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   Established a European wide network in very close 

  collaboration with Canon, Xerox, Apple and DELL/DEC

  Computers, following [THE] development of the world's

  first ever networked On Demand Colour solution,

  of Interactive Multimedia Bureaux System Solutions,  

  in collaboration with the Victoria State Police and their

  network consultants. It was this base system which was

  tried and tested by the American Military during the Gulf

  War, utilising satellite imaging and the European wide

  network then went global and a sophisticated remote

  access, diagnostics and fix solution was developed to

  support this initiative.

  This solution was subsequently supplied to the MOD.


Improved Color for the World Wide Web:-

A Case Study in Color Management for Distributed Digital Media


Distributed digital media need color management just as traditional printing does. However, no tools or practices exist for managing color on the World Wide Web. Consider a GIF image in a page of HTML on the World Wide Web. Pixel colors in the image are implicitly tied to characteristics -- such as phosphor chromaticity, gamma, and white point -- of the device on which it was created. Unless the display device miraculously happens to have exactly the same characteristics, image color will not be preserved.

Color management can solve this problem, even though the color characteristics of the display system are not, and cannot be, known at the time the Web page is created. A technique is presented to embed in the GIF image an International Color Consortium device color profile describing the source device. Armed with this and an ICC profile for the display device, the Web browser can then create and display a GIF image, in the device color space of the display device. The benefits of applying this technique and some of the pitfalls are discussed.


ICC White Papers


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Comment by Michael Grove on March 24, 2020 at 7:56

 Following the breaking down of the Berlin wall 
I am reminded how

 I felt about flying into Dresden Airport during 1992. Canon Europe

 had arranged a visit for me to evaluate a detailed possibility of

 establishing as part and parcel of the planned city-wide installation  

 of Fibre Cable Network, the latest updated version of Canon's

 Networked Colour, Exemplar Demonstrator, in a Copy Shop

 which was being built in a disused factory, which when I first arrived, 

 was surrounded by brand-new park benches on which very friendly,

 under-employed workers sat talking and smoking.

 When at first the money started flowing into East Germany, the

 authorities had so much and so little to spend it on in Dresden,

 that they replaced and expanded massively the number of old

 'park-benches' to facilitate the situation. On arrival at the airport,

 on that first occasion, internally painted wooden tunnels had been

 erected for the passengers to walk through, from the aircraft to

 the terminal building, and on exit I was met by a sea of Trabant

 taxis and their drivers vying for my trade. That first journey, what

 with the state of the unmaintained roads and the interminable wait

 at the multitude of traffic light controlled junctions, took 25

 minutes or more. The last visit, taking the same route in a

 Mercedes Benz, took less than 10, despite all the roadworks

 engaged in the installation of fibre-optic network cables

 throughout the city. What a contrast to the situation today

 where it appears that Dresden has risen from the ashes and

 Dortmund has become the old Dresden !!!???


Comment by Michael Grove on July 18, 2020 at 10:04

Established a European wide network of Interactive Multimedia Bureaux
in collaboration with Canon, Xerox and DELL/DEC Computers, following development of the world's first ever ether-networked On Demand Colour solution, in collaboration with the Victoria State Police and their network consultants 
— in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Comment by Michael Grove on April 11, 2022 at 9:44

Having been reading the Putin - the archetype first chapter of Gideon Rachman's book The Age of the Strong Man • I have formulated the impression that the man that Canon had got to head the project in Dresden, who drove us around in his Mercedes-Benz 600 • was in[DEED] an ex-Stasi member and no doubt associate of Putin during his own time in Dresden • who had made all of his money selling details of East German business men, who he knew had money, to Western Bankers.


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