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Spiral Dynamics and the Israel/Palestine Conflict (Don Beck)

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that "poor minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas." Integral minds, we might add, discuss all three. In the Integral Profiles series, we sit down with some of today's most notable thinkers, teachers, and leaders, discussing the many ways they are catalyzing the Integral vision in their lives, in their hearts, and in their work.

Don Edward Beck, Ph.D., is Co-founder of The National Values Center in Denton, Texas, and President and CEO of The Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc. Beck co-authored The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future (with Graham Linscott, l991) and Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change (with Christopher Cowan, l996). He also writes a "Sports Values" column for the Dallas Morning News and appears often in the media regarding issues related to values, sports, and racial divides.

Here Don offers an intimate glimpse into his own life and career. He discusses the current phase of his work: traveling the world and applying Spiral Dynamics to various geo-political "hotspots" all over the planet. He offers his own ideas about healthy models of society, the crucial distinction between stages of consciousness and the contents of those stages, and the importance of preserving many of the early stages of development that are so often seen as primitive and obsolete. He then goes into considerable depth around the specifics of the Palestine-Israel conflict, describing the needs and problems on both sides of the divide, his hands-on involvement with both nations, and the remarkable receptivity with which his work has been met. At a time when tensions in the Middle East can seem so hopelessly combustible, it is encouraging to see Integral seeds being planted in such surprisingly fertile soil, offering us all a much-needed exhale as we wait to see how evolution will continue playing itself out in this difficult region of the world.

This is the first of a four-part series on Integral Life. Watch parts 2-4 here:​Don-Beck-Profile

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Comment by Michael Grove on February 14, 2011 at 18:43
Comment by Michael Grove on March 18, 2011 at 16:06

I have a profound desire for the whole world to begin seeing itself differently. I want us to end the habit of seeing ourselves through material eyes against the background of a material world so that we know ourselves afresh as beings of creative, world-forming information. This is way beyond the fluffy new-age notion of “we are all energy”. For me, this is where Integral Consciousness truly lies, in recognising how the interior and the exterior realities connect, both individually and collectively. All four quadrants are aspects of the universal “mind” – choices about our perspective, and which parts of the information we are engaging with. Knowing that, we have more chance of aligning ourselves with the world and with each other. It is the beginning of a new level of empowerment and responsibility for our existence.

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