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as HOMO SAPIENS lets the genie out of the bottle ...

THIS may possibly BE ...
- the very first web log post - ever to be published ...

IF NOT - I would suspect - that it is the oldest to be found @zaadz

Brave New World
The new twentieth century awakens to The Scream from Edvard Munch - with the skyline inspired by the twilights seen after the 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano -

the young Aldous Huxley prepares to publish his - Brave New World - set in London in 2540 or 632 After FORD - which will anticipate the developments in reproductive technology, biological engineering and sleep-learning that will combine to change society -

an age of understanding - of quantum mechanics, genetics, volcanoes, earthquakes & climate change beckons - and in so doing focuses our MINDS on
new beginnings for the future of the KOSMOS 

Genetics will eventually reach outward to the COSMOS
inward to the KOSMOS as Bryan Appleyard has
said - in his own book entitled ...

Brave New Worlds 
- Genetics and the Human Experience

- genetics is not just another technological development like the advent of antibiotics, computers or space shuttles. It is not simply another phase in the spectacular progress of science marked by such theories as Darwinian evolution, quantum mechanics or relativity. Nor is it merely a big IDEA like capitalism, communism, democracy or fascism that changes people's views of the world. Rather, it is ALL of these things - a
historically unique combination of philosophy, science & technology that confronts humanity with the most fundemental questions, our answers to which will determine the
human future. In short, it is wholly unrealistic for science to claim for itself a kind of untouchable innocence about its impact on the world.

and as Senator Edward Kennedy will also say - in the mid 1970's -  
when anxieties about the new power of biology were first beginning to surface

- there can be no turning back to the days when scientists were left totally on their own to chart their own course. The public will immerse itself in the affairs of science. Whether it does so constructively will depend on the willingness of scientists to welcome public participation ...

THE evolutionary story explains our success - THE biblical story explains our failure.


They are both about the SAME THING - our compulsion to know and through
knowing gain the power of knowledge for the purposes of LOVE or EVIL

The answer to the question WHICH is RIGHT ? - is NOT one or the other but something of BOTH

"You are not thinking ...
You are merely being logical."



“One effect of the so-called free way of thinking is that it could eventually force anyone

who wants to survive on the basis of mental activity (other than cloud tending) to enter

into some sort of legal or political fortress - or become a pet of a wealthy patron - in

order to be protected from the rapacious hive mind.



What free really means is that artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers will have

to cloak themselves within stodgy institutions.


We forget what a wonder, what a breath of fresh air it has been to have creative people

make their way in the world of commerce instead of patronage. Patrons gave us Bach

and Michelangelo, but it’s unlikely patrons would have given us Vladimir Nabokov,

the Beatles, or Stanley KubrickJaron Lanier - “YOU are NOT a GADGET



... and they most certainly wouldn’t have given us “the bastard”  Leonardo da Vinci



Title picture of Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein by Paul Ehrenfest - as featured by the Da Vinci Institute


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Michael : catalyst-producer

3 days later

Michael said

By 14 December 1900, Max Planck was already able to present a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law, but this required him to use ideas from statistical mechanics, as introduced by Boltzmann. By that TIME he had held a strong aversion to any statistical interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics which he regarded as of an axiomatic nature -

… an act of despair … I was ready to sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics …

The central assumption behind his derivation was the supposition that the electromagnetic energy could be emitted only in quantized form, in other words, the energy could only be a multiple of an elementary unit E = hν, where h is Planck's constant, also known as Planck's action quantum (introduced already in 1899), and ν is the frequency of the radiation.

At first Planck considered that the quantisation was only as “a purely formal assumption … actually I did not think much about it…” - nowadays this assumption, incompatible with classical physics - is regarded as the birth of quantum physics and the greatest intellectual accomplishment of Planck's career. It was in recognition of this accomplishment that Planck was awarded the Nobel
prize for physics in 1918.

The discovery of Planck's constant enabled him to define a new universal set of physical units - such as the Planck length and the Planck mass - all based on fundamental physical constants.

In 1905 the three epochal papers of the hitherto completely unknown Albert Einstein were published in the journal Annalen der Physik - Planck was among the few who immediately recognized the significance of the special theory of relativity. Thanks to his influence this theory was soon widely accepted in Germany.

Planck also contributed considerably to extend the special theory of relativity.

However, Einstein's hypothesis of light quanta (photons), based on Philipp Lenard's 1902 discovery of the photoelectric effect, was initially rejected by Planck - he was unwilling to discard completely Maxwell's theory of electrodynamics. “The theory of light would be thrown back not by decades, but by centuries, into the age when Christian Huygens dared to fight against the mighty emission theory of Isaac Newton …”

Sandra : Inspirational Ambassador

3 days later

Sandra said

As I just posted on Siona's blog siona shows her cards, I seem less and less able to take in information, or to 'think' like I used to.

Clearly you have an astonishing mind, but even without actually really knowing what you are talking about, I feel you, the words, and it all resonates
very deeply over here.

heh heh, just read again the bit about the compulsion to know.

Ah yes, indeed. All that knowing in the world…

And I wonder if there is another kind of knowing… my favourite one, and a
topic I often touch upon: Listening. Deep listening. Whole body / mind
/ spirit listening… to the hum of the universe, of all that is, of you
& me, of the One, of now.

Beautiful blogs, thank you Michael.

Albert : Warrior

about 1 year later

Albert said


these were unique day in science history. We have at London Integral Circle an ongoing, fiery and passionate European discussion since 2002 about
the confluence and specifics of knowledge, intuition, science and
wisdom. There is right now no consensus.

And you might remember young Ken Wilbers edition of “Quantum Questions” with mystical writings
of Einstein, De Broglie, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Bohr, PLanck, Pauli,
et al.

Discussions about paradigm change, concepts, models, theory and perspectives surround the whole integral discussions since the beginning. Deepening considerably the new agy confsuions of Marylin
Fergusons “Aquarain Conspiracy”. However not the least finished for the
next decade.

And even since Teilhard de Chardin, Gebser, Aurobindo, Habermas etc.

Not to mention early beginnings 200 years ago.

The missing link in all of this are power-knowledge equations. Wilber adresses it in his excerpts of Volume 2 of Kosmos Trilogy. And in
“Integral Spirituality”. Simply put the two lower quadrants (adressed
in SDi too) have most profund centers of gravity which pull EVERYTHING
into certain habits and grooves and patterns.

And especially the German history with shipwreck of WW 2 shows how cognitievly devloped
nations can ruin themselves and other nations.

So brave new worlds I do not see.

Instead fresh perspectives and new blueprints, roadmaps, devlopment maps and
pioneering efforts to deal with the monstrous dimensions of global

With all tensions, friction, heat and diversity in the frozy edge as much as in al tiersiof reality.

Without utopian promises.

More of a Renaissance and an evolutionary jump time, as Jean Houston says.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later

Michael said

TIME to check out Barack Obama's ”Brave New World for Afganistan
in the YouTube menu above of this zBlog@gaia

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