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to 'SEE' grey dots at the intersections of this white 3D grid against

a black background, and the ability to 'SWITCH' between the box

in the 'corner of the room ' and the 'freespace ' of the missing

7th cube of the floating collection of 8, 3x3x3 smaller cubes ...

provides the mechanism, as a result of both 'dreaming' and

'imagination', which lies at the core of the INTEGRAL ART of artists

such as Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley, that in[TIME] became

known, during the 1960s, as OP ART.  

Take a moment, however, to focus on that 'freespace ' and imagine

a much expanded view of the missing 7th cube - which could

provide the basis of the 'imagination' required  to establish an

ALL-ecompassing functionally democratic solution template for the

entirety of our species, that truly measured up to ALL our 'dreams'

of and for the creation of a global empathic civilisation.

Perception is a kind of improvised dance with the world

dynamic interaction between my sensing body and the

sensuous landscape. Simply to be gazing the blue sky, or

watching those storm clouds approach, IS already to BE in

relationship, to be participating in an active exchange between

my body and those roiling clouds. 

                                             David Abram during an interview with Derrick Jensen  entitled ...
                                            Alliance for Wild Ethics || The Perceptual Implications of GAIA

Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision

passes the time. ACTION and VISION can change the world.

                                                                  Christopher Cooke


My own vision - as a child - was of a future time when we would be able

to personally experience a simulation of the reality such that we would be unable to tell

the difference between the simulation and the reality. My vision, at that time, identified

more with the "brown-stone" buildings of New York and the digital television watch of

Dick Tracey than the "1984" scenario painted by George Orwell. Later in life when

questioned as to my thoughts on "the simulation of the reality " and of a possible

definition thereof - I often retorted that, by use of the ‘ideal system', "one would be able

to jump off the white cliffs of Dover and walk away after the experience, without a

scratch, but being a completely different person as a result of the experience."


They all replied, as do some today, that I was in need of a frontal lobotomy.


SO, that much expanded view of the missing 7th cube, lets call it 

the Bucky Supernovae view, would require a 9 fold expansion, such

that a cube lattice of 27x27x27 would subsist - and each of the 6

faces of the cube would provide the Vasarely foundational-template

of a RE[peating] NATURAL TIME cycle, of the natural moves which

would need to be taken to traverse the 4 SEASONAL[sides] of each 

of each of the six 2 dimensional faces. The CRITICAL PATH template

of action, for a continuation of the WORLD GAME, would thus be


Psychologists typically make a distinction between sensation and

perception. Sensations are uninterpreted sensory impressions created

by the detection of environmental stimuli, whereas perception refers to

the set of processes whereby we make sense of these sensations. 

Perception enables us to literally navigate through the worldavoiding

dangermaking decisions, and preparing for action. Visual perception

has received the most attention from researchers, and then speech.



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