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  Established a European wide network of Interactive Multimedia Bureaux in collaboration with

  Canon, Xerox and DELL/DEC Computers, following development of the world's first ever ether-networked

  On Demand Colour solution, in collaboration with the Victoria State Police and their network consultants.

  It was this base system which was tried and tested by the American Military during the Gulf War.

  The European wide network then went global and a sophisticated remote access, diagnostics and fix

  solution was developed to support this initiative. This solution was subsequently supplied to the MOD.


Improved Color for the World Wide Web:-

A Case Study in Color Management for Distributed Digital Media


Distributed digital media need color management just as traditional printing does. However, no tools or practices exist for managing color on the World Wide Web. Consider a GIF image in a page of HTML on the World Wide Web. Pixel colors in the image are implicitly tied to characteristics -- such as phosphor chromaticity, gamma, and white point -- of the device on which it was created. Unless the display device miraculously happens to have exactly the same characteristics, image color will not be preserved.

Color management can solve this problem, even though the color characteristics of the display system are not, and cannot be, known at the time the Web page is created. A technique is presented to embed in the GIF image an International Color Consortium device color profile describing the source device. Armed with this and an ICC profile for the display device, the Web browser can then create and display a GIF image, in the device color space of the display device. The benefits of applying this technique and some of the pitfalls are discussed.

ICC White Papers


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