Therefore, Penny's campaign in terms of practical traction needs to be talking to women,
in their language about the things that concern them (and ultimately us all)

Men's role in the campaign is wherever he can serve best.
Men's role in the community is wherever he can serve best!

Since I came out of research and into the light of day with this campaign I
have observed the jostling for power, the in-fighting between men assuming
their position was right, the reactions of women who sensed that all was not
as it could be … and right now my senses are as fine as they always were,
my sense of duty to the cause itself as strong as ever.
I hear the criticisms about people involved and then see a great railway
track stretching out into the distance.
To stand with hands on hips looking back down the tracks and pointing at the
sleepers laid by men past is futile. They are laid, the train can only move
forward and if we need better track laying, better track layers are
required, at the end of the day though we are one people, with many
Our future requires fresh eyes.
A close look at what works.
A new look a what needs to be brought into play.
A new focus on what needs to happen now.
A new plan to work towards to keep us on track.

Today, as each day, we have a blank canvas upon which we can paint the world
Paint with me with your inner light guiding your actions.
Paint with me with your nurturing heart-set.
Paint with me an inclusive world.
Paint with me acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Your friend


ALL HAIL TO Martin & his ”understanding” of THE TRUTH

4 months later

cHAngeL said

“Our future requires fresh eyes.
A close look at what works.
A new look at what needs to be brought into play.
A new focus on what needs to happen now.
A new plan to work towards to keep us on track.”

I have taught you the way of wisdom;
I have led you in the paths of uprightness.
When you walk, your step will not be hampered,
and if you run, you will not stumble.
Keep hold of instruction; do not let go;
Guard her, as she is your life.

4 months later

cHAngeL said

-listen to the children.

Michael : catalyst-producer

5 months later

Michael said

Joy Bringer : Visionary Creator & Artivist

6 months later

Joy Bringer said

to the Children…
In us, around us, All of Us…
hearing Urgent Call for Love
Thank You Michael Xx times & more…

D a r i n a

Eva : Eva is a Spirit of Light

8 months later

Eva said

beautiful divinity!

about 1 year later

Godess of Love said

The symbolism of the bridge is expandable , and forgiving

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said


about 1 year later

KreaShine! said

tap tap tap ta tap tap tap :)

j : awaken2love

over 2 years later

j said

10 billion souls are one soul. May we all see that soon….

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Comment by Michael Grove on March 27, 2014 at 7:29

You are meant to be in partnership with divine intelligence, you are meant to be the bridge

of consciousness that allows, welcomes and invites this participation. You are not limited, you

are infinite. You are a part of this divine intelligence, you just happen to have chosen to be a

physical human for a brief period of time. Your focused and dedicated actions and intentions as

well as the power of your imagination, coupled with this divine alliance will shift and change all

that is before you.

Bridge of Consciousness by Peggy Black and the ‘team’

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