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It was somewhat amusing to hear that climate scientists have recently

claimed that "Global warming has 'paused'  but this is not unexpected

and temperatures will still continue to rise" and that "the evidence of

human influence on the climate has become stronger,  including

melting Arctic sea ice and reduced northern hemisphere snow cover." 

SURPRISE SURPRISE anyone with an ounce of common sense, with  

or without an education to whatever expert level, could have arrived

at the same conclusion particularly anyone whose life is still

connected with NATURE on a day to day basis. 

Even back in the early days of my secondment to Eurocontrol in

Brussels it was evident that the definition of an EXPERT was X (EX) the

unknown factor and sPIRT a drip under pressure.  My very basic

training as a meteorologist, able to issue meteorological forecasts at

airfields and aerodromes absolutely remains the methodology by which

daily weather forecasting is executed. Just investigate the places from

whence all the data is supplied and contemplate being in an aircraft

arriving at Heathrow in a thunderstorm. It is the minute by minute

appraisal of the weather conditions prevailing, by the Air Traffic

Controller, which determines whether that pilot gets permission to

land or is diverted to an alternate airport. Even if the pilot does get

permission to land the pilot has to judge for himself whether the

meterological conditions are absolutely conducive to a final approach

and landing. 

It is the accumulation of all this weather data over many decades, on a 

global basis, along with real time data support from digital buoys and 

satellites which constitutes the basis of the algorithms on which the

computer models being used for weather forecasting today are based.


This is ALL data about what has been  and none of it, by definition, is

data of what could be and until [y]our masters of the globe come to

terms with the fact that we are not separate from NATURE and the fact

that finite resources preclude any kind of continuous growth - they

will continue in their denial of reality nobly supported by the Xspirts

whose living is dependent on the system status quo.



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