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HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS -THE DOUBLE WISE passengers of Spaceship Earth,

whose INNATE WISDOM over several tens of thousands of years, has been

misdirected during the period of y[our] species most recent renaissances,

IS finally awakening, again, as a result of the POWER of ART, to the fact


Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and The Sufi Remembrance Project  

which proposed that.. "The measure of your greatness is the measure of

your magnanimity, your willingness to carry people in your heart. If we are

encapsulated in our self-image, we are puny. A great being has stature,

something cosmic comes through " - to which my response IS ...

IN DEED - but my take on 'cosmic' IS that 'cosmic' has BECOME KOSMIC,

from the perspective of the higher-consciousness of having understood the

need for the disengagement from y[our] Karma and then having taken

action to truly disengage from IT !!!???

Inner truth is only glimpsed by

THE degree of absence of thinking  IS ...

THE arbiter of ultimate spiritual awareness

IT IS of course ALL a matter of Cultural Maturity 

and the establishment of A Spiritual Third Way


"Impossible is impossible, only while we have an unanswered question.
The unanswered question is how do I do this.

To answer it you must first ask it, with full intention,
and openness (TO) the answer

What ever it may be.

Once you have an answer, the paths lay before you, to do or not do.

The choice is yours.

Choice gives choice.

Choice is empowering.

Impossible is limiting.

Impossible limits us to what we already know.

I'M.possible is only an unanswered question."

Best Wishes LOVE - Christopher.
First posted by Michael Grove on August 16, 2013 at 13:00

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Comment by Michael Grove on April 11, 2016 at 9:28

  THE SPACE in between the brackets of [in4D™provides a surface •

  which IS focused on the point of nOw that IS [] PASTPRESENT

  FUTURE as ONEon which you can project IDEAS and from which  

  you can transmit HOW to SHARE IDEAS for the mutual benefit of

  ALL the passengers of Spaceship Earth - human and otherwise.

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